why industry self regulation fails

bonfire 5 April 2007 8

As soon as I saw this I knew that some Neil from the young ones dogooder had mounted the pony for a quixotic quest.

Obviously the rampant bandpostering had just been getting out of hand. They probably thought ‘how will my emo band get some publicity if someone else keeps putting posters over MY posters? – We can all share and win if we just follow some basic rules – which I will make up because i am a dogooder, and a prefect at high school’.

Of course walking on this earth as long as I have, i knew that this was doomed to failure. I took a photo, waiting for the inevitable response from the dogooders competitor.

A textbook case of why industry self regulation fails. Not all of the dogooders competitors want to play by the rules – what rules they say. Its not like they follow any of the other rules, enshrined in legislations, such as not defacing private property with their unwanted visual pollution.

i am particularly amused that the ‘rules’ were targeted for over postering so specifically.

[ED – Gomez are pretty big business, hardly “Neils”.]

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8 Responses to why industry self regulation fails
wonsworld wonsworld 10:13 pm 05 Apr 07

We used to use the poster boards to advertise our latest production until it became an obvious complete waste of time.

The last effort had us in Civic at 2:00 am, placing posters on the poster barrels. We even brought in a ladder and took the highest position available. By 8:00 am, they were covered by some random band/event/whatever.

We now only print up enough to cover specific locations/shops etc who we ask can we place the poster in the window.

But overall… POSTERS = WOFTAM

andy andy 6:02 pm 05 Apr 07

I think it’s only fair though.. if you are going to stick up a poster of your event, in public property, it’s only reasonable to expect that it’ll be allowed to be seen until the event.
By the same token, you shouldn’t poster over someone else’s.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:03 pm 05 Apr 07

what a wank

astrojax astrojax 3:54 pm 05 Apr 07

noticing of course these flyers are posted over other events posters… hmmm….

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 1:51 pm 05 Apr 07


Please don’t disagree with anything I post.

No one may post after me until after I give permission.

After you have my permission, please only make one post. If you cannot think of everything you want to say, please refrain from posting altogether.

Sammy Sammy 11:53 am 05 Apr 07

There are heaps up these up around the ANU.

I chuckled when I first noticed them.

johnboy johnboy 11:50 am 05 Apr 07

I particularly like the incompetent photocopying and spelling.

edlang edlang 11:43 am 05 Apr 07

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