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where are the ACT road rules?

By Aeek - 1 May 2010 32

On the AFP website
we have two links
and the National Road Rules

All well and good you might think but right at the top of the National Road Rules page:

Please note that the Australian Road Rules are model Rules only and have no legal effect. They form the basis of Road Rules of each Australian state and territory.

And on the first page of the Drivers Handbook (part A):

While this handbook is predominantly a training tool for learner drivers, it is also intended to assist ACT or visiting drivers, however it is intended as a guideline only.

Legislative provisions are contained in the Australian Road Rules 2003 and related Acts and Regulations. For further information please see page 13 of this handbook.

None of the links on page 13 lead to the real ACT road rules, just back to these two documents.

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32 Responses to
where are the ACT road rules?
enigma 10:46 pm 01 May 10

See- s6 Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Regulation 2000 (ACT)

bd84 9:40 pm 01 May 10

The national road rules link is the correct one, each state is able to adopt and amend some parts of the laws. The ACT has adopted the national road rules under the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999 and the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Regulation 2000, ref link:

JC 6:11 pm 01 May 10

Below is a link to the latest version of the ACT version of the Australian Road rules, updated in March 2010.

Road rules website:

The actual PDF document:

buzz819 5:55 pm 01 May 10$file/NTCRdTranLegAustRoadRuleReg06_inuse.pdf

The Australian Road Rules is what the ACT Road Rules follows.

I don’t know where you got the paragraph saying they are model rules only, they are the rules, as legislated by the ACT Government and the Federal Government to be the rules that you follow when you drive.

Silentforce 5:34 pm 01 May 10

Before We kick off too hard, what is the accepted definition (guidelines and Legislative) between a privilage and a right?

These terms have often been referred to in print and dabate over the years.

Can a contaxt be established before further discussion or is this shotgun as usual?

trevar 5:10 pm 01 May 10

You mean we have no road rules, but only guidelines? That explains everything!

hk0reduck 4:45 pm 01 May 10
Rawhide Kid No 2 4:36 pm 01 May 10
Holden Caulfield 3:41 pm 01 May 10
random 3:23 pm 01 May 10

“The Australian Road Rules are applied in the ACT under the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Regulation 2000. They are to be read with, and as if they formed part of that regulation (see s 6 (1)).”

That regulation is available here.

caf 2:55 pm 01 May 10

Also, that regulation is available here, which has some additional information on how the Australian Road Rules apply in the ACT in specific circumstances.

caf 2:48 pm 01 May 10

The Australian Road Rules, as applied in the ACT under the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Regulation 2000, are are available here at

hellspice 2:06 pm 01 May 10

so what happend to prompt this

astrojax 1:32 pm 01 May 10

before any comments, even, this thread is no five on google when you search for the act road rules:

this is as close as i can find easily, too…the ‘knowing the rules’ .pdfs seem comprehensive, if not given in legislative chapter and verse.

be a nicer world if everyone both read and complied with these rules, but fantasy is for films and books, what….

ML-585 11:56 am 01 May 10
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