A day lost

johnboy 23 May 2007 14

Well as many of you noticed, the site was down for the last few hours.

Something or someone killed off our databases. Fortunately you’re now looking at the backup that ran last night.

Unfortunately that means today’s stories and comments have all gone.

So we get a second bite at the cherry.

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14 Responses to A day lost
Al Al 10:47 am 24 May 07

Aww and you lost that glowing tribute from ABC Stateline…

terubo terubo 7:02 am 24 May 07

There also appeared to be a hiatus the night before last…comments posted at around 9:00pm gone by yesterday morning…including my sycophantic tribute to JB.

Not complaining, it’s good to get used to rolling blackouts: an everyday event in most ‘3rd world’ countries.

Kramer Kramer 5:06 am 24 May 07

Just in case you had nothing to do over the early hours of this morning (ie. sleep – unlike me). You may have noticed that RiotACT was AWOL again… Although this time it wasn’t some nefarious cracker, it was me attempting a few upgrades to our server that didn’t quite work.

el el 10:46 pm 23 May 07

I blame heterosexual liberal voting recumbant cyclists, ActewAGL and a lack of coal-fired power stations.

DJ DJ 7:24 pm 23 May 07

Conspiracy theory? I guess big brother finally caught up with a theory or two.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 7:22 pm 23 May 07

I blame ActewAGL and a lack of coal-fired power stations.

johnboy johnboy 4:37 pm 23 May 07

They will add to the terrors of the operation.

But, as in South Africa, we’ll all just move our hosting arrangements to the first world.

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 4:32 pm 23 May 07

Rolling blackouts will apply to media sites as well?

Ralph Ralph 4:28 pm 23 May 07

It was Al Gore’s army of minions; after Ralph started to raise a few inconvenient truths.


stan_bowles stan_bowles 4:27 pm 23 May 07

“and my excellent afl rant is gone as well.”

As is my incendiary response…nuts

bonfire bonfire 4:26 pm 23 May 07

and my excellent afl rant is gone as well.

p1 p1 4:19 pm 23 May 07

Yeah, and it disappeared between me starting to type, and pressing submit, on a topic that hasn’t reappeared.

Luckily, everybody will be better off for not having to read it…

bonfire bonfire 4:16 pm 23 May 07

first abc island now riotact….

toriness toriness 4:13 pm 23 May 07

noticed? yes i did notice. and nearly stapled myself to death in the throes of boredom.

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