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Wonder Woman – Virginia Hausegger

By che - 25 May 2005 22

City News has this article on ABC Canberra newsreader Virginia Hausegger’s new book Wonder Woman – the myth of having it all.

Virginia Hausegger’s new book Wonder Woman: The myth of ‘having it all’ is an important contribution to feminist and social debate. Born from an angry Age article entitled ‘The sins of our feminist mothers’, dashed off after discovering she had left it too long too have babies, it is a labour of empathy born of deep grief.

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22 Responses to
Wonder Woman – Virginia Hausegger
RandomGit 1:23 pm 26 May 05

Fertility peaks in the late twenties and drops off sharply through your 30’s. Yes, it is a book with value beyond, look at me look at me I’m Virginia Hausegger!!

cat-the-pig 1:03 pm 26 May 05

I am half way through it and would recommend it to anyone who thinks they may or may not have children!!!!

I am 33 just married (for the second time) and have no children to date, so it means more to me than it would to most. That having been said I didn’t know who VH was prior to hearing about this book (Nik-the-Pig had to tell me) and now she is someone who I have a massive amount of respect for.

She should definitely not be criticised for baring her soul, and the ‘choices’ she made are similar to decisions made by so many other women, myself included. Please don’t knock it till you have read it!

Thumper 11:36 am 26 May 05

Maybe they look bigger on a wide screen????

bonfire 11:32 am 26 May 05

i dont like her big ears either. even on widescreen.

Thumper 8:22 am 26 May 05

hehehehe, Virginia and John hosting a trivia night…

The tension would be thick in the air…


Canberra_unsung_hero 8:01 am 26 May 05

Yeah …..that WOULD be interesting … lol !

Ralph 7:48 am 26 May 05

Should get Virginia and weatherman John to host the next trivia night. What a hoot that’d be. Too much excitement for me!

Canberra_unsung_hero 7:43 am 26 May 05

I can hardly wait to read it ! …. on second thoughts, I think I’ll give it a miss …..

Vic Bitterman 11:00 pm 25 May 05

Wow. A new book.


gingermick 7:03 pm 25 May 05

She would have to be the most boring bitch on television.

blossy 6:13 pm 25 May 05

now I want to read it

Canberra_unsung_hero 4:29 pm 25 May 05

There seems to be some sort of “electric tension” between her and the weatherman on the local ABC news … but I may be wrong on that …..

Thumper 3:15 pm 25 May 05

I quite like her….

Jazz 3:03 pm 25 May 05

Cat is reading this book at the moment and we had a rather interesting debate about it over a few glasses of wine up in the mountains last weekend. Suffice to say that it got a bit heated when I suggested that Hausegger was pointing out the obvious – that there are not enough hours in the day for women to have it all.

bonfire 2:20 pm 25 May 05

i followed her lengthy whine in the age at the time.

it should be called wonder whinge.

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