Wizard Contracting ACT Out of business does any one know WHY?

robag 16 October 2007 13

According to the ASIC’s Website Wizard It Requitement has gone into “ADMINISTRATION”

Has anyone else heard any more info..

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13 Responses to Wizard Contracting ACT Out of business does any one know WHY?
KevinPepper KevinPepper 8:58 pm 17 Oct 07

“As for Mr Pepper’s comments – why should you give a f*ck how much a margin the agency charges as long as you are getting the rate you want.”

La mente torbida – what a silly question. Captainwhorebags hits the nail on the head when he said it’s all about competitiveness. Of course clients and project managers sure the hell are going to care if it costs them $10/hr more. This will always apply for hiring and maintaining existing people.

“Forgot to add, in my experience, it’s the quality of the account manager, not the agency that matters.”

Interesting comment. You talk like an agent so I’m probably hitting a nerve. How many times have I heard the sales talk “why should you care about our massive margin when you’re getting a good rate?”.

If you are a contractor then my experience differs considerably. I’ve never been screwed and lied to more than when I worked for a large Sydney based IT agency. Working for a small low margin local company has been a dream in comparison.

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 12:47 pm 17 Oct 07

torbida: you should care about the margins because a high margin can make you very uncompetitive. You may be getting the same in your pocket as the bloke next to you, but you’re actually costing the department $30 an hour more. Guess who’s going to be shown the door if the department has to lose one of you.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 9:38 am 17 Oct 07

S4anta – some last longer than others…I remember when Wizard was just 2 guys and low margins. They have lasted longer than most.

S4anta S4anta 9:02 am 17 Oct 07

torbida, word.

As far as temping firms go, these businesses tend to go in and out of business every 5-8 years or so. It is just part of the business cycle of the industry. Have a look at where the Sydney market is at now, whilst in canberra breath a sigh of relief folks.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 8:57 am 17 Oct 07

Forgot to add, in my experience, it’s the quality of the account manager, not the agency that matters.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 8:56 am 17 Oct 07

Been contracting in Canberra since ’84. Big agencies, small agencies, no difference really.

Smaller agencies can run into problems with cashflow – even Wizard was a small agency originally.

As for Mr Pepper’s comments – why should you give a f*ck how much a margin the agency charges as long as you are getting the rate you want. Don’t like it? Set up and do it on your own and quit bitching.

I don’t expect anything from an agency except payment on invoicing and on time.

VYBerlinaV8...the_original_and_best VYBerlinaV8...the_original_and_best 8:58 pm 16 Oct 07

I have used AchieveCorp, and found them to be excellent. I’d highly recommend their services.

robag robag 8:23 pm 16 Oct 07

It is a bit of a vicious circle small it contractor company buys smaller it contractor company, Then they end up being a big it company.
mind you seeing that the are our Pimps, where do they keep the big bouncer guy called Buba 🙂
The one good thing is that, the contractor can always walk with his or her feet…..

KevinPepper KevinPepper 7:21 pm 16 Oct 07

What a crock! Being in IT this makes me angry. When you’re contracting via an agency, these useless w*nker companies don’t do shit. Boil it down and they’re just collecting money on your behalf and often taking a damn big fee in return for essentially paying an invoice.

For them to be billing clients the full amount for contractors with the intention of passing on only 75% to people who aren’t even their employees is bullshit. Clients paying bills for Wizard contractors should in return paying only 75%. Where is the money going then if not to the people who actually did the work?

Screw these large IT agencies. It’s the same old story of exploiting people, whether it be this or the rampant rorting of the 457 visa scheme by many IT agencies in recent years.

I’d highly recommend anybody contracting in IT in Canberra signs with smaller, contractor owned IT agencies. I’ve heard good about companies like Compas Computing, Tarakan and Tony Winmill. All are popular with IT contractors and are winning more market share. Contractors like not dealing with salesman and seem to be voting with their feet.

If anybody knows of other such companies please post your recommendations. This story with Wizard shows how wary we all should be about the large IT agencies.

robag robag 7:08 pm 16 Oct 07

Yep I heard the same thing
There was a meeting at the lakeside in Civic
I have heard that CSA (Child $upport Agency) told their wizard contractors to go home 😮

dalryk dalryk 4:01 pm 16 Oct 07

We got a letter advising that they were looking to negotiate a sale of the business, and word on the street was that they were planning on paying their staff 75% salary, with the balance to be paid after the sale.

Uh huh.

As to *why* such a company would go into adminstration – the ususual reason is cause they’re outta money….

S4anta S4anta 10:06 am 16 Oct 07

Goes with the territory as far as temporary/contracting/pimp businesses go. Over the past 18 months a large group has been quietly acquiring all the smaller compeititors from Melbourne to Brisvegas, with the canberra market included.

I have been told that those who are currently ‘unassigned’, due to the Wiz going into admin redundancy should hear something by the end of the week.

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