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You’re an Idiot

By LlamaFrog - 11 September 2010 42

roadside signage

Is this the greatest government advertising? I believe it might be.

To be found when driving on Belconnen Way from Civic to Belconnen. I realise that the sign changes from day to day, so you need to be lucky to be called an idiot, otherwise you will see such great rhymes as “Pick up your phone, Pick up a fine…”

Just consider the layers of government that “You’re an Idiot” had to go through before it was allowed to be seen on the side of the road.

I would like to suggest another sign “Use a Bluetooth headset, You’re a special kind of stupid” but might be to long.

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
You’re an Idiot
trevar 7:45 am 12 Sep 10

I have a novel idea: how about instead of insulting everyone, they fine drivers who have their phone tacked to their ear while driving? How many cops could they put on patrol by renting out the advertising space on that sign?

screaming banshee 7:40 am 12 Sep 10

They should all say “Speed camera ahead”, that should slow people down.

What I would love to see is a device that sticks a bollard up in the middle of the road when some wanker is flashing their lights after passing a speed camera. Or the police could sit down the road in an unmarked waiting for people to do it…it is illegal.

Just for kicks sometimes I flash my headlights at people that look like they are going fast when I know there isn’t a speed camera. Fantasic entertainment seeing the brake lights come on in the rearview.

Deref 7:34 am 12 Sep 10

😀 Now that’s what I call public art.

bigred 7:24 am 12 Sep 10

Anyone hear good super Mark Colbran on the ABC on Thursday arvo? In a nutshell, he was challenged by callers about plod’s response to road rage. He left the studio with a fair bit of egg on his face, and I would imagine a few underlings would be dragged out of the donut shops and called to account.

BenMac 6:46 am 12 Sep 10

There’s also one on Horse Park Drive heading towards the Federal Highway.

The Traineediplomat 1:46 am 12 Sep 10

I’d like to see one say “Oh I give up”, 2nd page “Drive like a dickhead”

Sgt.Bungers 11:16 pm 11 Sep 10

At least they spelt “you’re” correctly 🙂

nhand42 10:57 pm 11 Sep 10

How about instead of cute signs and platitudes, police start pulling over and fining the tailgaters and speeders. All the bogans will be so deep in debt they’ll have to sell their Hilux Dual-Cab Utes with lowered suspension and 20″ rims. With them off the road the number of accidents will rapidly approach zero.

gospeedygo 10:24 pm 11 Sep 10

It’s only a matter of time until a Mully related slogan appears.

harvyk1 9:57 pm 11 Sep 10

grunge_hippy said :

i chuckled when it said “you’re not that special”

Yeah, I liked that one. I got the feeling that someone was simply channelling “Tyler Durden”…

FluttersBy 9:27 pm 11 Sep 10

I saw the shut up and drive one, the first page said “Shut up and drive” the second page said “It’s the law!”

grunge_hippy 8:23 pm 11 Sep 10

i chuckled when it said “you’re not that special”

Primal 7:53 pm 11 Sep 10

Also to be seen on the Tuggy Parkway southbound as you get near Kambah.

Fiona 7:36 pm 11 Sep 10

About a month ago it had “Shut up and drive”

MrPC 7:27 pm 11 Sep 10

If they combined that with a radar, saying that for those more than a few k’s over the limit, it’d be way more interesting.

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