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White Christmas (in July) in Canberra

By Kramer - 17 July 2007 25

After a very cold evening last night, it looks like Canberra is about to receive some snow falls as a large cold front sweeps over south east Australia this evening. The Bureau of Meterology are predicting snow falls down to 500m (so that’s all of Canberra) this evening and early tomorrow, and a maximum of 5 degrees tomorrow. There’s also a little blurb on the ABC site.

Can’t wait to build a snowman in my backyard! Some guys at my work are planning to build a mini park in their backyard, and get out their snowboards!! Send in your photos, and we’ll put together a story as the images roll in.

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25 Responses to
White Christmas (in July) in Canberra
el 9:42 pm 17 Jul 07

Thumper – back into the Absinthe today?

ant 8:51 pm 17 Jul 07

Driving home east of Canberra tonight, it was already doing splats rather than drops as I went up into my hinterland. The rain has tapered off into showers now, and it’s bloody cold. Had a frost storm the day before yesterday, every thing was covered in exploded frost crystals, like white fur.

If they close Captain’s Flat Road like they did last time, I can call work and go XC skiing up and down my driveway.

Thumper 4:21 pm 17 Jul 07

yeah, those frozen frogs can be a worry.

Turn up on your doorstep and claim to be collecting for the RSPCA when we all know they are planning world domination.

The trick is to get a paddle pop stick, shove it up the frog’s ass, so he becomes a green iceypole.

Then eat him.

H 4:21 pm 17 Jul 07

It snowed at some football game here in Canberra in May/June 2000. It snowed in Tuggeranong in July 2000 and again in August 2004.

Maelinar 3:31 pm 17 Jul 07

NTP for Belco Tat.

Ntp 3:25 pm 17 Jul 07

And don’t get tricked by frozen fog

Absent Diane 3:11 pm 17 Jul 07

this is the coldest winter I have had here since I moved back in 2003. and yes the last couple of winters have been mild.. and infact a year or two ago.. I didn”t even have the need to get out of shorts.. the summers have been equally as lame rarely a day over 40.

Ntp 2:49 pm 17 Jul 07

you must have lived in different areas to me lateralis. I recall making snow men and having snow ball fights on my front lawn almost once or twice every year when I was growing up, at least a few time as late as October and I’m a Belco boy – although I don’t have the tat to prove it 😉

If anything I’d say we have had warmer/drier winters in the last 16 years

andy 2:48 pm 17 Jul 07

acually, 3 times i think.

Thumper 2:48 pm 17 Jul 07

frankly I can’t wait til it warms up…

roll on spring.

Absent Diane 2:45 pm 17 Jul 07

You anti-global warmingsts are amongst the biggest pack of limp wristed whingers I have ever heard in my life.

andy 2:45 pm 17 Jul 07

lateralis, twice to my recollection..

lateralis 2:24 pm 17 Jul 07

Yeah, our weather is just like it was 30 years ago ‘when I were a lad’.Bollocks!
Due to our influence or not, our weather is far more intense than it used to be.
In my first 21 years in Canberra I saw snow (enough to make a snowball with), only twice.
How many times has it snowed in the last 16 years?

Ralph 1:06 pm 17 Jul 07

Indeed, more frequent and extreme weather events, thus spake the gibbering warmenists.

barking toad 12:43 pm 17 Jul 07

I blame Al Gore

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