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Window Washer’s redux

By johnboy - 16 October 2006 36

Back on 28-SEP-06 we covered John Hargreaves’ unguarded comments to NowUC about window washers. The ABC was rather keen at the time to let John Hargreaves tear into Andrew Bucklow’s reporting.

In a story on Friday that same ABC was reporting Deputy coroner Phil Thompson’s curious finding that a window washer was in some way contributory to a fatal accident in which “brake failure caused a truck to slam into a car in Red Hill”.

As interesting the ABC now appears to accept that the coroners “comments correspond with calls from the Territory and Municipal Services Minister John Hargreaves to ban window washers.

With so many other unenforced bans on harmless activity why not have one more just to round out the set?

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Window Washer’s redux
VYBerlinaV8 1:38 pm 18 Oct 06

Scruffy? Bearded? A few teeth short? Well gosh, that narrows it down!

KaneO 7:29 pm 17 Oct 06

The guy I’m referring to *was* at the Jolimont, maybe he’s the one down at dickson now. Scruffy, bearded, a few teeth short?
Often he will offer you a free wash anyway.
I’m not exactly big and beefy, never had any problems with washers tho.

vg 3:22 pm 17 Oct 06

I have heard countless stories such as the one above……and the wife has had it happen more than once.

But lets pity the poor guy making all those tax free dollars to put non-prescription items up his arm….god bless him

KK 3:05 pm 17 Oct 06

One of my female friends went through the intersection near the Jolimont Centre, (this guy by the way, has been heard to say he took up his post there particularly for the summer, so he can perve at all the chicks who come past in their bikinis after having a swim) he asked if she wanted her window washed, she said no. He washed it anyway and then had the hide to demanded money. Again, she said no. He then started screaming abuse at her before the lights turned green and she was able to drive away from him.

Its not a very comforting thought for us women who have no other choice but to drive through that particular intersection.

“Cobber”, on the other hand, who is down at the Dickson lights, i have never had a problem with and i think he does a damn good job, and if its needed, im only too happy to hand over some change for a clean windscreen. I will never, however, hand money over to the guy at the Jolimont.

I guess there are pros and cons to this issue.

VYBerlinaV8 2:05 pm 17 Oct 06

When they begin washing against your wishes, turn the steering wheel all the way to the left (assuming they are standing by the drivers door) then put the car in reverse. Then when they lean over to do the squeegee bit, nail the throttle.

They won’t be washing too many windscreens after that!

VG is right, we shouldn’t have to put up with this.

seepi 12:26 pm 17 Oct 06

when i had an old bomb they would do it for free every time. in my new car it is much less often. if you said no then just say thanks but don’t pay.

TAD 11:30 am 17 Oct 06

Beeping the horn, turning on the wipers and yelling FUCK OFF loudly has always worked for me.

caf 9:32 am 17 Oct 06

Yeah I’ll pay if I say yes, but not if they do it when i’ve said no.. and don’t feel too bad about it, because I figure they’re making a fairly decent hourly rate (at worst, say one change of lights every 2 minutes and a dollar on average, gives about $30/hour – not too bad at all).

I don’t mind them at all – as someone said, sometimes the windscreen really _is_ dirty.

Kerces 9:10 am 17 Oct 06

I’m most definitely not a beefy bloke, and I’ve never had a problem with them washing my windows when I say no. And on the very rare occasion it does happen, I just don’t pay and I’ve never had any problems. Maybe your car is just particularly dirty.

vg 8:27 am 17 Oct 06

The guy in the City is renowned for this type of behaviour, particularly towards women.

I’d suggest you try my approach. One day I was asked if I wanted my window cleaned. I politely shook my head and said no. When he began to clean my window regardless I advised him that if he continued to do so, against my wishes, he would have difficulty sitting down for the rest of the day with his window wiper positioned in his posterior. He stopped

People shouldn’t have to put up with these people

johnboy 7:27 am 17 Oct 06

Jesus dude, i hate to say this but stop being such a little girl.

You’re in a car, the dude’s always there. Just say no, if he washes the window after you say no just drive off without paying.

Lock the doors and if they damage your car report it to the police.

maggie 7:23 am 17 Oct 06

My wife and I really dislike being hassled by window washers. We politey say no thanks, often many times, and they still insist on wiping the windscreen. On many occassions the wiper has become abusive as we have expressed our displeasure at his ignoring of our wishes. I now feel quite intimidated and travel the long route everyday to avoid the intersection in question. When my wife is driving with our young children, based on past aggressive reactions, if they insist on wiping she just relents to avoid any hassles. As an observation, if a beefy bloke says no thanks, then this is respected but for women and smaller men their request is ignored. We should not have to put up with this intimidation.

cranky 6:07 pm 16 Oct 06

Might mean that the Police will have less time to concentrate on catching Arogant Inebriates.

KaneO 5:51 pm 16 Oct 06

Most of the Windoes i’ve dealt with are pretty good, reasonably polite and actually get your windows clean. That bloke (bearded dude) that was near the Jolimont was pretty good IMHO.
I’m *sure* the police/government are going to dedicate time, personnel and money to cracking down on people who wash windows (and probably couldn’t pay a fine anyway) rather than speeding tickets and parking tickets, which raise no revenue whatsoever and are merely there to protect us from ourselves.

James-T-Kirk 10:38 am 16 Oct 06

Damm – Now who will we buy drugs from when driving past the ABC studios?

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