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dorkus mallorkus 22 February 2006 22

Our Samuel is taking further steps into the world of talk radio by doing a lengthy phone interview with Mike Jeffreys on 2CC at the moment – apparently the people at RiotACT “don’t like him”.

Jeffreys doesn’t like RA, either, but it’s harder to get upset about that.

[ED – And a big hello to the 2CC people who might be wandering over as a result. It’s not that we don’t like the idea of Sam, just the implementation. Oh, and commercial talkback, can’t speak for anyone else but in my opinion Laws, Jones, and anyone who wants to be like them are bottomfeeders.

PS. I’m deeply hurt that Sam thinks we don’t like him after all the work we did campaigning for his prestigious blog awards]

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22 Responses to SGS with MJ on CC
Thumper Thumper 10:01 pm 23 Feb 06

Mr Whining Ferret,

Yes, I listen to the sports on radio AM SGS, only because its the best sports round on radio.

However, don’t call me a 2CC listener!

(And I’ll buy you a beer one day mate…. *g*)


Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 8:57 pm 23 Feb 06

I can’t believe all 3 of 2CC’s listeners all post here!

(OK, I’ll admit I listen to the Boz and Brandy sports fest from 6-8…)

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:33 pm 23 Feb 06

I heard SGS’s comments this morning – something made me turn the dial and sure enough there was SGS (a replay from yesterday).

I for one was pissed because I NEVER attacked SGS and for him to think that everyone who posts on the RA hates him is BS.

Someone get on MJ’s show and set the record straight. I would but I have to be at work and drop off kids etc.

I think that this should be the end of us all talking about SGS, it only “fuels” the bitching (I’ve had mine today) and it really isn’t worth it.

barking toad barking toad 12:36 pm 23 Feb 06

Mike shouldn’t let his exposure to nerdy SGS types cloud his judgement.

Maelinar Maelinar 12:10 pm 23 Feb 06

I’m not very nerdy. Although I do spend all my time sitting in front of my computer, it’s what I call being at work. An astute observation that I spend a lot of time sitting in front of my computer, especially when regarding an online-blog.

Intellect sometimes, is relative.

Thumper Thumper 12:00 pm 23 Feb 06

I was going suggest Bonfire that you sounded far from being a nerdy computer dweeb.

bonfire bonfire 11:57 am 23 Feb 06

i’d say i had more experience in international affairs and other related areas than the entire staff of his pissant radio station.

i second the interview idea.

Kerces Kerces 11:56 am 23 Feb 06

a bunch of nerdy boys who spend all their time sitting in front of their computers

Last time I checked I wasn’t a boy (and it wasn’t that long ago). Nerdy perhaps, but definitely not male.

Thumper Thumper 11:38 am 23 Feb 06

Ah, dweebs in front of computers. I wonder how long Mr Jefferies spent in the service of our country as a grunt, or a pusser, or an EW, or even a nancy flyboy.

Actually, why don’t we set up an interview with him. He’s got some strong, and valid opinions, I’d be interested to see what he has to say about Canberra and Canberran issues in general.

kimba kimba 9:13 am 23 Feb 06

Yes, Mike gave his blessing to RiotACT this morning. Phew….I thought for a while we were going to be placed on his black list. Sammy is such a trouble maker LOL

dorkus mallorkus dorkus mallorkus 7:57 am 23 Feb 06

Allow me to clarify/correct something in my original entry.

Mike Jeffreys has just been on again this morning declaring his support for RiotACT – my comment yesterday that “Jeffreys doesn’t like RA, either” was more to do with his description of RA posters as a bunch of nerdy boys who spend all their time sitting in front of their computers.

In short, he thinks RiotACT is okay, but we’re a bunch of dweebs……or something.

Sorry about that. I should have been clearer in the first place.

heatseeker heatseeker 11:21 pm 22 Feb 06

Uh oh … apparently looking for loooove again. Sent to me by a TSSH lurKer.

dr. faustus dr. faustus 5:55 pm 22 Feb 06

Can’t we be both bored public servants and well qualified?

And some of us may be very busy public servants who like to surf the ‘net on our lunch breaks (those of us who haven’t traded them away in our AWAs, anyway).

If this site had the traffic of SlashDot (or even TSSH), I’d be worried about all the bored Camberrians. As it is, this is more a comfortable pub where the locals pop in for a pot on the way home, giving the village idiot* a good-natured punch in the arm as they walk past, than a Hillsong-esque cult teaming with masses of lunatics, screaming for blood.

(Note to self: find some way to get SGS’s blog posted to SlashDot as a social experiment.)

*That’s probably an unfair analogy, but at this point I can’t un-think it up!

Thumper Thumper 10:45 am 22 Feb 06


Revolver, as befitting the style of music we attempt to play, although that may change, or may not.


colsim colsim 10:30 am 22 Feb 06

Oi erewego – I don’t umm, I errrr 🙂

Wish I’d heard it. Sounds like our boy is on his way.

Interesting comment on Grumpy Old Men last night slagging off the BBC for their obsession with being fair and balanced.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:21 am 22 Feb 06

Thumper – what is the name of your band?

threeze threeze 9:57 am 22 Feb 06

I started to listen to 2CC because of Sammy and am saddened to know I missed hearing him this morning. I wish he would come back.

johnboy johnboy 9:52 am 22 Feb 06

if it’s umms and dead air you want you really need to start listening to some podcasts!

erewego erewego 9:35 am 22 Feb 06

missed it this morning, a shame as I always tune in to 2cc for about 2 minutes, before I am inspired to turn it off again, on account of opinionated beat-ups with the mic,
Listen to 2xx if just for the ummms, dead air, reactionary propaganda and local music

Thumper Thumper 9:34 am 22 Feb 06

I kind of heard it through a sleepy haze and it also is apparent that young Sam thinks everyone that contributes to RA is a bored public servant with no work to do. In hindsight he may also have added that the combined weight of contributors educational qualifications would crush an ANU lecturer.

In addition, coming from someone who has never had a full time job, mortgage, kids, cars, etc to provide for, I find that his is an interesting perspective.

Oh well, I have no problems with him ringing up 2CC as it may get more people to check out the site.

As for Mr Jefferies (sp?), as talk back hosts go, he’s one of the better. I fully concur with the previous comments about Laws and Jones et al.

And by the way, I’m on holiday as I haven’t had one for about 16 months.

BTW. Shameless plug warning. Original bands and soloists at the Red gecko in Civic from 8.00 tonight. Including my humble retro three piece singing some of our own humble retro, slightly unplugged, songs.

And if you happen to drop by say hello.

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