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Mobile Office Reviews: Deli Marco

By 24 May 2013

It’s been a while, but Mobile Office Reviews are back in full swing.
Johnboy and rode our bikes down to Dickson to try out Deli Marco as a place of business.
How was it?
No public WiFi. However there were of power points along the walls inside, which if I’m to be honest is seeming to be much [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: City Walk

By 9 May 2013

The thing about being a fully functioning high-tech mobile office from the dark far flung future of twenty thirteen, is that your list of possible office locations is limited only by your imagination.
Well you’re imagination, and cellphone reception.
Also some laws… and physics.
Also we want to be able to get there on bike.
What I’m trying to [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: Smith’s Alternative

By 26 April 2013

If you’ve been following the goings on in Civic recently (or keep up with what we write on this site) you’re probably well aware that Smiths Alternative Bookstore has undergone a few changes recently.
For those of you still in the dark here is a quick summary:

Less books.
More gigs.
Raised stage.
April’s Caravan Vintage Clothes Store in residence.
Different [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: The Pancake Parlour

By 23 April 2013

“Where shall we go today Joel?”
“I want pancakes John!”
… and so went to the Pancake Parlour.
I had almost intended it as a joke, it turned out to be a really good idea.
Possibly the best place yet, if not a very close second to the Front. The WiFi was fast enough for our needs, and the [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: 39 Steps

By 22 April 2013

In Mobile Office Reviews Johnboy and I search for the perfect place to spend a day working.
This morning we went to 39 Steps Cafe, a fancy looking little place at the O’Conner shops. The weather was cold, but 39 Steps was warm and welcoming.
Johnboy got a coffee, I ordered bacon and eggs. Full of enthusiasm [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: James Court McDonalds

By 18 April 2013

It’s Mobile Office Review time!
We need a theme song.
In our never ending quest to earn ‘scene-points’ by finding the coolest hippest places to hang out and be seen with our laptops, Johnboy and I went to James Court McDonalds today to show the world just how hip we are.
I feel a little bit ill.
I even [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: Edgar’s Inn

By 17 April 2013

The team here at the RiotACT Mobile Office Reviews mobile headquarters has been listening to your feedback dear readers.
Some of you want us to go south-side.
Some of you hate how ‘hipster’ the places we’ve been visiting are.
Some of you suggested we suggested we head to the Ainslie shops and hit up Edgar’s Inn.
Well, two out [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: The ANU Food Co-op

By 15 April 2013

Johnboy and I decided that today we should conduct our dark business hidden amongst by the many barrels of lentils at the ANU Food Co-op. Sure its primary function is as a place to buy vegetables, doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a place of work!
Look forwards to us reviewing Superbarn in next [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: The Front Gallery and Cafe

By 10 April 2013

Mobile Office Reviews are a thing now!
We now live in the future. Johnboy bought himself a pretty little Chromebook and I’ve got a Macbook Air so slim and sharp I once cut a chunk out of my nose with it (true story).
What this means is that the RiotACT office is now fully mobile and we [...]

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