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ACT Arts Grants Announced

By bloodnut 25 November 2005 15

“Canberra relies on it’s artists”

(Mayor Stanhope glides over the importance of basic infastructure)

Arts ACT announced the results of grant funding late last week. Look at the disgusting amount of money on offer. You’d think 2.8 million frikkin dollars would stretch a bit further really. I remember the days when it cost 2 pence for a licorice strap.

It’s enough to make you want to start learning the trombone for a piece of that sweet funding pie.

if you had to give away $15,000 to any local artist, who would you chose?

Absent D – you can’t say yourself.

What’s Your opinion?

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ACT Arts Grants Announced
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Masquara 7:09 pm 30 May 13

Has the ACT Government bothered to post details of the latest successful C100 grants yet?

Hadley 1:07 pm 28 Nov 05

Jesus, bonfire, the way you’re carrying on you’d think a gang of Government funded poets murdered your family. Your rage has clouded your vision so that you’re spouting and frothing these wild, batshit crazy generalisations, and you’re very much putting the feeling across that you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

Absent Diane 2:49 pm 25 Nov 05

BTW I don’t actually have ANY style… hehe

Absent Diane 2:36 pm 25 Nov 05

Bloodnut… not my style 🙂

…. but there are lots of great bands out there who deserve a kick along…. Tensue have a really solid work ethic (marketing and live) and a sound that called probably crossover fairly easily…

Another band I think would utilise the money well would be Tonk.. they have a really good combo of talent and industry experience.. and are one of the most professional bands out there.

Other bands I would like to see with a bit of money are looking glass, dining at the white….

I think when looking at the arts grant thing you really have to focus on who is going to use it appropriately…. give it to a young talented band there is more risk of the money being wasted due to lack of industry experience…eg not researching producers/studios/management properly etc…

In saying that i would love to see the government offer smaller grants to young bands.. or even free business advice/counselling assisting bands in minimalising costs….. unfortunately if you don’t have your shit together unless you are a cover band most local bands will run at a loss…. so I think there needs to be broader support…

bonfire 12:34 pm 25 Nov 05

like many ‘grants’ its all about contacts and friends.

if you dont like something or someone you can just cut their grant.

of course that would never happen in the act would it.

you need to spend more time crack snorkelling and less time splashing paint if you want a grant.

prob helps to be disabled/homosexual/minority as well.

Mr Evil 12:15 pm 25 Nov 05

The thing about Grants that annoys me the most is that too many of them end up going to artists who are already earning a reasonable income, either through selling their own work or because they’re working at the Art School.

bonfire 11:38 am 25 Nov 05

dont we have homeless people etc who can use this money ?

what a waste.

if noone will pay to view your art, get a job.

Roland GRNS 11:05 am 25 Nov 05

It i has certainly been diffcult for large organisations who have to contract actors, muscians etc for next year’s progam when they can’t confirm what they are doing until mid November.

The aim (from memory) has always been to announce annual programs earlier. And when that doesn’t happen – which is all too common – there’s never an explanation for why the process ends up being delayed. The arm’s length assessment process (with people giving their time to troll through reams of applications) doesn’t help things move fast.

bloodnut1 10:38 am 25 Nov 05

I gather there were a few folk feeling the same as you, even hoping the announcements were made earlier in the year to avoid poor preparation this close to 2006.

terubo 10:35 am 25 Nov 05

Yeh, my only criticism is that’s it’s annual…would be better if they could have two or three rounds a year.

bloodnut1 10:28 am 25 Nov 05

ACT has one of the most generous arts grants packcages on offer when you consider the size of our fine territory. It’s a great thing.

I did make the point it’s a ridiculous sum of money, but that wasn’t intended to criticise. It’s just an incredible amount of money.

terubo 10:22 am 25 Nov 05

Sorry, I had the impression you were being ever-so-slightly critical. Anyway, to answer the original question, I’ll nominate Absent D!

bloodnut1 10:15 am 25 Nov 05

Target? I didn’t see any missiles launched…

terubo 9:54 am 25 Nov 05

Too busy writing grant applications…
Easy enough to target arts funding, bloodnut1. Without it, the place would be ever more sterile.

Smackbang 9:35 am 25 Nov 05

“Canberra relies on errant apostrophes” – where is apostropheman when we need him?!!!

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