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Woodheater rebate a success?

By johnboy 1 May 2005 17

ABC Online has news on the “success” of the woodheater replacement rebate:

About 370 households have received a $600 rebate in exchange for swapping over to gas or electricity.

The rebate has now been increased to $800 until the end of June, when the program is due to come to an end.

Hmmm, one wonders if 370 wouldn’t be the same number of people wanting to get rid of their woodheaters anyway?

I can’t say I’ve noticed any improvement in Canberra’s early morning haze, and the smell of woodsmoke at night in Turner is pronounced.

What’s Your opinion?

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Woodheater rebate a success?
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Ari 11:48 am 03 May 05

How about a mini-reactor inside each wood heater?

Shaun 10:45 am 03 May 05

No i recon we should have a liquid sodium cooled fast breeder reactor. Solve the green house emission problem and we can sell the isotopes and plutonium on the free market. As well sell the massive excess of power to Bob Carr. We could locate it in the tranquil surrounds of the Naas river valley.

Ralph 8:54 am 03 May 05

comes in handy when negotiating with powerful neighbours

aka Queanbeyan (but they’re not so powerful).

johnboy 12:40 am 03 May 05

Get with the 21st century! Pebble-Bed reactors need no liquid coolant.

Much safer too.

11:55 pm 02 May 05

The answer’s simple – Canberra’s own nuclear power station.

Cooling water from Burley Griffin, lots of egg-heads at ANU to run it, no greenhouse gasses, and the chance to amass a wad of plutonium (comes in handy when negotiating with powerful neighbours).

johnboy 8:43 pm 02 May 05

well, at some time all the fossil fuel in the world was once airborne CO2.

Given that there’s much more of the planet’s original CO2 locked up up in limestone deposits than in fossil fuel reserves it does kind of make you wonder.

In any event most of the air-pollution argument isn’t really a greenhouse one. They want to move the burning as far away as possible (coal fired electricity) or make it very clean (gas).

Spiny-Parrot 7:12 pm 02 May 05

You got it Ari.

Ari 4:09 pm 02 May 05


The carbon emmission debate should really dubbed the fossil carbon debate, because that’s what it’s about (long-buried carbon dug up/pumped from under the earth).

Ralph 3:54 pm 02 May 05

How do you come to the conclusion that wood burning is carbon neutral? Is this because the trees sequester carbon when they are growing?

Ari 2:07 pm 02 May 05

Gas = greenhouse (for those who care passionately about the issue, which I don’t)

Apart from being a wonderful form of heating, wood burning is carbon neutral, so surely a better rebate (from the point of view of our passionately green masters) would be to subsidise cleaner-burning wood heaters.

Spiny-Parrot 1:45 pm 02 May 05

Spiny luvs the wood heater. Nuffin like gettin out on a frosty morning or in the middle of driving rain to split up a bit of red ox and then work up a sweat hauling and stacking it.
Of course by then I am so warm I have no need to stoke the fire with more. mmmmmm that luvvly feeling of having done something rather than burn off needless litres of gas.

RandomGit 1:13 pm 02 May 05

Becuase I only have space for so much, and the wood heater is an ugly thing on ugly tiles and I wanted to renovate the room.

bonfire 11:44 am 02 May 05

i have a woodheater and i love it for all the points raised by thumper. i also plan to get ducted gas this year. i do not plan to get rid of the wood heater though. why does it have to be a one or the other decision ?

Thumper 11:05 am 02 May 05


So true….


LurkerGal 10:27 am 02 May 05

But it’s very pretty to watch! So it’s not “nothing but work”. When I had a wood heater I never watched tv of a night in Winter, the fire was so much nicer.

RandomGit 9:39 am 02 May 05

A wood heater is a mess machine. Filthy, stinking, nothing but work.

Thumper 8:59 am 02 May 05

I once a wood heater. I loved it. It could pump the house up to 35c in the middle of winter. I could stand in front of it. I could dry clothes in front of it. It was brilliant.

However, I also had to stack tonnes of wood, crt it in, clear the bad boy out, get rid of the ashes, and it also gave my walls a kind of grey patina.

So now I have ducted gas and don’t have to do a thing which would suggest that many would be happy to get rid of their wood heaters.

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