A disturbance in the Force – Barracks shut down after two break-ins

johnboy 6 August 2005 2

Walking past The Barracks (reviewed by Che a couple of years ago here) in Dickson I noticed that they are closed.

Inspection of their chalk-board on Cape Street reveals that following break-ins on successive weeks (stealing either just RAM or whole computers one would imagine) they have closed indefinitely while they have a think.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, the barracks is a large darkened room full of computers in which, for a fee, one can spend hours obliterating all the others in the room who dare to oppose you in a variety of deliciously violent games. Energy drinks and chocolate are sold and pizza gets delivered from down the road.

It spawned a number of copycat “LAN Cafes” so it’s not like young nerdlings won’t have anywhere to go. But it’s sad to see crime taking down a small business.

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2 Responses to A disturbance in the Force – Barracks shut down after two break-ins
RandomGit RandomGit 9:54 am 08 Aug 05

One could say it spawned copycats, one could say it was picked up by other young entreprenuers who thought customer service and maintenance would be an excellent addition to such a business.

Versus on Northbourne brings the p0wn.

Andrew Andrew 9:11 pm 06 Aug 05

That is really sad, I used to game alot down there before I got my broadband.

Sympathies for all rax staff/regs 🙁

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