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Word competition

By emd - 3 August 2006 23

I need some help! Yes, it’s a bit of fluff, but it’s Canberra fluff and it’s Friday.

I’m trying to think of a Canberra-centric word, starting with F, that relates to the natural world.

Examples starting with other letters:
B for Brindabella
N for Namadgi
C for Corroboree (Park)
S for snowgum
A for Angle Crossing
You get the picture.

What say you?

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Word competition
VYBerlinaV8 10:03 am 04 Aug 06

Hey snahon that’s gold!!!

After all, New South Wales IS actually better than ACT. Even I know that!

Danman 9:01 am 04 Aug 06


Androyd 8:59 pm 03 Aug 06


KaneO 8:37 pm 03 Aug 06

Ferals. Of course, we’re not allowed to eat or wear them anymore, lest we offend those who would hug trees.

Woody Mann-Caruso 4:36 pm 03 Aug 06

…which would explain why it was the very first comment. Guess that makes me F for clueless.

Woody Mann-Caruso 4:33 pm 03 Aug 06

I thought “fire” was an obvious choice.

S4anta 3:50 pm 03 Aug 06

How about the F Canberra geomagnetic observatory?

snahon 3:40 pm 03 Aug 06

New South Wales

Might not be related to nature but hey, I’m sure the flaming will start. Don’t think it even makes real sense…

Mr Evil 3:31 pm 03 Aug 06

Flatulence – seems to be a lot of that coming naturally out of our MLA’s mouths.

Thumper 3:24 pm 03 Aug 06


Pay that one…

LurkerGal 3:12 pm 03 Aug 06

F is for fucking, which is what the government is doing to our school system.

bonfire 2:54 pm 03 Aug 06

F is for fungus, the yellow cap mushroom that anu students lick to get high.

GuruJ 2:51 pm 03 Aug 06

F for Floriade? Or is that not natural enough?

emd 2:42 pm 03 Aug 06

Stop spoiling my dream! If I say it’s Friday often enough, I’ll be allowed to eat take-away for dinner and stay up late watching crappy TV.

Oh hang on, that makes my life sound really boring and sad…. where’s the edit button?

Ari 2:38 pm 03 Aug 06

Well, it’s not Friday.

Anyway, how about F for firestorm?

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