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Two die in Kings Highway crash

By smokey2 - 6 February 2008 30

The Kings Highway east of Canberra has been closed in both directions between Braidwood and Bungendore after two people were killed in an accident.

Two vehicles were involved.

Police and ambulance crews are still at the scene.

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30 Responses to
Two die in Kings Highway crash
Sammy 9:07 am 07 Feb 08

the lack of apparent damage is amazing

Indeed, and any old-fart who still attests that old cars are safer because they’re made of ‘real metal and stuff’ should be shown a picture of this crash.

Like others I also suspect that the driver of the Rav 4 died as a result of something other than crash trauma. The drivers section of the Rav 4 looked relatively intact.

Having said that, a piece of metal coming through the firewall or originating from the dashboard, and occluding something like the femoral vein, would be life threatening if not treated quickly.

Given the remoteness of the accident scene, a person could die before help arrived in the aforementioned situation.

smokey2 9:02 am 07 Feb 08

Not saying about this accident but I have seen others where people were knocked unconcious with their head forward which kills them. Ignore the neck injuries and get the head back so they can at least breath. Unconcious, head foward then get a body bag.

Thumper 8:31 am 07 Feb 08

Yep, some of the most idiotic driving I’ve ever seen has been on that road.

And we better get used to it because there’s not a hope in hell that the NSW (Newcastle Sydney Woolongong) government will do anything about an upgrade.

VYBerlinaV8 8:30 am 07 Feb 08

It’s be interesting to find out how the crash occurred.

Deadmandrinking 1:53 am 07 Feb 08

Totally agree Nyssa, my mother, myself and my sister were almost killed by some jackasses on this same highway.

nyssa76 12:01 am 07 Feb 08

The sad thing is Ingee, they won’t give a rat’s…

One person dying on that road is one person too many.

Those idiots who think they can drive at 200km/ph and overtake 5-6 cars on a whim should be knee capped and have their licences taken away.

Ingeegoodbee 9:59 pm 06 Feb 08

A sad day for all involved and their families.

It should give pause for thought to all those who travel that road.

cranky 9:29 pm 06 Feb 08

There was certainly an enormous ammount of energy required to cause the damage to the Holden. If it was absorbed by the 4wd, the lack of apparent damage is amazing. The crumple design must have worked as intended – brilliantly.
Pity humans arn’t built the same way.

VYBerlinaV8 9:17 pm 06 Feb 08

The issue is not how damaged a car is after the accident, it’s how much energy, and rapidly this energy, is transferred to the occupants of the vehicle. Modern cars are much safer than older ones, and this accident is sad indeed.

shauno 9:16 pm 06 Feb 08

Maybe it was hit side on so it doesn’t appear to bad but those side impacts are the worst by far.

Mælinar 9:14 pm 06 Feb 08

In any collision, no matter how minor, the driver of the Rav4 will always die. Chuck Norris said so, and it became the 11th Commandment.

cranky 9:09 pm 06 Feb 08

Vic, this adds to my puzzlement. The driver’s section of the 4wd appeared undamaged.
Perhaps the result of medical rather than accident trauma?

Vic Bitterman 8:52 pm 06 Feb 08

Driver of the Rav4 died, passenger of the HQ died.

shauno 8:36 pm 06 Feb 08

Yeah doesn’t really matter how good the cars are when they come together at 200kmh there isn’t much hope. These things happen sad as it is human error is always going to be a factor when driving cars at any speed when we evolved to operate at about 6kmh walking speed.

cranky 7:58 pm 06 Feb 08

WIN has covered this accident in some detail.

An apparently benign curve in the road, and yet a disasterous coming together by an HQ/HZ Holden with (I think) a Subaru Forrester.

The left hand front quarter of the Holden was destroyed, apparently causing fatal injuries to the passenger.

Puzzling that the passenger of the Subaru was apparently also fatally injured, given what appeared to be less than major damage, the probable presence of air bags, and the driver aparently inflicted with minor injuries.

The powers that be have done a sterling job in raising the crashworthiness of modern motor vehicles, and fatal results such as this are to be wept at. May the investigating Police add additional information to the pool of knowledge so this type of result is reduced even further.

My thoughts are with the victim’s families.

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