Zed promises flashing… school zone signs

johnboy 31 May 2012 17
zed and alistair

It’s not exactly The Rights of Man, but it is a policy! And sent out with a picture!

The Liberals’ Zed Seselja and Alistair Coe are promising to make life simpler for the inattentively dazed and confused motorist by, if elected, installing flashing school zone speed limit signs at every ACT school.

“Just this February alone, 95 drivers were caught speeding in school zones, around 16 per cent of all speeding cases that month,” Mr Seselja said today.

“Today’s announcement will help ensure school zone speed limits are given more prominence, and in turn, reduce the risk of drivers unknowingly speeding.

“The Canberra Liberals understand that parents should have peace of mind when their children are going to and from school, and today’s announcement gives parents that extra assurance.”

“Installing flashing school zone signs is reflective of our commitment to giving Canberrans the best local government in the country, and get back to the basic services residents expect from their elected representatives.”

We’re going to here a lot about getting back to basic services between now and October.

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17 Responses to Zed promises flashing… school zone signs
p1 p1 4:38 pm 31 May 12

VYBerlinaV8_is_back said :

How about putting the speed cameras in school zones? People will get the message pretty quickly then.

Yup. Take every single camera which is currently on a long straight road with no turns, and put it out the front of a school and see what happens to speeding in school zones.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back VYBerlinaV8_is_back 4:16 pm 31 May 12

How about putting the speed cameras in school zones? People will get the message pretty quickly then.

BicycleCanberra BicycleCanberra 4:00 pm 31 May 12

I think School Zones should be reduced to 30km/h with a speed bump at the start of each sign. In Adelaide I think they are 20km/h, in some parts of Europe they are even lower

Bluey Bluey 3:10 pm 31 May 12

I think this is a good idea. I live on a school zone road and its very easy when leaving for work around 8 oclock to speed through there and not realise or vice versa on the way home.

Should change to the NSW hours as well. At least around primary schools.

inlymbo inlymbo 1:50 pm 31 May 12

I should learn to read the whole heading not just the first bit. The image of a Zed in a loosely belted trench coat freaked me out!

The lights are unnecessary.

Schools are pretty big, if you see one SLOW DOWN…… then think oh, it is after 4 or oh it is a weekend and continue on your merry way making sure your speed is at least 10 kms over the limit. 🙂

smee smee 12:54 pm 31 May 12

Sounds like a good, if expensive idea. We should then also put flashing lights on the speed camera vans and fixed speed cameras…

BicycleCanberra BicycleCanberra 12:46 pm 31 May 12

Interesting, me thinks this may be a way to also introduce the same hours for school zones in NSW, with the flashing lights. Between 8 – 9.30am and 2.30- 4pm. A bit silly to have the lights flashing for 8 hours on weekdays.

Keijidosha Keijidosha 12:42 pm 31 May 12

I live in a school zone, and I endorse this idea. Sure, flashing signage won’t make a lick of difference to malicious speeders, but for the absent-minded driver the in-your-face signage could be a life saving cue to slow down.

I’m not defending absent-minded drivers, but in reality the majority of us have accidentally forgotten to slow when entering a school zone at some time.

Spectra Spectra 12:26 pm 31 May 12

“Just this February alone, 95 drivers were caught speeding in school zones, around 16 per cent of all speeding cases that month,” Mr Seselja said today.

Another statistic that is totally useless and potentially misleading without knowing some more context such as a) What percentage of speed enforcement was carried out in those zones and b) What the relative traffic volumes through those zones are.

If, for example, half the cars having their speed checked are in school zones, I’d say only 16% of tickets being issued there suggested that people were doing far better at not speed there than anywhere else, and the money would be better spent elsewhere.

Lies, damn lies and context-less statistics.

Thumper Thumper 12:14 pm 31 May 12

Hey, it’s a nice idea but, as Jim suggests, it’s not going to stop the d*ckheads out there is it?

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:02 pm 31 May 12

Another idea implemented in South Australia some 30+ years ago, haha.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:40 am 31 May 12

People aren’t speeding through school zones because they don’t know that they’re there. They’re doing it because they’re d1ckheads.

p1 p1 11:14 am 31 May 12

I’m torn on this one. On one hand, school zones are there for a reason and people should go slow enough and any thing that makes kids safer “Is a Good Thing™”.

On the other hand, there is the mixed message that some speed limits actually matter and some can safely be ignored….

blub blub 10:59 am 31 May 12

johnboy said :

more an epidemic of people getting speeding tickets.

If people aren’t slowing down when getting a speeding fine, seeing a flashing light isn’t gonna do anything.

Mysteryman Mysteryman 10:50 am 31 May 12

Really?! THAT is on their policy list?

What a waste of time.

blub blub 10:31 am 31 May 12

This seems so random.
Is there some epidemic of kids almost getting run over I’m not aware of?

    johnboy johnboy 10:43 am 31 May 12

    more an epidemic of people getting speeding tickets.

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