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Working and parking in Woden, how to?

By franzipami 12 May 2011 31

I have worked in Woden on and off for the past 9 years and have the same dilemma as everybody else with the parking. I think I have tried almost every spot around the vicinity to find the cheapest parking. But now with our two young kids and the part-time work have had to settle for what parking I can get – which after 9.30am is only around the pool/oval area.

Yesterday, there was not one spot available except on the grass verge near the oval fence, opposite the parking bay area. As far as I could see there was no signage for “No parking” or “Parking in bays only” and like the dozen or so other cars was not hindering any other cars as far as movement or view was concerned. Well, they slugged me. What made it worse was the fact that I actually had purchased and displayed the $7 ticket to park there!!

This is the first time I have seen this particular car park full and I expect it had something to do with the cold weather which of course is now going to continue for a while. I’m now at a loss to work out where to park given the same situation. As far as I can see my only option is to park at the plaza and move my car every two hours.

I was just wondering if anybody could provide some useful advice (ie. no stupid responses like “don’t have the kids in the first place” and “don’t work”) given the following:
* My husband and I both work in Woden and unfortunately have to take two cars (both small) to take turns in the drop-off and pick up of the kids. My husbands work provides him with a car park, so he is alright.
* Our commute is from Dunlop so no chance of a bus. As it is, it takes 1 hour 15 mins to finally get to work. Yes, I have lived in Melbourne and I know the commute can be a lot worse – my issue is the parking.
* Eventually hoping to move house to Woden/Weston (when the house prices are not so stupid!! – are we dreaming??) so we’d like to keep the kids at school in the area.
* On my 9.30am day (on other days I start at 7.00am so no problems with parking there) I finish at 6-6.60pm ish so Phillip is not really an option. The only spot I could manage is probably at the far end and I do not feel safe walking there at night.

Any advice on parking in the area would be great.


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Working and parking in Woden, how to?
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Alderney 4:15 pm 13 Dec 14

There are always parking spaces over behind the Callam offices.

Whenever I have cause to drop the lad at school I head straight there. Sometimes you might get a spot near them on Callam Street, but safest option is going to Easty St and parking on the dirt.

Can’t recall how much they are, but it’s not the $9.50 standard. Maybe $8.

I then walk to work with Hellenic Club on my right.

Macatac 6:18 am 13 Dec 14

You could do what the public servants do and park in Westfield and leave work evey few hours to move your car.

forfunzake 11:26 am 25 May 11

As much as I hate to promote giving any money to Westfield, you should talk to the concierge at Westfield. I know they have permanent parking spots – ie 24/7 – available in Neptune carpark (the one connected to DJ’s), I just don’t know if there are any available at the moment. I do remember that when I looked into it about a year ago the prices were reasonable compared to the usual parking rates around Woden. People I know that have spots there do still come in early so you may have to check details with Westfield to ensure it works for you.

DarkLadyWolfMother 8:36 am 17 May 11

goquietly said :

So if I lived within 1km of Woden eg Phillip, Chiefly, Lyons and had an unused, undercover car space, how much pw could I rent it out for?

They already named a suburb after him?!

MissPeaches 8:32 am 17 May 11

goquietly said :

So if I lived within 1km of Woden eg Phillip, Chiefly, Lyons and had an unused, undercover car space, how much pw could I rent it out for?

Well if it costs $7 a day to park in the town centre, $35 a week, I think it would be reasonable to ask $30 a week. I’d pay that. A little less than town centre parking due to the distance but still good value to have a dedicated car park.

goquietly 10:47 pm 16 May 11

So if I lived within 1km of Woden eg Phillip, Chiefly, Lyons and had an unused, undercover car space, how much pw could I rent it out for?

MissPeaches 9:22 am 13 May 11

Sometimes people in the flats in Lyons rent out their spaces.quite a few are without cars. I remember seeing them advertised on The work classifieds or you could put a notice up at the Lyons shops asking for one 🙂

ConanOfCooma 9:15 am 13 May 11

I drive from Cooma every morning, and ensure I get to work at 7, so as to get parking – Otherwise there is no chance. If your husband has guaranteed parking, why don’t you swap child shifts? He can do the morning, allowing you to get a carpark. Then you can get the kiddies in the afternoon.

franzipami 7:04 am 13 May 11

Thanks Buggles, yes, already a suggestion by the milkman. I’m not sure if there will be an issue with the security passes, I guess we’d have to swap them and hope that security aren’t all that ‘secure’. As I said, it’s worth looking into.

Re: the housing issue. We’d love to live nearby but it is a small issue of money – we’d love to live in Woden or Weston but realistically I think our main option is north Tuggeranong. It seems the housing market is slowing a bit. I’ve not been looking overly closely at it but do have two friends that have both had their houses on the market for over five months with no luck at all. Anyway, realistically, it will be a year or so for so for us into the future. Aside from that, living nearby will not solve the parking problem anyway. I get into work straight after the kids are dropped off and unlike childcare, school has start/finish hours. I have been given a ‘lot of food for thought’ though.

Buggles 9:26 pm 12 May 11

Couple of observations here.

1. Why live in Dunlop, when you both work in Woden. If it such an issue move to Tuggers.

2. So hubby has a dedicated spot in Woden. Well simple on the days you get in late, make hubby park in a standard car park, and you in hubby’s spot. If it is only hubby’s car that is allowed to park in hubby’s spot…simple hubby takes your car and you his. Problem solved.

Chop71 2:25 pm 12 May 11

the milkman said :

Assuming that on the day you start at 9:30 am that your husband gets to work earlier…then

You should park in your husbands car park and he can park in a standard space. Problem solved.

lol, too simple to be true. They would probably have to swap cars, oh such drama

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