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Two die in Kings Highway crash

By smokey2 6 February 2008 30

The Kings Highway east of Canberra has been closed in both directions between Braidwood and Bungendore after two people were killed in an accident.

Two vehicles were involved.

Police and ambulance crews are still at the scene.

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Two die in Kings Highway crash
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ant 12:01 pm 09 Feb 08

The upgrade that Major Kelly is talking about is between Qbn and Bungendore. It’s a commuter stretch, and HQ JOC is going to add a LOT of cars to the daily mix.

This crash happened nearer to Braidwood.

The road is fine, but so many drivers now are city drivers, used to revving to the next traffic lights queue. Driving on a country road at sustained speed is not something they’re good at.

Crazy Sydney idiots on the snow road are quite amazing to watch, yes.

Gord0 9:39 am 09 Feb 08

Caravans…making Australian touring dangerous misery since 1957

Ingeegoodbee 3:19 pm 07 Feb 08

Yeah, I think the snow roads far worse. Friday and Sunday nights. Not sure if I’d single out 4WDs as specific culprits though, plenty of crap driving and poor judgement exhibited by all sorts of cars.

caf 2:34 pm 07 Feb 08

I have to agree about the snow road being worse – and the worst driving I’ve seen there is in the lines of traffic returning north on Sunday nights.

la mente torbida 2:18 pm 07 Feb 08

You may be right…but at least the Cooma road is one way traffic on Frdays & Sundays…I would hate to be travelling the other way

VYBerlinaV8 1:14 pm 07 Feb 08

Still, traffic behaviour on that road could be worse. The worst driving behaviour I’ve ever seen is by 4WD owners on the way to Cooma during snow season. Most didn’t have ACT plates.

la mente torbida 12:36 pm 07 Feb 08

@very concerned
You’re right…when I was commuting a clear road took me 1:45…on a long weekend full of caravans…2:00 – 15 minutes

VYBerlinaV8 10:41 am 07 Feb 08

One of most inconsiderate things you see on that type of road is where someone drives along at 90 km/h or so until they reach the overtaking lane, when the car in speeds up to 105km/h or so. At that point, people with powerful cars (eg 6 cyl or larger) say bugger it, and pass anyway.

Personally, I tend to overtake on uphill straight sections on that road, as the car I’m overtaking often slows a bit on the hill, and the V8 gets around just as quickly going uphill as on the flat. That way, the car or two behind me can overtake on the next flat straight part. Everyone wins.

very concerned 10:22 am 07 Feb 08

I drive this road everyday, and everyday I am amazed at the idiots that pass me by…. It is usually P platers or poeple in reved up cars… What is really the point of owning a car that can do 200kms easily when by law you can only do 100-110kms…. Come on people does it really matter if your trip takes an extra 5 mins….People are speeding, overtaking on blind corners or taking that chance for one more vehicle…. unfortunally it is not them that usually end up dead it is someone else…

My thoughts go out to the families at this very sad time.

la mente torbida 10:21 am 07 Feb 08

I used to commute this road between Batemans Bay & Canberra, twice a week for over 8 years and still use it frequently.

The road itself is not to blame (I actually enjoy driving on it!), it is the actions of drivers that can make it dangerous (especially on those long weekends where there is lots of traffic).

Speed is rarely an issue in the many accidents, it normally appears that ‘pilot error’ is the main cause. So many head-on accidents (read: unsafe overtaking). In these cases, even if both cars are travelling within the speed limits, you are looking at a combined speed of up near 200kmh.

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