The face of consultation: Government’s public meeting on school closure

Kerces 28 June 2006 92

Having read Bjorn_Agen’s take on the public meetings about the ACT Government’s plans for schools the other day, I decided to go along the meeting at Telopea Park School and see for myself what happened.

I am a largely disinterested observer, having no children and not knowing if I’ll even be in ACT (or the country) when I do. Also, none of the schools I attended are slated for closure so there’s no personal attachment there either.

However it was somewhat interesting to see how the Government’s system of “extensive community consultation” works.

Last year during one of my courses I was given a diagram of the levels citizen participation possible in a democracy. They are, from most participatory to not at all:
* Citizen control
* Delegated power
* Partnership
* Placation
* Consultation
* Informing
* Therapy
* Manipulation

I think what I saw tonight was probably somewhere between informing and therapy.

On entry we were given propaganda from all sides of the debate — the official minister’s statement, the union, the Liberals and the Greens (Deb Foskey herself was there shoving press releases in people’s hands). There were also Save Our Schools network flyers floating round the place. I didn’t read any of it, though my (reluctant) partner briefly perused what Clive Haggar had to say.

The symbolism of the hall was interesting. Andrew Barr, along with Michele Bruniges (Chief Executive of the department) and Craig Curry (Executive Director, I think of Southern area schools), were behind a table up on the stage and had hold of their own microphone. Us plebs (including Deb Foskey, Jacqui Burke and Vicki Dunne and about 45 others) sat in chairs set up on the auditorium floor. It was rather like being back in school assemblies, except my teachers used to stand behind a lectern.

There weren’t any children at the meeting and most attendees seemed to be parents of children at the local primary schools (Yarralumla and Forrest mainly). Oddly, there were two fellows in suits a bit outside having a discussion and a cigarette — for at least an hour. I think they might have been political staffers. Or possibly just from the hotel across the road.

I couldn’t see anyone, apart from a Canberra Times journalist, taking records of the meeting.

We arrived late and missed Mr Barr’s presentation, but could see the hypnotising green screensaver projected behind him (the CT journo kept racing up and moving the mouse so it didn’t run). Ordinary people in the audience were asking mostly sensible questions which weren’t really being answered by the minister. They were also, on the whole, allowed to ask a follow-up question if they wanted to.

Some of the questions were on the silly side, like someone (who my partner has helpfully noted as “Gentle Drone of Jargon”) who suggested that in the face of an implacable government, parents could be driven to self harm. Several parents also were concerned by the inconvenience to them by potentially having to take two children to different campuses. I’m not sure what they think is going to happen when the older of their kids starts high school and mummy and daddy still think they’re unsafe on buses.

However I thought some sensible points were raised which perhaps should be addressed by the government at some stage. These included the issue of students from NSW filling places in ACT schools (despite the priorities for student intake) and what would happen to the administrations of schools being amalgamated. Someon also raised the point that the Government appears to be being experimental with “our children’s” education and is on the one hand espousing the benefits of continuity (as in the K-6 schools) while on the other the benefits of being in just a K-3 school. Another parent wanted to know why we couldn’t see the Costello efficiency report — to which Mr Barr effectively replied because it’s a Cabinet document (I have it on good word the ACT’s own archives are due to open next year and there will be a 10-year release on Cabinet papers, so those who want to should be able to see the report in 2016 at least).

The best point I took away from the meeting (and it was quite scant pickings) was the mess of a system being proposed. If every measure outlined in the Towards 2020 proposal is taken, the ACT school system will include schools with the following year combinations: Preschool-3, P-4, P-5, P-6, 5-8, P-10, K-10, 6-10, 7-10, 7-12, 9-12 and 11-12. This in place of the general system of Preschool, K-6, 7-10 and 11-12 that we have at the moment.

I think the parents who attended the meeting may come away feeling like their views have been heard but I hope they don’t think they have especially been listened to.

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92 Responses to The face of consultation: Government’s public meeting on school closure
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BattleKath BattleKath 11:46 am 03 Jul 06

ahhh vic, it’s ok… let it all out mate.

When you acutally form an opinion on this you just come right back here and share it with us.


Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:05 am 01 Jul 06

Hey vic you fuck 6 years olds you dirty dimwitted pedarsed faggot don’t you.

Argue the opinion don’t attack the person. Or dont have the brains captain child molestor.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:52 pm 30 Jun 06

Pissing ourselves laughing at the redneck battlekaths comments.

She must spend her days browsing the $2 bin at St Vinnies, checking out the latest flannel fashions!!!

Obviously such a pov that she cannot afford private schooling!!!!!!!!

Go the flannel!!!! Go redneck go!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

SLBrown SLBrown 6:27 pm 30 Jun 06

Back to the issue that started this mess….

I actually wonder how many votes this budget decision will cost the Government?

SLBrown SLBrown 6:22 pm 30 Jun 06

Oh God (or other secular afirmation) I’m a vegetarian!!!!!!!

nyssa76 nyssa76 5:42 pm 30 Jun 06

SLBrown: The Dept has figures from 1997. They haven’t done a “real” audit of school numbers vs. classroom numbers in 9 yrs.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:34 pm 30 Jun 06

I wanted to be a person, but I’ve found it’s easier being a vegetable.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:29 pm 30 Jun 06

im a hypocritical chronic fluctuator!!
in reality to dumb to know what I am…

SLBrown SLBrown 4:24 pm 30 Jun 06


I’m a person

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 4:21 pm 30 Jun 06

Amen, Simto.

Battlekath – I’m an atheist. Or a secular humanist. You pick.

SLBrown SLBrown 4:17 pm 30 Jun 06

What don’t they know how many schools there are????

Feminist softhead?????

I don’t believe in feminism………. hate closed minded feminists….

simto simto 4:03 pm 30 Jun 06

Yeah, but to really stuff things up you need some form of messianic belief. Would Stalin or Pol Pot have gone quite as far as they did if their followers didn’t believe in them in an idiotic fervour?

If we keep on remembering that we’re a bit shit, really, then maybe we’ll do okay.

nyssa76 nyssa76 4:02 pm 30 Jun 06

Anywho, it looks like there is going to be an independent inquiry into school numbers.

About bloody time.

bonfire bonfire 3:51 pm 30 Jun 06

oed definition- man – human beings in general, the human race.

feminist softhead.

i think we can conclude that the pyramids were assembled by the egyptians. the sistine chapel had a bloke pushing a brush. mona lisa didnt appear in a shaft of gods radiance. the popes ordered the crusades after cementing papal authority in the 2nd century. allah may be great but humans flew planes into the twin towers.

all works of man.

SLBrown SLBrown 3:41 pm 30 Jun 06

Prove that its ridiculous

BattleKath BattleKath 3:39 pm 30 Jun 06

that is ridiculous.

Thumper Thumper 3:38 pm 30 Jun 06

However, there is no proof that this is foolproof…

SLBrown SLBrown 3:25 pm 30 Jun 06

Those who ask others for proof must prove that such proof is necessary

SLBrown SLBrown 3:24 pm 30 Jun 06

Why ask someone to prove a belief? Bearing in mind here I do not actually believe in god myself. I believe in the power of individuals to create, destroy, to be good or evil. But then we are getting into my value system on how to decide what is good and what is evil – ie I still have a belief system that is mine to live and not to have to prove.

BattleKath BattleKath 3:17 pm 30 Jun 06

it is the people who are claiming that such things exist that need to provide proof.

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