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Where to go for Credit History Check?

By joingler - 27 November 2013 16

So I went to take out a new contract with an internet provider today but was declined due to my credit history. This bamboozled me as I have no outstanding debts, have only been late paying other bills once or twice and never more than a week late. I had no problems getting my new phone contract through last week (with a different provider to who I tried today).

I searched online and have found a few websites that may help me but they cost money and I’m not even sure if they’re legit. I rung the finance department of the company who declined me but they either couldn’t or wouldn’t give me much info. Where am I able to go to be able to get the reason for this looked into? Preferably for free or very cheap. Also, does anyone have any ideas on what may have caused this? I’m a 22 year old male.

In the meantime, I’ll use public libraries for free Wi-Fi.

Thanks muchly for your input.

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16 Responses to
Where to go for Credit History Check?
farout 8:40 am 17 Jan 14

Depends how much time you have on your hands.
I’d rather just go with prepaid instead of stuffing around with credit history checks. If they won’t give you credit because you don’t have a driver’s licence, and you’ve no intention of doing a runner, then just pre-pay.

Mordd 12:01 am 17 Jan 14

I strongly recommend you contact Mission Australia and ask for Jasmine. They can help with any credit related issues and if it turns out you do have a debt, they can make it a lot easier to get it resolved than on your own.

Address: Block E, Cit, 160 Ainsworth Street, Phillip, ACT 2606
Canberra, Woden Valley
Tel: 02 6129 6100

Travor25 9:26 pm 16 Jan 14

If you’re checking it for a reason, there is another free alternative, maybe not detailed but at least get the number. If you’re curious about the score because you want to buy a car, or a refinance or something, call up the company you want to work with. When the garbage loan modification programs the government came up with first came out, I called up my bank to see if I was eligible, the reps told me what my score was when they were working out the eligibility.
Travor from CanadaLoanSearch

staria 9:47 am 28 Nov 13

How a positive/negative credit history is calculated is an absolute sham. I remember when I first started working full time and had moved out of home I went to one of the furniture shops to buy a bed. When I enquired about the interest free payment option I was told they would need to do a credit check. I said it wasn’t a problem because I always paid my credit card in full and on time. The sales guy said that would actually work against me and advised me to be late for the next couple of payments! Unreal.

BimboGeek 7:55 am 28 Nov 13

They also look for things like “not many address changes in the past x years” and yes even just shopping around or enquiring about whether credit cards are right for you counts against you for some reason. You’re not worth any money to anyone if you haven’t proven that you’ll happily live in debt like an idiot.

But what’s the ISP? They usually charge a month in advance so there’s no actual risk to them. As long as you have a debit card that works on whatever day it’s due, they don’t care.

johnboy 7:50 am 28 Nov 13

If you’ve got no credit cards and not much ID then it could be you’ve just got no credit history, not a negative one.

Creditors like to see us consumer swine well in hock but making the monthly payments.

taninaus 7:29 am 28 Nov 13

just had a look and the Dun and Bradstreet process seems to be the simplest (no need to scan documents to them). it does ask for drivers licence but not sure what happens if you don’t have one.

thatsnotme 9:57 pm 27 Nov 13

joingler said :

Thanks all for your input.

None of the link people have given me I am able to use as I don’t actually have a drivers license. I will try phoning some of them tomorrow to sort this out.

I don’t know how credit history stuff works on the back end, but is it possible that your lack of a drivers license is causing you issues? It’d be interesting to know if no information in the ‘driver’s license number’ field is enough to make some service providers think twice.

As far as the phone contract you got, I’d say they didn’t ever bother to check in with any credit reporting agencies before signing you up. Every mobile contract I’ve ever signed has been with me sitting in the shop, without me having to do anything bar sign something to say that I accept the contract and promise to pay my bills. I’m surprised that an ISP when to that length actually.

joingler 8:41 pm 27 Nov 13

Thanks all for your input.

None of the link people have given me I am able to use as I don’t actually have a drivers license. I will try phoning some of them tomorrow to sort this out.

Reprobate 4:10 pm 27 Nov 13

Yeah Veda advertise their big dollar credit checks everywhere on the site, you really have to dig deep to find the free option – even then you need to print out a form, fill it in and sign it, scan it back as a PDF and then wait a fortnight or more for them to email it to you. Remind you of Vogons?

The Veda free check link is halfway down this page:

RandomPoster 3:27 pm 27 Nov 13

As I understand it under the privacy act companies are required to provide you with a copy of all information that they hold about you on request. This might be an option.

thatsnotme 3:15 pm 27 Nov 13

That should get you started. In a nutshell, the report should be free, but reporting agencies try to make money by providing the info immediately for a fee. So if you can wait, you should pay nothing.

Which ISP was it? You could always try a different one.

MightyJoe 3:10 pm 27 Nov 13

You can get your credit history from Veda or Dunn and Bradstreet for free, but you have to scroll down and search for it

Did it for you

You can also get declined if you have too many searches against your name (not just interests or debts unpaid).

farout 2:37 pm 27 Nov 13

Veda offers a free credit file copy service for personal use.

niftydog 2:36 pm 27 Nov 13

Credit Reports are free. Here’s a government website with info and contacts.

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