Where to pick up chicks?

oz_uni 13 November 2006 66

I hardly see attractive young women in canberra, even when I saw one she must be with a man!

Do you guys find it difficult to spot attractive young women in canberra? and where would be the place where hot chicks hang out??

[ED – While suspecting that a massive change in attitude to women might help things, do the ladies here have any advice?]

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66 Responses to Where to pick up chicks?
romeo romeo 11:47 pm 24 Nov 06

there’s a hot waitress at Can Tho, though the place is shit the waitress is hot!

Thumper Thumper 7:59 am 15 Nov 06

And there’s always Charny shops, plenty of Charlenes and Shazzas down there I would suspect.

KaneO KaneO 6:32 am 15 Nov 06

Curtin shops always seems to have some classy females in attendance.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 6:02 pm 13 Nov 06

Anyway, there’s always http://www.adultmatchmaker.com.au if all else fails.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:12 pm 13 Nov 06

Nothing is more demanding than Mrs Evil!

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:58 pm 13 Nov 06

rabbits scare me they are so much more demanding than mrs evil.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:57 pm 13 Nov 06

Rabbits are quite demanding too: just ask that Kiwi bastard in Sydney who was doing lots of weird things with the poor little buggers, and then dumping their carcases in the alleyway behind the building he worked in.

Ari Ari 4:53 pm 13 Nov 06

Sheep scare me, they’re so much more demanding than rabbits.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:51 pm 13 Nov 06

Women scare me. They’re so much more demanding than sheep.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:38 pm 13 Nov 06

thumper – if you were a drummer and fashionable you could call your self a metro-gnome

blingblingbears blingblingbears 4:30 pm 13 Nov 06

hmm i am a little like ns as the last time I was out in Civic for a hens night quite a few guys approached us (must have been drawn in by all the glow-in-the-dark penises??) and we spent quite some time chatting to them in between dancing before we all went our separate ways, but im the shy kind and would usually never approach a guy unless i was too smashed to care

CouldExpire CouldExpire 3:02 pm 13 Nov 06

Indi your right… Queanbeyan certainly does have a couple gems I know of… male and female!
They can be hard to find but can be found if you look hard enough!

Thumper Thumper 2:58 pm 13 Nov 06

Okay Jazz, I just spit coffee all over my screen reading that!

And I’m still laughing…

ns ns 2:50 pm 13 Nov 06

Like Jey, back when I used to drink a fair bit I was less shy and I used to approach guys all the time 🙂 Post a really bad relationship I don’t trust my judgement at all and now have a firm rule to never approach a guy ever.

Having said that, I’m pretty friendly by nature and will generally talk to anyone who approaches me. In fact, last time I was out in Civic with some girlfriends a couple of guys approached us and we spent an enjoyable hour or so chatting before we all went our separate ways.

Jazz Jazz 2:39 pm 13 Nov 06

lol he means that he is an ugly midget gnome simto. small enough to pick up and keep in a handbag.

simto simto 2:32 pm 13 Nov 06

Does that mean that your missus has the car, Thumper?

aa aa 2:30 pm 13 Nov 06

I get the same thing, Im very chatty, and people confuse it for flirty.

Jey Jey 2:29 pm 13 Nov 06

In my clubbing days, when I used to drink a fair bit, I wasn’t shy.

Danman Danman 2:28 pm 13 Nov 06

My patholigist on saturday thought I was flirting with her because she mentioned her child and husband in the most obvious way to send the whole “Im Taken” signal.

Fact was I am chatty by nature – and even moreso when getting a needle – because im scared of a bit of metal poking into my arm – so i get really really chatty to distract myself.

Funny tho – my chatty is her flirty.

aa aa 2:22 pm 13 Nov 06

just out of curiosity, how many girls here actually approach a guy if they find him attractive?

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