Yepgot, lending, borrowing and a solution to the housing crisis

1337Hax0r 29 January 2013 3

I have been a fan of services like freecycle that lets people give away stuff they don’t need or want for free, and others to obtain those items. Some while ago I discovered Yepgot,

Yepgot is a service which lets you lend out things you have in return for money, and borrow things you need for money, but obviously less than commercially renting them.The site is not about making money, it is about sharing resources. Say you had a bunch of tools laying around that you don’t use much, you can lend them to people for an agreed upon time and agreed upon price. I gather that you can decide what ID you’d want and what sort of security deposit.

The local Canberra branch have a Facebook Page and the main Yepgot page is at

I noticed this week there is a bus motorhome on offer either for rent or sale. Perhaps an opportunity for someone in Canberra to find a way around the rental crisis?

Other stuff wanted to lend or wanted to borrow have included tents, flags, power tools and so on.

While I have not used the service yet, I thought I’d give it a shout out because any service that reduces the need to buy stuff, and makes greater use of stuff we already have is a good thing.

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3 Responses to Yepgot, lending, borrowing and a solution to the housing crisis
Deref Deref 9:46 am 30 Jan 13

Good idea, horrible Faecesbook page and the site itself has nothing but a link to that.

poisonivy poisonivy 8:12 am 30 Jan 13

Errr, the idea is that you get your stuff back. It’s about sharing resources.

And a shout out to as well – that’s where you get rid of stuff you no longer need. I’ve been astonished by what people are happy to take.

ATypicalUsername ATypicalUsername 11:04 pm 29 Jan 13

Unless this site is just like a giant message board and takes no participation or fee from the transaction, isn’t this just an online pawn shop?

Site’s down at the moment, and the facebook seems not for profit, but if that’s the case, I guess this is just a way of getting your voice heard.
Still, I thought there were message boards (The literal kind, not the online type) and news papers that allowed this sort of thing.

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