WIN TV blackouts

Brianna 22 December 2010 23

What on earth is going on with WIN Television?

I have lived in many different places around Australia but I have never known a television station to go off the air on such a regular but random basis! It’s only for 20 seconds or so at a time but it happens at least 5 times a week.

What a pity it usually happens during the news or a good show. Never seems to be when the ads are on.

[ED – mind you, technical difficulties happen to us all]

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23 Responses to WIN TV blackouts
old canberran old canberran 1:48 pm 28 Dec 10

FWIW the WIN transmission is just as bad down here on the Far South Coast.

LudwigV LudwigV 3:10 pm 23 Dec 10

When a digital channel goes out (it has happened to us on nearly all the channels at some stage – ABC was an absolute shocker a year or so ago) you can usually switch over to the analogue version and get your show back – in lower res but infinitely better than the stuttering, pixellated mess you get when digital is having issues. It is going to be a sad day when they eventually turn off all the analogue signals :-(.

Erg0 Erg0 12:17 pm 23 Dec 10

Sounds like pretty much every system implementation that I’ve ever seen or heard of. I guess it gets a bit more exposure when it’s a national broadcaster taking the hit.

TVStar TVStar 10:18 am 23 Dec 10

They have started using the ABC’s new computer system; MediaHub.

It’s been on Media Watch a few times:

Barney Trouble Barney Trouble 10:24 pm 22 Dec 10

That ad with the grinning monkey would be the worst example at the moment. I swear at the tv every time it comes blaring out.

chris820 chris820 6:21 pm 22 Dec 10

Compression is pretty much essential, and a great idea.
But sucks when is used in this way.

But I reckon the sound levels on the channels that transmit in Dolby Digital do seem noticeably louder. 7Mate, Gem, OneHD for eg.

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 4:52 pm 22 Dec 10

Ads louder than programs, no, I recall a study that showed ads are not louder, they only sound that way.
(I’m not joking. The explanation was something ridiculous like because ads contain more music and more people speaking clearly they “seem” louder.)

    johnboy johnboy 4:54 pm 22 Dec 10

    It’s called compression. and it’s a total rort.

gospeedygo gospeedygo 3:16 pm 22 Dec 10

Good shows on WIN? When?

D2 D2 2:37 pm 22 Dec 10

Speaking of volume – it’s obvious that the volume during ads is about twice that of the shows, but wasn’t there some kind of regulation governing that in The Old Days?

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 1:36 pm 22 Dec 10

We experienced the black screen yesterday, I think on WIN?
For us the volume level on WIN is higher, though come to think of it maybe not so much lately. Have we finally gotten so used to it we aren’t irritated by it any more, or have they adjusted something thereby solving our problem but creating one for Mystery2Me?

PM PM 1:06 pm 22 Dec 10
Mystery2Me Mystery2Me 12:57 pm 22 Dec 10

Experience the same problem at our place. Have also noticed that the volume level a lot lower on WIN compared to Ten or Prime (not during the ads curiously). And yes Holditz: watching “Bogan” tv programs such as the news keeps “them” off the streets.

Rawhide Kid Part3 Rawhide Kid Part3 12:48 pm 22 Dec 10

Could the microwave link from Cambeltown to Canberra being disrupted.

MissAppropriation MissAppropriation 12:06 pm 22 Dec 10

I get this question 50 times a day… the short answer is you can thank Mediahub & the weather.

Holditz Holditz 11:46 am 22 Dec 10

BoganTV keeps them off the streets, D2.

Mysteryman Mysteryman 11:16 am 22 Dec 10

WIN has got to be the worst station I’ve seen. The local produced content is pretty appalling in terms of both production and content.

luther_bendross luther_bendross 11:07 am 22 Dec 10

During the last test match Win dropped out for blocks of 5 – 30 sec. Each time was just to a black screen. It was only Win as well, all the other channels including Gem and Go! worked fine. I have no eyed deer what caused it.

D2 D2 10:54 am 22 Dec 10

Interruptions to BoganTV can only be a good thing.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 10:51 am 22 Dec 10

What news or good shows do they have on WIN?

mediaman mediaman 10:46 am 22 Dec 10

Win TV’s output in now coming from Mediahub in Cambelltown, which is the same place that broadcasts the ABC transmission. It’s a shambles to say the least!!

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