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Why has the Government stopped talking to us?

By johnboy - 6 July 2005 10

Well I can tell you the ACT Government has been pumping out media releases at a steady rate over the last few days.

But a look at the Chief Minister’s media release page shows a short spurt of activity around the turn of the month and then nothing for a while before.

Does anyone know if this is cockup, or conspiracy?

What’s Your opinion?

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10 Responses to
Why has the Government stopped talking to us?
Kerces 10:51 pm 08 Jul 05

They seem to get all the releases up eventually, they just take a long time to get them up (not that I can talk…)

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 6:58 pm 08 Jul 05

The less drivvle the public has to put up with out of the Stanhope Drivvle Machine the better. In recent times I have been around fax machines that recieve a constant battering by the drivvle machine and am glad I don’t ever get to see half of the stuff it creates.


Thumper 8:11 am 08 Jul 05

Nope JB,

The Comrade was simply waiting to jump back into foreign affairs, as seen by the Dili domestic violence centre.

You can only shake your head….

johnboy 9:00 pm 07 Jul 05

I think it’s more likely a reflection on the shambolic and incompetent nature of the Chief Minister’s Department.

Vic Bitterman 8:19 pm 07 Jul 05

You are right to be paranoid Johnboy. I mean, after all if th….. oops, sorry, can’t elaborate any further.

Thumper 3:14 pm 07 Jul 05


No foreign policy matters to delve into.

Although, I am waiting for the Comrade to start screaming about the Immigration debacle….

nicedevil 1:39 pm 07 Jul 05

I think we can only conclude that they must be HIDING SOMETHING!!! Shame on you politicians.

Fiona 10:59 pm 06 Jul 05

Just slack updating? *shrugs* Maybe they think we get get it online from the times…

oh okay, I’m not funny. Bed. zzzzzz

johnboy 10:21 pm 06 Jul 05

nah they’re faxing out heaps of interesting stuff every day.

Andrew 10:15 pm 06 Jul 05

If you look back through the history of that page, you’ll see there have been numerous periods of nothing being added. I don’t think it’s anything special, just a lack of anything too interesting.

Which is probably a good thing.

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