30 June 2008

ACT Light Rail Public Meeting this Thursday

| ACT Light Rail
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The issue of public transport and Canberras urban infrastructure is an important one, and worthy of your consideration when you cast a vote at this years Assembly elections. For an update on lobbying activities by the ACT’s most committed public transport lobbyists, please attend our meeting this week. The meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd July 2008 at 6.30 PM at the Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen. For more information about the campaign for Light Rail in the ACT visit http://www.actlightrail.info Damien Haas Chair – ACT Light Rail

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220: that is standing. No thanks I prefer to be sitting on my 20 minute tram trip to Civic. And I don’t need to smell armpits asI hand on to that strap. Mind you rubbing myself against some 2CA yummy mummys does have a certain appeal.

WhiteRabbit’s comment raises the question.

How does the cost of a monorail system compare with the ground based light rail/tram proposal?

Massively less intrusive, virtually no traffic conflicts/impact, small ground level footprint – all plusses to my mind. The Sydney system seems to use frequent small vehicle arrangements, perhaps the norm for a monorail, and apparently very effective.

Could forward discussion on the pro’s/con’s.

… when the TWU says they “support” you are home. The facts of the “pro case” are certainly overwhelming, but all those TWU members punting buses around Canberra are scared for their jobs. And the CFMEU builds roads to supplement the last road they built when it is all full up.

ACT Light Rail5:25 pm 02 Jul 08

Canberra at 340 thousand plus is now at the right size to begin planning proper mass transit public transport. Those who ride the overcrowded buses, or those commuters for whom the buses cant stop and collect, because they are full, might prefer a system where more than 80 people can fit in a single vehicle. The light rail vehicles in Sydney can fit around 220 people per vehicle.

The TWU have indicated to ACT Light Rail that they do not oppose light rail in the act. They didn’t say they would support it, but those who say they are opposed are simply wrong.

I hope to see you at the meeting on Thursday eveningg.

tom-tom, explain how they don’t have them in their back pocket? I think I am deafened by your silence. Remember, ALP is the political rm of the union movement. CFMEU and TWU are 2 of the biggest unions in ACT, so it follows that …!

You going to the waste of time meeting by some chance?

thats a no then bigred?

If we’re going to have a monorail, we should make sure it is solar-powered

tom-tom, oops I forgot CFMEU. Now I will be convinced when I see in writing TWU and CFMEU support. Otherwise a lot of time is being wasted in giving a few folk that warm inner glow. Toot toot!

For consideration of the light rail crew. Have a look at the Sydney Trams Wiki with special consideration to the main terminal points and routes. Then mouse on over to Sydney Buses page and note how the buses all tend to be in the same routes as the trams once were (ie Northern Beaches terminals are at Wynyard, Inner West to Railway Square)

Now turn the public transport development on its head – make the buses look like they should viably be trams. When you’re campaigning, put your back into getting the bus lanes sorted so that one day, perhaps, they could become tram tracks.

bigred… no. just no. i see you’ve removed the cfmeu from your conspiracy theory this time, perhaps common sense intervened. can you explain why the twu are against light rail? can you explain how they “own” act labor?

bigred:pay that

As long as the TWU owns ACT Labor it won’t happen. Don’t waste your time going out on a cold winter’s night just to get an inner glow. You can get the same warmth from p#ssing in your pants.

It wont be snaking through Palmerston.

Build it to Belconnen 1st.

Gungahlin Al12:14 pm 01 Jul 08

“The only areas of Canberra which have anything like the population density needed to make light rail viable…”

As reported recently, Palmerston already has 3 times Canberra’s average population density. Flemington Road will likely be substantially higher again, and there should (after some lobbying work) be a substantial employment density at the head of a Civic to Gungahlin rail link.

My point being, that while what SNS says about density may be reasonable for some areas, for the Gungahlin link the density most certainly will be adequate to make it stack up.
And then there are the other cost savings, etc.

@sexynotsmart – I encourage you to read the light rail website. I’m a convert to the light rail cause.

I mean, look at the price of petrol and the increasing population. Light rail is at least something that should be examined. It may not be necessary now, but you can’t build such infrastructure overnight.

And nobody will force you to use light rail if you still want to use your car, bike, etc.

Great post sexynotsmart. I agree that light rail is a neat idea, but it’s simply not a good use of money. Increasing the number of dedicated bus lanes and express services would have the same effect and would be a lot cheaper and more flexible. The only areas of Canberra which have anything like the population density needed to make light rail viable (eg, the areas around Civic and the town centres and the Manuka-Kingston area) already have good bus services and are within walkable distance to most things.

sexynotsmart9:10 pm 30 Jun 08

Dammit I’m about to break another longstanding rule, and contribute to a ‘political’ thread. Don’t you hate yourself some days?

‘Big Ups’ to everyone who supports their chosen cause. But I’ve seen the ‘light rail’ proposal trotted out for a few years now, and it’s not worthy of my support. Canberra is not big enough to make passenger-only rail (light or otherwise) cost effective. The capital cost is insurmountable. The ‘twice per day’ peak is not enough passenger movements to justify the investment.

If the outcomes you want from ‘light rail’ are environmental and community-oriented, then please bring your same vigour and enthusiasm to improving bus services. Passenger buses are like trains, but don’t need the expensive rails!

Please note I don’t think the same argument holds for larger cities. Rail is REALLY important for passenger and freight movements. The only way to get that happening in an ACT context is to increase the scope of the project – give it a freight angle, so there’s an opportunity for costs to be recouped all day and night.

If the tired old ‘light rail’ proposal is changed to something like tying new rail links for Canberra passenger services to reparative work to facilitate freight movement from Canberra to Sydney, and enabling Canberra set up as Sydney’s second airport and 24/7 freight hub… now that might (barely) be big enough to generate sufficient return to warrant the initial investment.

Here endeth the soliliquy. Best wishes to everyone trying to make Canberra a better place, including those them there ‘light rail’ supporters.

An absolute waste of people’s time.

ACT Light Rail7:30 pm 30 Jun 08

Obviously wordpress does not like safari – all my formatting has disappeared!

Thanks Damien.

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