Wing wins approval for drone delivery service in Canberra’s north

Ian Bushnell 9 April 2019 29

A Wing drone delivery: Soon to be seen and heard over Canberra’s north. Photo: Supplied.

Delivery drones will soon be flying over Gungahlin suburbs after Alphabet subsidiary Wing was granted approval by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to launch its service in north Canberra.

CASA said the approval came with several conditions attached including using the new quieter drone.

Drones cannot be flown over crowds or groups of people, and can only be flown after 7 am on weekdays and after 8 am on weekends. Wing can only deliver to people who have chosen to take part in the deliveries and have been informed about safety. A drone must stay five metres away from people during the delivery phase of a flight, as was the case in the south.

Wing said in a statement that its delivery service would initially be available to only 100 eligible homes in the suburbs of Crace, Palmerston and Franklin, to be gradually expanded to customers in Harrison and Gungahlin in coming weeks and months.

Customers will be able to place orders using Wing’s mobile app.

Wing will continue to deliver its staples of coffee, local chocolate, takeaway food and simple medicines, as well as golfing products but is looking to expand its range of products. Its initial launch partners will include Kickstart Expresso, Capital Chemist, Pure Gelato, Jasper + Myrtle, Bakers Delight, Guzman Y Gomez, and Drummond Golf.

Wing has been testing drone delivery in Australia since 2014 and over the past 18 months, it has delivered food, small household items and over-the-counter chemist products more than 3000 times to Australian homes in Fernleigh Park, Royalla and Bonython communities.

Wing CEO James Burgess with a drone and its quieter propeller system. Photo: George Tsotsos.

But it has also experienced a strong community backlash, particularly in the Bonython trial, over noise and privacy issues, with complaints landing in the Federal Parliament and a Legislative Assembly inquiry being launched.

Wing has since adjusted the propeller systems on its drones to tone down the high-pitched scream that so antagonised residents in the south ahead of the launch of operations in the north. It also committed to greater engagement and outreach to explain its operations and reassure the community.

“The feedback we have received during the trials has been valuable, helping us to refine our operations to better meet the needs and expectations of the communities in which we operate,” Wing said.

“We will continue to engage with the local community and stakeholders as we expand our service and are hosting community information stalls and delivery demonstrations in the serviceable areas over the next few weeks.

“We’re excited to connect with more local businesses in the Gungahlin area about how we can help them reach more customers faster, safer and more sustainably and encourage any local merchants who are interested in learning more to get in touch with us.”

But it will face continued opposition with a new anti-drones group called Nodronezone launched to take over from the Bonython group. It has already said it is sceptical about the quieter drones and still has privacy and safety concerns.

“Wing strongly believes that by working together with local policymakers, regulators, and communities, we can improve access to services, open up new economic opportunities, and better connect our cities. We look forward to continuing this dialogue with the Canberra community as we expand Wing’s service,” the company said.

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29 Responses to Wing wins approval for drone delivery service in Canberra’s north
Capital Retro Capital Retro 7:41 am 11 Apr 19

We are told the food deliveries will be made in a “heat insulated bag” which will be a single use item and probably banned nationally soon.

I hope all you drone-hipsters like salads.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 7:38 am 11 Apr 19

If some local crackpot was trying to develop a drone service like this he/she would face more administrative hurdles than one would in trying establish a toxic chemical recycling plant.

But because Google is involved what Wings is doing is “cool”, like pop-up, light rail, world-first, rainbows etc. so, lets do it!

Lucy Baker Lucy Baker 5:19 pm 10 Apr 19

Why doesn’t the ACT Government plan (well ahead) for “drone” and “no drone” suburbs? Then people can choose whether they want to live with the noise.

Jackson Bond Jackson Bond 12:15 pm 10 Apr 19

"Kickstart Expresso, Capital Chemist, Pure Gelato, Jasper + Myrtle, Bakers Delight, Guzman Y Gomez, and Drummond Golf." I don't particularly shop at Drummond Golf but I do use the others on occassion. Well I did...not anymore. I'll be boycotting any business that signs up to this, and will email them to let them know why.

Douglas Faulkner Douglas Faulkner 10:05 am 10 Apr 19

Another nail in the coffin for employment

MERC600 MERC600 9:42 am 10 Apr 19

Now the coffee and the fish ‘n chips this can deliver, where does it get them from ? Are the products delivered to the drone site, or do they land at the café sites to pick up the product.
And how much can they lift. Life sustaining goods like a carton of beer ?

Ben Mallie Ben Mallie 4:41 am 10 Apr 19

Everyone embraced the thought of a stork delivering babies but a drone delivering food and coffee is frowned upon 😜

Shane McMinn Shane McMinn 12:25 am 10 Apr 19

And I wonder how long it may last if a drone mis-judges dropping it's payload and it hits someone in a neighbouring yard that then goes on to sue the drone service provider, the fast-food/online fullfilment company and Local Government that led to the short & long-term trauma that the unexpected recipient is now going through & may go through in future??

Sarah Borg-Olivier Sarah Borg-Olivier 11:13 pm 09 Apr 19

WTF they be delivering?

Brett Back-Crane Brett Back-Crane 10:07 pm 09 Apr 19

I give it less than a month & everyone will be complaining of the excessive noise that they make....

Steve Hegs Steve Hegs 9:04 pm 09 Apr 19

Is It only me thinking how cold the food will be?

    Leigh Brady Leigh Brady 11:45 pm 09 Apr 19

    Why tho? In a heat insulated bag - the food is going a more direct route and doesn’t encounter road traffic.

    Kym-Maree Spaghettiie Kym-Maree Spaghettiie 2:58 am 10 Apr 19

    Leigh Brady Canberra gets really really cold 🥶

    Leigh Brady Leigh Brady 8:28 am 10 Apr 19

    Kym-Maree - science has already solved that problem! And if you don’t think ordering something in will keep hot - don’t order something hot. But others do and will.

Shirley Hadfield Shirley Hadfield 7:39 pm 09 Apr 19

Won’t need car delivery driver jobs if this takes off. 😞

    George Quarmby George Quarmby 10:47 pm 09 Apr 19

    Shirley Hadfield Yep. Senior school kids and Uni students will need some other way to make a quid

    Leigh Brady Leigh Brady 11:47 pm 09 Apr 19

    Probably will need lots of new drone type people tho

    Damien Harrop Damien Harrop 12:02 am 10 Apr 19

    Leigh Brady funny how one will replace the next. It's like the jobs still there, just different... 🤔

    As it becomes easier and more efficient I'd guess more people will order delivery rather than going to pick up.

    Yuri Shukost Yuri Shukost 9:29 am 10 Apr 19

    Shirley Hadfield They're only big enough to deliver coffee and tacos. People will go nuts if they use a drone large/noisy enough to carry pizzas.

Dan Smith Dan Smith 6:55 pm 09 Apr 19

I’m sure they will work out quieter and quieter drones over time. Just like cars and bikes all used to be loud till the rules changed.

I do wonder how quiet the new drones actually are at the traversing the suburb height.

Bek Clark Bek Clark 5:52 pm 09 Apr 19



The Uber rich Alphabet subsidiary is gonna be shakin in der booties with threats of, what now, throwing stones?

Sophisticated indeed

David Brown David Brown 5:51 pm 09 Apr 19

I cant wait for them to come to my suburb

Warwick Bradly Warwick Bradly 5:29 pm 09 Apr 19

Great news! I am so sicke of the naysayers. No doubt once everyone adjusts, we'll all be enjoying the convenience of drone deliveries.

Leigh Auriac Leigh Auriac 4:48 pm 09 Apr 19

Target sighted, will become target destroyed..

You’ve been warned Wing.😁👌🏻

Gilavon Gilavon 4:31 pm 09 Apr 19

Dear RIOACT, tks for publishing the names of the firms using the Wing nuisancemenace, I know now who to stop patronising, none of those businesses are monopoly operators. Shall bone up on my 12 gauge skills, can’t use AIM 9 etc in built-up areas.

Disgusting performance from local politicians will not be forgotten next ACT gummint elections, especially the poor show of MLA Fitzsimmons.

Robina Jane Robina Jane 4:03 pm 09 Apr 19

Not surprised that an international monolith won against a local community action group. Democracy you say? Coal Seam Gas anyone? Oh well, there goes the neighbourhood. Bye bye birds. Bye bye peace. Bye bye housing prices.

Dave Blanken Dave Blanken 3:52 pm 09 Apr 19

Terrific news.

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