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Where’s Zeddy? (Reprise) – Sonic found him!

By election08 - 20 June 2008 34

Where's Zeddy

The Canberra Times is reporting that boo hoo young Zeddy is not at all happy for it to be known that Chief Minister Sonic found him hiding in down in Maccarthur.

Of course Zeddy denies that he has been rallying the troops around him in relation to the power station… oh no… of course it’s totally irrelevant that the proposed power station will devalue his property prices when it is built just 600m meters away.

Now lets see now how many Libby MLAs live in electorates they don’t represent…

* Zeddy – Lives in Brindabella represents Molonglo
* Jacky – Lives in Brindabella represents Molonglo
* Pratty – Lives in Molonglo represents Brindabella

Are there anymore?

What about all these aspiring new Libby candidates? How many of ’em live outside the electorate they are gonna be representing… from what I hear it’s quite a few!

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Where’s Zeddy? (Reprise) – Sonic found him!
Whatsup 4:41 pm 20 Jun 08

Stanhope is just trying to divert attention again, he hasn’t had a good week after all. Schoolyard stuff really… time for a minority government to keep the children in line.

farq 4:41 pm 20 Jun 08

Even if none of us like the labor government, can you imagine Pratt being a minister? God help us!

Clown Killer 4:36 pm 20 Jun 08

The ACT Liberals will have to get their stuff together. Voters are a canny lot and just because Stanhope and Labor has got form as long as your arm, it dosn’t necessarily mean that the electorate will flock to the Liberals.

Some policies would be a start. The ability to manage their competing egos, infighting, back-stabbing and hissy fits would build confidence. They certainly have their work cut out for them and if they fall short we run the risk of having a legislative assembly where nutters like Richard Mulchay and assuming that they get enough donkey votes, CAP hold the balance of power.

I suspect that just like the federal election where Labor pinned its hopes on Mark Latham, the voters may well decide the risks of changing jockeys are simply unacceptable and it is safer to stick with the dunderheads whe have.

DawnDrifter 4:24 pm 20 Jun 08

swallow? i didnt say i supported him but just stated that even if he sat there and did nothing, for a month, locked away in a dark cupboard the libs will self destruct – tryin to out do themselves with empty one liners and average advertising campaigns

if labor are gonna get booted this time around, it will take the f-up fairy on the labor side and some good team work for the libs

what you reckon?

Cameron 4:05 pm 20 Jun 08

Complete tripe. Who gives a…

the-leak 3:53 pm 20 Jun 08

DawnDrifter, problem is, looks like you swallow Stanhope’s motions rather confidently with your talk like that…maybe if the ACT media didn’t have such a labor bias, all non-labor parties would be better off, and have their “attack” on labor portrayed as well in the media as labor’s constant diarrhoea is.

Snot, you’re right, Stanhope is really scraping the barrel now. If we can just ban donations from clubs that generate income from pokies we would all be much better off!

Bring on minority Government I say!

Mr Evil 3:49 pm 20 Jun 08

“Zeddy is not at all happy for it to be known that Chief Minister Sonic found him hiding in down in Maccarthur”

So how do you hide in down in Macarthur: wrap yourself up in a doona?

Most of the Labor Govt spent 18th Jan 2003 hiding under their doonas, or at a local cafe with a latte in one hand, so they can hardly talk. 😉

DawnDrifter 3:31 pm 20 Jun 08

snot, problem is even if stanhope sat there and said nothing the libs are collectively utterly useless and uncoordinated in their attacks… may have a couple of individual stars but as a team they are s&^thouse. they have a very amateur feel to them every time i see them on tv.. just my opinion

Snot 3:25 pm 20 Jun 08

Talk about pitching a trouser tent over nothing. Who cares where a pollie lives? It’s dissappointing that Stanhope’s had to stoop so low – he should keep his poo flinging for issues that have some sort of substance.

Clown Killer 3:18 pm 20 Jun 08

You’re on the money there miz, there’s a growing groundswell of voters who will turn their backs on Labor if they cave in to a noisy minority on the data centre-powerstation issue.

the-leak 3:06 pm 20 Jun 08

I can see it already…election 08 (definitely a labor stooge working out of Barr’s (_x_) oh i meant office) is going to spend every waking moment between now and the election finding ways to talk down the “Libby’s” – who the fuck are the Libby’s anyway? Is that a new Libby Lenton Political Party or something? Get a fucking life and grow a personality, and some balls too while you’re at it.

I’d say that given that the abovementioned MLA’s have represented their people far better than the ALP, then the point you make is lame and impotent to say the least [I’m sure everyone saw how pathetic Mick Gentleman looked at the ActewAGL Info session held on April 28 – see to see Mick in (non) action.

Bring on minority Government I say!!!

miz 2:46 pm 20 Jun 08

Stanhope’s just worried that we will all find out that he saved Kaleen High (as he was living there then!!)

Any decent pollie would be having another think about the location of the gas station at this point, and finding somewhere more suitable. (If Stanhope is not doing this, he is clearly politically suicidal.)

Clown Killer 2:39 pm 20 Jun 08

Who really cares where they live, as long as they can get their poo together to form the next government an get rid of Stanhope.

S4anta 2:20 pm 20 Jun 08

You idiots. Its this sort of negative campaigning that really gets the goat of people who on the whole are quite ammeniable to your cause.

For your next crack at the title may I suggest you revisit the hamburger ads used by the ALP in the ’96 election to knock the now implemented GST? That is how you sand bag properly without looking like a gimp.

PM 2:14 pm 20 Jun 08

No chip on your shoulder, is there?

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