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A victory for the Nimbys — Karralika expansion scrapped

By Kerces 25 August 2006 29

ACT health minister Katy Gallagher announced yesterday that a proposed redevlopment and expansion of a drug rehabilitation facility in Fadden will not proceed.

She cites “lack of agreement from the community” as one of the reasons for this decision.

The fuss over the Karralika facility began two years ago after Fadden residents realised there were (recovering) drug addicts in their midst. The plan being looked at was a 10 bed expansion of the facility from the current 25, though the initial proposal was for a 30 bed expansion (and Brendan Smyth seems to think the expansion would have made a 60 bed facility).

The consultative committee considering the matter couldn’t agree about what should happen to the facility and has produced majority and minority reports, both of which can be read on the ACT Health site.

Greens MLA Deb Foskey said the decision to abandon any expansion is “disappointing”. She also said she thought the consultation process could have been handled better.

The Liberals think the decision is fantastic. He calls it a “victory for common sense”, which brings to mind Einstein’s saying that “common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18”.

“This is a decision for common sense and is a repudiation of the attempt by former Health Minister, Simon Corbell, to sneak the proposed expansion of the Karralika facility through the planning processes without effective consultation,” Brendan Smyth said. “I am delighted that the community in Fadden and Macarthur has had a victory in forcing the Stanhope Government to withdraw the proposed extension.”

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A victory for the Nimbys — Karralika expansion scrapped
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seepi 5:04 pm 28 Aug 06

In switzerland there is a public shaming type program, where they have to line up in a central area to get their prescription heroin. It works really well as a deterrant for young people. Not very glamourous seeing all these seedy skinny zombies waiting in queues.

nyssa76 4:13 pm 28 Aug 06

I’m not just talking about my sister Pandy. I am talking about all junkies.

They had a choice in the first instance not to take drugs, knowing the consequences of their actions. Now we should pander to them?

Come on, we do less for smokers.

seepi 10:04 am 28 Aug 06

I think the idea behind Karralika is that families can go there. That’s why I think they can count 25 beds in a house sized place – by counting cots and cradles etc.

It takes most of them a few times to quit they say – like smoking. And the sad fact is that many just can’t quit. But if some can quit it is worth running programs like Karralika. It is run on teh philosophy that if they dont’ want to quit you can’t make them. And it works for some people.

I know where you are coming from though (pretty closely actually) Locking them up is so tempting isn’t it. But they would just get straight back on drugs once they were let out. Still, maybe there could be a stricter kind of locked rehab for criminal offenders?

Pandy 8:54 am 28 Aug 06

“Logans Run” and Jenny agutter. sigh.

but thanks nyssa76 on your thoughts on what should be done with your sis.

nyssa76 10:34 pm 27 Aug 06

Been to Karralika – sister was there trying for the 8th time to kick the “habit” and took my 18 mo nephew with her (one rare occassion she wanted him) so she didn’t have to “share” or be in a small room.

The staff there were excellent and the place was quiet – even with little kids there (daycare centre kind of noise).

However, I did find them very “softly, softly”. Personally I wouldn’t have allowed children there, I would have made sure that they did something productive either online or on campus – like a TAFE course – with a curfew and no access to anything else i.e. bus them there and back.

My sister still hasn’t kicked the habit. She is still a fuckwit junkie. She never finished Yr 12 and has the hide to say she’s doing better than I am.

Sorry, but if you want to bludge off welfare, do drugs and be a general arsehole, then yes, I am worse off than her.

Junkies should be given one chance to quit. That’s it. Then they can go into the bush and rot. Or we could install a system like “Logan’s Run” but for junkies…..

seepi 10:58 am 27 Aug 06

Big Al this one was different and much worse to the usual use of Call In powers by Simon. He tried to keep the whole thing secret by inapprpriately using a dodgy health department facility which is meant to be used for sensitive buildings such as safe houses. (He weas health minister too coincidentally) He then tried to describe an 8-fold increase in buildings as a minor refurbishment. He was censured by the Assembly for this fiasco. Which is all detailed above – that is the ‘research’ going back to work out what actually happened and why, not just going ‘oh junkies/nimbys/whingers’ based on the headline.

vg 7:53 am 27 Aug 06

Sorry, but I wouldn’t want it in my street.

Big Al 7:47 am 27 Aug 06

Shauno – I have boundless compassion: for the people who’s lives have been ruined by drug addicts. Drug addicts deserve nothing more than contempt and a quick end to their miserable lives.

shauno 7:33 am 27 Aug 06

“Government could invest in is a nice brick wall to stand these fucked-up maggots against and a well trained firing squad to deliver the rehabilitation.”

Jeese what nice human being you must be. Be good if we had a bit more compassion in this world.

If you want that sort of scenario go live in the Middle East or transport yourself back in time to China during the opium wars idiot.

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