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Where’s the best place in Canberra… to get the snip?!?

By Kramer 6 October 2009 26

After an all too brief (and successful) reproductive life, I’ve found myself with 3 little Kramers, and no desire to keep getting up in the night or buy a van. So rather than take any more risks and end up with an accident (I’d rather have my risks and accidents on a mountain bike), it’s about time we sort things out… permanently. Since my wife had to undergo all the pain and stress of pregnancy and childbirth we (she) figured it was only fair if I took one for the team on this front. So it looks like I’ll be getting a vasectomy before I’m even allowed to look at my wife sideways again.

laser vasectomy cartoon

Ideally, I’m looking for a place where I can stumble in after a bit of “dutch courage”, read a bit of the latest Australian Mountain Bike magazine while watching Top Gear, have a laser instantaneously and painlessly zap my vas deferens to kingdom come, and then stumble back to the pub to finish the round.

Back in 2007 RiotACT reported that vasectomies were unavailable in Canberra, so I’m optimistically hoping the situation has improved drastically since then – although the government would rather see us continue to procreate. The thought of anyone going anywhere near my “boys” with a scalpel or laser is very, very scary, so please let me know if you have any recommendations or warnings.

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Where’s the best place in Canberra… to get the snip?!?
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KingMonty 12:48 pm 08 Oct 09

Yep, Kaleen health centre was great. I went in on Friday and played golf on sunday. Bruising after a week was amusing but painless. It’s quite simple and honestly, getting a tattoo was more painful. The after tests are crucial. It usually requires two – three to make sure you have the zero sperm count. from memory it takes about two months to complete the effectiveness and ensure free sex for life!

chrisb92 7:54 pm 07 Oct 09

+1 Marie Stopes

I had it done back in 2007, a few weeks after #2 was born. Very clinical – it felt a bit like I was on a production line. But all-in-all, very easy and simple.

Taking the vial back to make sure I was firing blanks was probably more awkward than the actual op.

gp 3:00 pm 07 Oct 09

Another vote for Marie Stopes in Civic, three years ago for me. Caring, professional etc etc. I was the first for the day, so I made sure I staggered out wincing with pain for the benefit of all the men in the waiting area. A few hours later I wasn’t faking anymore. Panadol for two days.

The delivery of a warm sample in a vial to the poor lady in Deakin for all clear testing was a moment to reflect upon.

Have fun.

Hank 10:23 am 07 Oct 09

That cartoon is so funny hahahaha

pptvb 7:35 pm 06 Oct 09

I went to JJMH – all good.
As Pesty said, the needle is the worst bit.
Oh and “Take away the pain, but leave the swelling please Doctor!”
wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be.

cranky 6:46 pm 06 Oct 09

Another vote for Dr Pryor of Tuggers (albiet twenty something years since the deed was done).

Couple of observations. DO NOT exert yourself for a couple of days. I pushed a wheelchair around the following day, and paid dearly.

Twenty years or so down the track, episodes of pain are occuring. These have lasted for weeks. Seems it is not all that uncommon, not much can be done, and Panadol or stronger is your friend.

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