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Yet another Dog Attack story – and little help from ACT Call Centre

By The Frots 16 July 2011 62

Today a close friend of ours was subjected to yet another dog attack where the owners in this case cowardly hid inside their house while the victim was calling for help.

The incident occured towards the rear of Ngunnawal where they are building the new suburbs.  The dog, a staffordshire mix, jumped the owners side fence and attacked the victims dog, which was on a leash. 

The attack dog was pushed away however began ‘circling’ the victims husband.  As he was trying to place a call through to Domestic services, the owners were seen inside the house watching.  When they were called upon by the victims husband to help, they simply moved away from the window and hid, leaving the dog to its own devices.

The call to 132 281 was yet another story.  The female operator was less than helpful, at one point abusing the husband while this dog was yet again approaching him, for speaking ‘rudely to her’.  It didn’t seem to matter that while sat in her comfy chair, a dog attack was underway.  This woman is clearly in the wrong job – and sadly, the husband is the most pleasant of men that you could meet.  Anyone under attck needs urgent assistance, not to be asked the same questions over and over (“can you spell that again for me” or “Now, does the dog have a tag?”).  WTF!

So, yet another dog attack – and yet another problem for Domestic Services.  At the time or writing this, 3 hours have passed and nothing has been done except the cowardly owners have gathered the dog and taken it away from the house in their car.  Nice touch.

Is this issue of dog attacks ever going to be treated seriously here in the ACT?  Not while we have Canberra Connect people who are irresponsive to complaints when they get them and a Government who apparently couldn’t give a toss.

And, in the meantime…………………………………

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Yet another Dog Attack story – and little help from ACT Call Centre
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Jethro 11:19 pm 19 Jul 11

WTF??? Don’t know how that last statement ended up in the middle of the quote I was quoting…. Pot, kettle, meet Jethro.

Jethro 11:17 pm 19 Jul 11

CBomb said :

Jethro said :

CBomb said :

Tooks said :

I think you misunderstood my ‘fact’.. I was saying that if your friend didn’t effectively communicate that they were in an actual life threatening situation, then it won’t be treated as such. If they had of, police or any emergency service contacted will assist. Simple.

I was just pointing out that your grammatical arrogance was slightly ironic.
And you got your information from where?
Eiether (sic) 1: A possibly unreliable source.
Or 2, You were there yourself, and you just breached the privacy policy.
How about you go read your operations manual again, and the privacy policy while you’re at it.


It’s a bit rich to insert a (sic) into someone’s typo when you incorrectly used the word ‘of’ a couple of lines earlier.

Wow Jethro, you really nailed me there..
Now, back to the actual discussion at hand..

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