800 dwellings in first stage of new Ginninderry suburb

Ian Bushnell 6 May 2021 14
Macnamara 1 master plan

The concept master plan for Macnamara Stage 1. Image: Tait Network.

The next stage of the joint-venture Ginninderry district in west Belconnen will deliver more than 800 residential dwellings, including more than 600 single blocks.

The Suburban Land Agency and Riverview Development Group are developing Ginninderry, which will eventually straddle the NSW border, and the second suburb, Macnamara, will follow Strathnairn and be developed in stages.

A development application has been lodged for the first stage’s Estate Development Plan, proposing 664 single dwelling blocks and 39 multi-unit blocks providing for a total of 803 residential dwellings and associated off-site works, public open spaces, streetscapes and infrastructure.

The DA is good news for potential homebuyers as the ACT market runs hot and they struggle to find affordable properties, particularly single residential blocks. The SLA says civil works will likely commence from September and blocks are expected to go on sale in late 2021.

Located to the east of Strathnairn, Macnamara Stage 1 will consist of several residential zonings to provide a diversity of housing types – including single residential, flexi and terrace (18 per cent), and multi-unit (22 per cent) – that will also allow for a range of affordable products.

Dwellings will adhere to the energy efficiency standards of the Ginninderry development and all blocks of more than 250 square metres will have rainwater tanks.

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The EDP proposes walking, cycling and equestrian paths that will connect to adjoining suburbs and parks and open space – including a central park within a natural amphitheatre, nature-based play space, and wetlands and ponds – with links to the Conservation Corridor and Murrumbidgee River.

The central neighbourhood park will include multi-generational play equipment, fitness areas, and picnic facilities.

The Bicentennial National Trail will be realigned around the perimeter of Macnamara 1 to minimise conflict with construction works.

Macnamara 1 also includes the next segment of Pro Hart Avenue, Ginnindery’s central boulevard, along which public transport buses will travel within walking distance of all blocks.

The DA says the road layout effectively segregates Macnamara from Strathnairn to limit rat-running through the suburb.

Existing mature trees will be retained, with a mix of exotic and native plantings deployed along streets and lanes to provide shade and cooling, as well as habitat.

To the northwest of this stage is the site of the future Ginninderry commercial group centre.

The former landfill site to the north is being remediated, but construction of non-sensitive infrastructure and servicing utilities in Macnamara 1 is expected to start before it is completed.

The public can comment on the DA until 26 May.

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14 Responses to 800 dwellings in first stage of new Ginninderry suburb
Oiledpengu Oiledpengu 2:16 pm 23 Jul 21

If this suburb is partly ACT and partly NSW then only those who invest and rent out on the ACT side will pay land tax? Whilst your neighbor on the same street won’t? Sounds entirely fair….

    John Moulis John Moulis 3:23 pm 23 Jul 21

    It won’t go over the border. Yass Council and the New South Wales government have already told them to go to hell.

    Heavs Heavs 3:52 pm 23 Jul 21

    This ‘suburb’ is entirely in the ACT. I mean, you could just look at the map in the article that shows that.

Dim Markakis Dim Markakis 6:51 pm 11 May 21

Anastasia Sissi thoughts?

Daniela Wilsener Daniela Wilsener 10:18 pm 10 May 21

Jake Wilsener Ash Garrity could be an option?

Patrick J Pentony Patrick J Pentony 9:40 am 09 May 21

They will have a great view of those new massive powerlines

Robyne Mitchell Robyne Mitchell 3:00 pm 08 May 21

Are the roads wide enough to park a car on both side and for traffic and buses to go through? I think not. Will the blocks have enough space for their own cars. A 3 bed house could mean around 4 cars. Mum, dad and 2 kids each with their car.

    Martyn Tweedie Martyn Tweedie 10:11 pm 08 May 21

    3 bed = 4 cars.

    Sure Brenda.

    Robyne Mitchell Robyne Mitchell 7:12 am 09 May 21

    Ashley Wright Yes you would think the brains in 2021 were better than 1970, but seems not.

    Robyne Mitchell Robyne Mitchell 7:12 am 09 May 21

    Martyn Tweedie Then they might also have a horse trailer or a boat on a trailer.

    Marko Lehikoinen Marko Lehikoinen 9:38 am 09 May 21

    Martyn Tweedie we have 3 cars now, needing a 4th and in few years will need a 5th one. When kids can't afford to move out and public transport sucks, we need more space for cars. If you don't believe me, drive around new Macgregor and you'll see what I mean. Streets are tight with cars parked on nature strips everywhere.

    Martyn Tweedie Martyn Tweedie 10:10 am 09 May 21

    So you're an exception. Nice to be able to afford all that.

    Sounds like the problem is affordable housing and rent, not the width of the roads.

    Helen Prior Helen Prior 9:24 am 10 May 21

    About the roads.Enough traffic. already.

    Scott Abela Scott Abela 8:59 pm 10 May 21

    Robyne Mitchell Exactly, complaints from fire and ambulance drivers that these narrow roads are putting lives at risk..

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