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Where to pick up chicks?

By oz_uni - 13 November 2006 66

I hardly see attractive young women in canberra, even when I saw one she must be with a man!

Do you guys find it difficult to spot attractive young women in canberra? and where would be the place where hot chicks hang out??

[ED – While suspecting that a massive change in attitude to women might help things, do the ladies here have any advice?]

What’s Your opinion?

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66 Responses to
Where to pick up chicks?
Mr_Shab 9:10 am 13 Nov 06

Because the objectified women on this site are more than capable of defending themselves 😉

blingblingbears 9:09 am 13 Nov 06

“There are lots of women who apparently want to be treated like crap by dickheads in mooseheads or shooters”

umm I don’t know any woman that wants to be treated like crap… unfortunately some women do tend to attract the crap more than others but no one actually wants it

Danman 9:04 am 13 Nov 06

An i though we were all gentlemen and would come to the defence of women being treated as objects.

johnboy 9:02 am 13 Nov 06

Well there are plenty of attractive single women in the Phoenix, but take in that attitude and they might well try to rip your throat out.

Please advise before attempting this as I’d love to film it.

There are lots of women who apparently want to be treated like crap by dickheads in mooseheads or shooters, but you want to be careful of the local blokes in there.

Other than that we get many fine internet dating sites advertising in the googleads here.

Mr_Shab 8:56 am 13 Nov 06

OPH on Friday night is a meat market for the current round of graduates for all the departments. I think its part of an APS breeding program (well – it’s one way to get around labour shortages).

I went once, felt nauseous very quickly (the reek of earnestness and ambition were overwhelming) and left equally quickly.

The Goose or Shooters sounds like oz_uni’s kind of market. Go to, my son.

Thumper 8:56 am 13 Nov 06

PJs in Tuggeranong?

Jey 8:53 am 13 Nov 06

I was also going to recommend Shooters and Mooseheads.

blingblingbears 8:53 am 13 Nov 06

oh I meant Chisholm

blingblingbears 8:52 am 13 Nov 06

I think the only place this guy is going to pick up is at Chishold Tavern or somewhere out in Fyshwick… especially with that attitude! lol

Thumper 8:52 am 13 Nov 06

OPH is a meat market on a Friday afternoon.

It used to be relaxed and civilised but now there’s hardly a suit to be spied.

OzChick 8:47 am 13 Nov 06

I heard that the OPH (Old Parliament House) on a Friday night is the place to go. Its supposedly the place were young public servants go for a drink.

Unless you want to lower your standards, I’m sure you can pick up at Shooters or Mooseheads.

Thumper 8:35 am 13 Nov 06

And here was me hoping that everyone would flood this thread with the sinful delights of places to pick up chicks for one night stands…


Hey LG? Wanna be picked up?


Danman 8:32 am 13 Nov 06

yeah i found that “picking up chicks” = no long term relationship value.

In saying so – I met my fiancee through my best friend (who is also female).

Looking for as you say “attractive young women” is a pretty poor attitude as well.

Not everyone is a super dooper model – and I have found that there is plenty more than cosmetic ways for a woman to be sexy – maybe u need to re-assess your plastic ways of thinking – or maybe grow a set and talk to women instead of viewing them as objects – see who they are for who they are not what they look like.

In any case – I practise what I preach – Rachel (my fiancee) is probably what you would classify as unattractive – however – relationships go a bit more than skin deep for me, and in my eyes – she is very attractive – otherwise I would not be with her yeah ?

maybe a change of view or attitude will net you a long term relationship – instead of just “garage” to park your “car” for the night.

My suggestion – for what its worth.

LurkerGal 8:30 am 13 Nov 06

I concur with the ED comment. Women prefer articulate men, and preferably ones that don’t use the term “hot chicks” or talk about how few attractive women there are around. I think your attitude is the problem, not the “lack of hot chicks”.

Get used to being single, buddy.

blingblingbears 8:20 am 13 Nov 06

I think they might all be avoiding you oz_uni

Some of us ladies have better things to do than stand around sleazy bars waiting for mr wrong to try every crappy pickup line in the book on us!

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