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Window Washer’s redux

By johnboy 16 October 2006 36

Back on 28-SEP-06 we covered John Hargreaves’ unguarded comments to NowUC about window washers. The ABC was rather keen at the time to let John Hargreaves tear into Andrew Bucklow’s reporting.

In a story on Friday that same ABC was reporting Deputy coroner Phil Thompson’s curious finding that a window washer was in some way contributory to a fatal accident in which “brake failure caused a truck to slam into a car in Red Hill”.

As interesting the ABC now appears to accept that the coroners “comments correspond with calls from the Territory and Municipal Services Minister John Hargreaves to ban window washers.

With so many other unenforced bans on harmless activity why not have one more just to round out the set?

What’s Your opinion?

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Window Washer’s redux
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el 1:41 pm 31 Oct 06

She may not have been killed, but the occupants of the car behind her probably would’ve been.

Thanks for the link Mrs Silvertail.

Mrs Silvertail 11:57 am 31 Oct 06

el, here is the link to the CT article mentioned by Cranky and for those interested here is a link to another CT article about the window washer Dave Edwards who ran as a Senate candidate at the last election –

bonfire 10:09 am 23 Oct 06

yeah when i read the story its clear that even if the window washer wasnt there, she probably would have been killed.

the truck driver did not even sound his horn.

el 2:22 pm 22 Oct 06

I’m guessing it’s not online then, or their search function is stuffed (along with the rest of their site layout). Can’t figure out how to retrieve yesterday’s news on the site. I’m guessing you just can’t.

cranky 12:52 pm 22 Oct 06

Not clever enough to link it up. Sat 21 Oct CT, page 4.

el 11:50 am 22 Oct 06

Is there an online link to that particular story cranky?

cranky 9:18 pm 21 Oct 06

I have no real interest in the fate of the window washers, but find it curious that the Dep Coroner did not have a lot more to say about a tip truck without brakes travelling down Hindmarsh.

What sort of society are we members of when a window washer chatting to a motorist is of greater importance than the mechanical integrity of the braking system of the truck, failure of which could, and did, result in a fatality.

The CT report indicates that the driver was not charged, and the curious inuendo that the brakes worked, but not on this particular occassion.

Just what agenda are we party to here?

vg 9:03 pm 21 Oct 06

“at least the window washers have the timing of the traffic lights down”

You clearly havent seen too many of them. Old beardie is constantly in the traffic once the lights have changed.

How would I know….I see him every day at least twice

jacross 2:37 pm 21 Oct 06

I nor my fiancee have ever had a problem with the beardie washer (who frequents the barry drive/northboune intersection). He’s given me a couple of free washes when I’ve said no, and I’ve paid him a few times when I’ve wanted them. Same with my fiancee (who at 5’1 is not particularly intimidating at first glance). I’ve never seen or heard beardie demand money when he’s washed of his own volition.

The only negative comment I’ve heard of him was from a friend of mine who when given a free wash (and didn’t want to) informed him of this, he said “I just want something to do”, when she said she still didn’t want it he then became verbally abusive.

I think window washers get painted with a negative brush no matter what they do because of a few bad apples. You can go ‘don’t pay taxes’ (something I applaud them for honestly, or ‘drug addicts’ but at the end of the day they are just looking at making some money and if they don’t commit a violent crime towards you then get over yourself. If they do then that is a completely different matter and that individual should be dealt with. I don’t think this necessitates banning and I have not heard of a high incidence of physical assault anyway.

As a driver and rider of a motorbike, I think normal pedestrians who dart across the road are much more dangerous than window washers any day. There are many more of them and at least the window washers have the timing of the traffic lights down.

Absent Diane 4:43 pm 18 Oct 06

got it tucked away neatly down my throat.

Mr Evil 4:36 pm 18 Oct 06

If it’s about 7 inches long and grey then it’s a back hair!

Absent Diane 4:35 pm 18 Oct 06

Yeah saving it for ron.

Ari 4:22 pm 18 Oct 06

You’ve got a hair caught in your teeth, AD.

Thumper 4:10 pm 18 Oct 06


Absent Diane 3:59 pm 18 Oct 06

thats one of the nicer things I have been called 🙂

Thumper 3:53 pm 18 Oct 06

You are a sick puppy AD….

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