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Where are the pet friendly apartments in Canberra?

By taiyaki - 2 July 2008 19

I’ve found the posting on pets in apartments facinating, and will be writing to my local member and the Planning Minister about getting the rights of responsible pet owners recognised in the Unit Titles Act. I’ll be pointing to those apartments that have pet friendly policies as an example of why it can work. So far, the only one I’m aware of is the Valonia.

There was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald two weeks ago about how pet-friendly apartments in Sydney are attracting better prices and better rent, because there is a large population of people who want to keep their pet when they move into an apartment.

My question here for Rioters is: Where are the pet-friendly apartments in Canberra?

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Where are the pet friendly apartments in Canberra?
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:52 am 03 Jul 08

letting me off a hike in rent in return for some extensive re-vegetation me and me better half are undertaking for his property value rise… and a good location we don’t want to leave, so happy to a) make our home more amenable and a better living environment & b) help the landlord if he helps us…

This is a really good example of renting working well. There’s more to maximising an investment than just increasing the rent at every opportunity. I’d be more than happy to freeze rent for a couple of years if my tenants were going to landscape for me. Hell, I’d even buy (and tax deduct) an inground watering system and rainwater tank if the tenant would install it for free!

RandomGnome 2:47 am 03 Jul 08

taiyaki – I’ve left a post for you on the other blog re your query in the hopes that it will help you and others. Thank you so much for being willing to write in to your member. I do hope we Canberrans take this oppertunity to show some real legislative leadership. Maybe the rest of Australia will follow our example. Mind you, many other countries with lower pet ownerhsip rates have far better policies and attitudes.

ant – you should of course have the freedom to live where ever you feel most comfortable. I would be interested to know, as I am sure others would, some of your reasons for wanting to live in a no-pet apartment complex. As I mentioned in the other post, the proposed ammendments are neither pro nor anti pet but it does try and encourage resonsible pet ownership and give any dissenting views the ability to have their views included before a pet would be allowed in a complex. Many of the objections I’ve heard to date can be rationally dealt with and with an outcome that is beneficial to everyone concerned. However if you are willing and comfortable to do so I would be be egar to hear your perspective.

thanks for spreading the word taiyaki!

ant 9:30 pm 02 Jul 08

I’d live to live in an apartment block that banned kids, pets OK. but I bet there’s laws against banning kids. How can pets be more noisy and destructive than (most) kids?

astrojax 5:52 pm 02 Jul 08

is that you on that x-inc ad, vb? 😉

i rent and own (well, me n da bank) an investment property, ’cause it is too expensive to buy where i wanna live. a plain life is not necessarily a drab one but; much good entertainment can be had for little outlay.

must say, the best investments are the ones you seem to favour – so good upon you, and you seem to be a rad landlord – mine is also a bit dude-ish, letting me off a hike in rent in return for some extensive re-vegetation me and me better half are undertaking for his property value rise… and a good location we don’t want to leave, so happy to a) make our home more amenable and a better living environment & b) help the landlord if he helps us… we also have a pet, a large one, who does occasion some injury to the place that we rectify (mainly to the aforesaid gardens!) with landlord’s good grace…

now r/e agents are a different kettle altogether…

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 5:00 pm 02 Jul 08

I deliberately choose properties that are on the expensive side of average for rent (but not top end by any measure), on the basis that there always seem to be people willing to pay for really good location, especially if the rent is comparable to a slightly larger house a bit further out.

It would be fair to say that entering the housing market is harder now than it was ten years ago, but also fair to say that getting in ten years ago was probably the easiest it was in decades, because prices were comparatively low (in Canberra the market went nowhere during the 90s), and yet loans weren’t ridiculously hard to get (like 20+ years ago).

My thought is that if I were younger (say under 25), I would be trying to save using high interest online savings accounts in an attempt to get a deposit together for a 2 or 3 BR property, so that I could rent spare rooms to others to subsidise my mortgage for a few years. As it was Mrs Berlina and I lived very plain lives for 3 years while saving for our first home deposit (we started saving 9 years ago).

tylersmayhem 4:03 pm 02 Jul 08

VY, I can’t necessarily agree that everyone could afford to buy their own properties (I did note that you were referring specifically to your tenants though). It’s not an easy market for tenants these days that’s for sure!

ABC129 4:00 pm 02 Jul 08

Can’t add any more names to the list but I just had my apartment on the market in Valonia and everyone that came through was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was pet friendly. Its a real selling point and I’m surprised that the Real Estate Agents selling places in there haven’t been advertising the fact.

A lot of the success of pets in apartments depends a lot on the type of pet (eg dog breed) and type of owner too. A Border Collie locked up in an apartment with an owner that works late and doesn’t have much time for the dog wouldn’t be the best of combinations.

toriness 3:12 pm 02 Jul 08

amen VY

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 2:58 pm 02 Jul 08

Tylersmayhem – just upped the rent on one of my apartments by well less than what market could withstand. The reason is that I have an A-grade tenant and don’t want to lose them.

Although you really can’t blame some landlords for upping rents. The people that live in my investment properties could easily buy themself a house or unit if they wanted, but are making a choice not to. That’s fine by me, but don’t expect me to suck up interest rate increases and land tax without expecting a return on my investment.

iceu 2:10 pm 02 Jul 08

I think Valonia in Braddon is pet friendly.

tylersmayhem 12:48 pm 02 Jul 08

Just as importantly, where are there landlords in the ACT that won’t up their rent at any possible opportunity? Might have something to do with the current shocking rental squeeze and housing shortage yes?

S4anta 12:43 pm 02 Jul 08


Most of the tenants are animals, except most of their evolutionary tree fortunately, have been declared extinct.

FC 12:29 pm 02 Jul 08

Go into ACT Housing Flats. Plenty of ppl there seem to have animals.

astrojax 12:27 pm 02 Jul 08

unless your pet is a fish.

i rekkun they [whoever the ubiquitous ‘they’ is] oughta legislate about the use of the word ‘pet’ in this context as otherwise a budgie and goldfish owner can pet on, while another pet owner can’t have her great danes with her… hypocritical, innit?

DawnDrifter 12:00 pm 02 Jul 08

dont believe there are any, body corps that run these apartments always have a no pet policy – think you will have to go to a very small townhouse complex to get the green light

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