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Where’s Zeddy? (Reprise) – Sonic found him!

By election08 20 June 2008 34

Where's Zeddy

The Canberra Times is reporting that boo hoo young Zeddy is not at all happy for it to be known that Chief Minister Sonic found him hiding in down in Maccarthur.

Of course Zeddy denies that he has been rallying the troops around him in relation to the power station… oh no… of course it’s totally irrelevant that the proposed power station will devalue his property prices when it is built just 600m meters away.

Now lets see now how many Libby MLAs live in electorates they don’t represent…

* Zeddy – Lives in Brindabella represents Molonglo
* Jacky – Lives in Brindabella represents Molonglo
* Pratty – Lives in Molonglo represents Brindabella

Are there anymore?

What about all these aspiring new Libby candidates? How many of ’em live outside the electorate they are gonna be representing… from what I hear it’s quite a few!

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Where’s Zeddy? (Reprise) – Sonic found him!
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Thumper 8:15 am 24 Jun 08

Okay, nastist then 😉

Pandy 7:18 am 24 Jun 08

What dirt? That Stanhope has commissioned a statue of himself? That Pratt was…himself? That Barr will be putting the clothes back in the wardrobe? That Smyth has been seen coming out of Advanced Hair Studio?

Thumper 9:20 pm 23 Jun 08

Does anyone else think that this is going to be the dirtiest election campaign in the history of ACT government?

Skidbladnir 8:52 pm 23 Jun 08

I have this where feeling that election08 has forgotten about the electoral disclosure and investigative powers of the AEC.
Especially in election years. Can he please point me to the name of the orginator and the accompanying authorization statement, as well as the physical address for the office this was okayed by?
Thanks in advance, Rpkid.

imhotep 4:27 pm 23 Jun 08

Could Steve Pratt be worse than John Hargreaves? Come to think of it, could ANY government be worse than the current lot?

Crikey 4:08 pm 23 Jun 08

Minister Pratt haha, imagine Minister Burke or the child-like Minister Smyth back. Good grief!

peterh 10:39 am 23 Jun 08

Headbonius said :

I……can’t……….stand……….it………God, how do I force out…..the…..words? (Am now using forceps to pull words out)

I agree with Farq….Pratt as a minister is a horrible thought. Thankyou Farq, I will not be able to sleep tonight.

What does Pratt do?

honestly, what does he do?

All I remember of Steve Pratt is the whole overseas incident, he was an “aid” worker who got pinged for spying. Aust Govt stepped in and he came here.

Next thing, he is a liberal member.

He was speaking at a rally when the save our schools campaign was running. great words, he even told us where Jon was likely to be having coffee on Saturday morning. didn’t suggest a vote by the people to see whether we wanted schools closed, though, did he?

I see that there is a new candidate for the ALP, David matthews. what does anyone know about him?

tom-tom 8:32 pm 22 Jun 08

that’d be because the CT recognise the CAP as the policy free joke that it is mike….

Mike Crowther 8:07 pm 22 Jun 08

The local Community Alliance Candidate (James Sizer) had quite a bit to say about it when interviewed sepi, but then for some reason the Canberra Times saw fit not to print any of it. Funny that….

el 3:34 pm 22 Jun 08

I hope those residents who are worried about ‘noxious fumes’ (too funny sepi) have switched off the ducted gas heating in their McMansions.

sepi 2:56 pm 22 Jun 08

Short quotes in the paper today from aspiring MLAs were interesteting.

Shane RAttenbury from teh Greens was the ONly one who seemed impressive.

It was on what they thought of the power station, but lots of them just seemed to either say something obvious, or totally miss the point.

Headbonius 8:48 am 22 Jun 08

I……can’t……….stand……….it………God, how do I force out…..the…..words? (Am now using forceps to pull words out)

I agree with Farq….Pratt as a minister is a horrible thought. Thankyou Farq, I will not be able to sleep tonight.

disenfranchised 8:10 am 22 Jun 08

Where the MLAs live is not going to be an issue. I agree with some postings – the electorate will run with the dunderheads they know. Stanhope will do a “Beattie” and come out victorious. He’ll form the next government with the support of independents. I can see Labor winning 7 (maybe even 8), Liberals 6, Greens at least 1 and 2-3 other independents. This is the election to run as an independent as you’ll pick up those who voted Labor last time but won’t this time, but just can’t stomach the Liberals (which is a large slab of the broader electorate). This will be seen to be the election of lost opportunity for the Liberals. They will be the biggest losers as they’ll fail to capitalise on disaffection with Labor. Mulcahy won’t get over the line as an independent, as he has alienated a lot of Liberals, so his natural base is now extremely low and he just isn’t going to pick up disaffected Labor voters. I can’t see any of the new Liberal candidates getting over the line ahead of the known candidates.

Pandy 1:45 am 22 Jun 08

Zed has been in MarArthur for more than 6 months.

Sonic lives in a gated community in Bruce.

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