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A preventable death; delusional Aspergers vulnerable to psychotic episodes.

By FG 12 February 2008 16

Self serving legal litigation industry fans embers of conflict over four years with profitable result.

The Canberra Times article and one from ABC Online Aspergers litigant

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16 Responses to
A preventable death; delusional Aspergers vulnerable to psychotic episodes.
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minime2 3:52 am 17 Feb 08

Porrit in Belconnen Remand centre … three dudes decide to take a hidin’ to the “mutha-killing-wimp” – but he cleaned them up almost one-handed. saw it. He is not the nice, soft kid-next door.

I-filed 10:23 pm 14 Feb 08

A very unfortunate combination of three personalities: the mother a monster, the child with Aspergers, the father apparently weak and unable to modify the monster’s behaviour during the interactions of a long marriage. Thus she will have become worse, the father will have retreated, and the son was driven somewhat mad. Anyone who has worked or lived with a monstrous, warped control freak will be able to relate to some degree with that young man’s experience. How very sad.

sepi 8:39 pm 12 Feb 08

I think so many people plead insanity in murder cases, because really there has to be something a bit wrong to actually commit a murder – especially one that isn’t in the heat of the moment anger.

VicePope 7:49 pm 12 Feb 08

I’m not a shrink, but nor, I suspect, is anyone else on this thread. If someone who has relevant qualifications and experience says that someone has a condition that would affect their culpability, and there is no evidence going the other way, that probably means the court is likely to accept the expert’s opinion. The general knowledge and impressions of the mob are irrelevant, no matter how sincere.

TAD 6:38 pm 12 Feb 08

What a load if horseshit. Google aspergers and famous people and you’ll see that many from Bob Dylan to Einstein have this. Young GP is a strange yet extremely smart bloke (95 TER, Maths genius) but dimished responsibility because of it??? I think not. Just unable to let his greviances go to the point where he stewed on it a year after moving out and not seeing his mother.

Pickle 5:57 pm 12 Feb 08

from wired “and a tendency toward repetitive behavior.”

that explains the 57 times!

scumdorg 4:46 pm 12 Feb 08

I have Aspergers and I can say uncategorically that this defence is erroneous and a red herring. He’s as guilty as sin and this is a desperation tactic. String him up!

RAGD 4:04 pm 12 Feb 08

“difficulties in communicating at a social level and “monotone, almost robotic speech”. Other evidence presented to the court of Porritt’s unerring resolve to see things through to finality, interest in computers and an inability to read situations and other people’s feelings, were also indicative of Asperger’s.”

DAMN!! Every Manager I’ve had and half the people I have ever worked with have Asperger’s!!

West_Kambah_4eva 3:15 pm 12 Feb 08

I have teh Assburgers!!!

Skidbladnir 3:08 pm 12 Feb 08

Porritt rather, completely forgot the name of the man accused of the stabstabstabbitystabstab…(repeat ad infinitum)

Thumper 2:41 pm 12 Feb 08


I’ll have to read that at a later stage…

Skidbladnir 2:04 pm 12 Feb 08

Wired article from Dec2001 on the phenomenon:

Skidbladnir 2:03 pm 12 Feb 08

Offtopic re: Parrot but ontopic re: Aspergers and computers

Tis such a known statistical abberation amongst software engineers, computer programmers, and mechanical engineers that their children are more likely to have Asperger’s forms of autism than the general populace.
Asperger’s was previously very very rare, but the rates of incidence are increasing worldwide but moreso in Silicon Valley and places of a similar nature, where rates of incidence tripled through the early 90s and an increasing trend continue today.
Some of it may be to better diagnoses, but psychologists haven’t been able to cmpletely discount the impact of genetic nor technical cultural conditioning factors.
(Recruiters can probably attest that the technical workers at Russell in general and AG’s D-Branch are a little bizarre, and their children are moreso)

Software Engineers producing more and also plibale software engineers isn’t such a bad thing when you want a staff recruitment lasting generations, to the point that Microsoft has taken out medical insurance and behavioural therapies for employees and children exhibiting possible Asperger’s symptoms.

caf 1:47 pm 12 Feb 08

Well from the source article it does appear that this wasn’t just cooked up in the courtroom, it says he was put under a psychiatric treatment order a year ago.

I do find it amusing that an “interest in computers” is apparently an indication of Asperger’s…

Danman 11:35 am 12 Feb 08

if FG keeps posting bollocks it could lead to a preventable death as well.

Jazz 10:32 am 12 Feb 08

Proving again that FG is a one trick pony, albiet with the abilty to do the same trick over and over with previous articles here and here.

More on topic however, it never ceases to amuse me that these sorts of defences are wheeled out in courtrooms. Are there no sane normal people in our society who just stuff up and do the wrong thing?

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