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336 empty public houses

By johnboy - 22 December 2006 23

Spare a thought for those sleeping in their cars this Christmas, the ABC reports that Housing ACT has 336 empty properties which it hasn’t managed to get into a shape it can put the needy into.

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23 Responses to
336 empty public houses
seepi 5:13 pm 03 Jan 07

if you get kicked out of act housing where can you go to live?

nyssa76 2:53 pm 03 Jan 07

Now if you get 3 complaints you can be evicted.

However, those people go to Legal Aid etc and “fight” to be in public housing through the Tenancy Tribunal.

I’ve not heard of one “bad” tenant being evicted. Just “relocated” to another house in another area of Canberra.

publius 2:07 pm 03 Jan 07

The ACT Housing authorities are far too soft on bad tenants. They pay lip service to enforcing housing/tenancy agreements. That is because the Stanhope Government won’t take action in this area. ACT Housing needs to give bad tenants a chance to improve but at some stage (after some warnings) they should be enforcing housing agreements concerning appropriate behaviour. Those who can’t comply with the rules should not be housed in the ACT. You can’t run a system that allows people to constantly make problems for their neighbours and for the taxpayer, and remain in public housing. Tough love is required in the ACT system and soon. Let’s stop turning a blind eye to problem tenants in public housing. Bad behaviour by a few tenants in public housing is not fair on the majority who do the right thing. It is just not right that some people have to live in constant fear in some public housing areas because the “vigilantes” rule and the authorities refuse to take any action.

j 12:04 pm 27 Dec 06

ACT Housing is for low income
The act housing 6month ago bought a house across from me .
it has air con,roller shutter,double built on garage,.
The painted it ,fixed fences,a guy was on the roof putting spray Insulation .
They just moved lebos in and they drive a merc and have other Expensive cars.
They have caused the street problems with there friends cars noise all times late at night.
they had a party there and abused they Neighbors and kicked there fence down.
This is what housing is spending there money on.

Thumper 12:33 pm 23 Dec 06

I think it’s on there although we’ve been having some problems with the audio on the site. It’s one of Marky’s songs.

Actually JB should have got a copy in the mail yesterday?

Barring that, you can always buy one of our CDs from the website. (Hehe)

have good one folks!

Maelinar 11:54 pm 22 Dec 06

P.S. everybody check out the REVOLVER song – ‘want me back’ or whatever it’s real name is – its related to this thread…

Thumper back me up here and post a linkie or something buddy…

Maelinar 11:53 pm 22 Dec 06

ranty ranty rant rant rant.

I could add a few, but I’m not inclined…

miz 11:08 pm 22 Dec 06

In case (as I suspect) this blog gets read by local pollies – Attn: don’t you realise there is one degree of separation in Canberra? When you make a crap decision impinging on (what you perceive as) one group, a whole lot of people are affected and/or hear about its ramifications, and are NOT happy. So. . . Schools. Buses. Teachers (underpaid, and many have no idea where on earth they are going to be teaching next year). Liberal-party-type con-job ads (costing . . ?). Library. Shopfront. Out-there yet expensive projects. Land deals. Coronial result. Anyone got anything else?

miz 4:38 pm 22 Dec 06

An insider (works in the Dept) told me today that resources are extremely tight. If they haven’t allocated the funds to refurb properties that would be enough to cause a bottleneck.

And by the by, they have even changed the rules on how many people should share a dwelling. You used to qualify for an extra bedroom if there was 7 years between sibs of same gender. This no longer applies, so teens and babies are expected to share; and to request a move to a larger dwelling, overcrowding has to be so bad that you need two extra bedrooms to even get on the priority list. Sneaky.

TAD 3:53 pm 22 Dec 06

Are you sure this isn’t just counting shitholes like Fraser Court?

roccon 2:42 pm 22 Dec 06

The “good news” stories from the Stanhope government just keep on coming

seepi 1:55 pm 22 Dec 06

They leave properties empty for 3 months after tenants disappear ‘in case they come back’.

With waiting lists the way they are I think this should be cut back to one month. Espeically if the tenants have cleared out all their stuff. If they leave and discontinue paying rent they shoud forfeit their spot.

seepi 1:53 pm 22 Dec 06

They leave properties empty for 3 months after tenants disappear ‘in case they come back’.

With waiting lists the way they are I think this should be cut back to one month. Espeically if hte tenants ha

RandomGit 1:47 pm 22 Dec 06

Odd, in shape how? Functioning? Painted? Dusted?

Not a seive?

Jey 1:37 pm 22 Dec 06

That’s disgusting

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