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ACT tries softer approach to reduce pain of parking fines

Michael Weaver 27 September 2019 26
Parking meter.

Finding that elusive car park will be on the minds of many attending events around Canberra this weekend. Photo: File.

If you’re one of the many Canberrans to have received a parking fine lately, the ACT Government is getting on the front foot to alleviate the pain to your hip pocket.

Access Canberra staff will distribute flyers at the Jamison Trash ‘n’ Treasure markets this Sunday warning shoppers that they risk fines if they park illegally.

The proactive measure follows concerns from market organisers over unsafe parking practices such as parking in no parking and no stopping zones, in loading and taxi zones, and on footpaths.

Parking enforcement has become a sore point in Canberra recently after more than 200 parking infringement notices were issued at the last Canberra Raiders’ home game and licence-plate recognition vans were used to issue parking fines in school zones at Red Hill.

RiotACT is also aware of a number of grandparents who were fined for parking in a grassed area last Friday near Maribyrnong Primary School in Kaleen while attending grandparents’ day at the school.

Now, Access Canberra staff will be advising people attending the Jamison Trash ‘n’ Treasure markets this Sunday of free and legal parking nearby.

Access Canberra’s Director of Parking Operations and Traffic Camera Compliance Chris Seddon said there is no reason why people should risk a parking fine when there is free parking available in nearby Catchpole Street and Halloran Close, Macquarie, just 200 steps away.

“Access Canberra wants to change drivers’ behaviour and keep everyone safe in and around the markets,” Mr Seddon said.

“Licence plate recognition vans have been patrolling around the Jamison markets since December 2017 and, on average, issue 67 parking infringements for unsafe and illegal parking each patrol.

“I urge all market attendees to play their part in keeping themselves and the community safe by following the road rules and parking signs. There is absolutely no excuse to park illegally when there is free and legal parking nearby,” Mr Seddon said.

Raiders' fans.

Parking will again be at a premium for those attending this Friday night’s NRL preliminary final at GIO Stadium.

The issue of parking is sure to be on the minds of many attending the NRL preliminary final between the Canberra Raiders and South Sydney Rabbitohs at GIO Stadium on Friday night.

An ACT Government spokesperson said Access Canberra is urging motorists to park safely and legally at GIO Stadium.

“Ensuring that motorists are parking safely at popular events is a key safety issue for the ACT Government,” the spokesperson said.

There are around 3,000 car parks available for public use at GIO Stadium with an ‘early bird’ parking offer of $7 for attendees arriving within 45 minutes after gates open. Parking is $10 after that time.

Access Canberra says this remains one of the lowest prices in Australia for stadium parking at major sporting events.

Up to 400 parking spots are also available as overflow parking at the University of Canberra which can be accessed via College St.

However, with Friday night’s game having sold out earlier this week, there will still be parking pressures for those who decide to drive to the game.

“Access Canberra recommends that Raiders’ fans utilise the free bus services, or if they need to drive to GIO Stadium, that they use all of the legal car parking options available around GIO stadium, which includes the large parking areas at the CIT Bruce.

“Access Canberra also encourages fans who drive to carpool to save parking space,” the spokesperson said.

“We hope everyone enjoys the game. GO RAIDERS!”

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26 Responses to ACT tries softer approach to reduce pain of parking fines
Brynn Llewellyn Brynn Llewellyn 12:28 pm 04 Oct 19

Cool flyer's to let u know that the parking inspectors in the ACT are absolute bastards.

Elon Watt Elon Watt 8:28 am 29 Sep 19

Tennille Stephens this ones for you mate

Mark Katalinic Mark Katalinic 7:10 am 29 Sep 19

Why don't they put enough parking in the first place?

Megan van der Velde Megan van der Velde 2:23 am 29 Sep 19

So…the usual tix for a raiders game is $30. BUT now they shoot to $110 if you can get them at all. And on top of this $10 parking? Nice little family outing for $500… I just do not understand why the ticket doesn’t include parking fee (if there must be one). Surely $110 could include parking fee? Other than that, yep do not park illegally. Unsafe and the parking police will find you every time.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:16 pm 28 Sep 19

“Don’t they have a massive state debt to pay off.”

Yes, but governments these days can’t do that and ACT is no exception. The best they can hope for is to “service” the debt and this is dependent on our creditors.

Ian McLeod Ian McLeod 5:42 pm 28 Sep 19

Don't they have a massive state debt to pay off.

Ruth Foley Ruth Foley 12:08 am 28 Sep 19

Why don't they create Uber Ranks at main pick up points throughout Canberra, so people can make their way by Uber & leave their cars at home. Save the hassle all together. Very badly designed roads & parking access for the amount of venues.

    Ella Factor Ella Factor 4:17 pm 29 Sep 19

    Ruth Foley I feel like this is a close description to the public transport system - in which the government has created main pick up points throughout Canberra, so people can make their way by bus or tram and leave their cars at home

    Mind you I do remember reading an article a couple of years ago about uber reinventing public buses - for the rich - they realised that ridesharing is made easier by creating main pick up points throughout the suburbs where people could gather to be picked up and dropped off by a larger vehicle that fits more people.

    Of course uber we’re charging a monthly subscription fee for signing up to this service, while ordinary people continue to make their way to the main pick up point of the public version of this service - the bus stop, while people with more money than sense paid Uber’s subscription fees. 🤷‍♀️

    Ruth Foley Ruth Foley 5:57 pm 29 Sep 19

    I wasn't aware of that Ella. Interesting. Yes I do agree, I feel they're trying to cut down on the cars entering civic area. It's a pity the only public transport is buses (apart from rail if living up North), and too often, the buses arrive & leave earlier than scheduled, or late. And Taxi's....well we don't know IF they'll even show up, and if they do, and you tell them you only want to go 5 mins up the road, they'll tell you to get out of their car!!! Appauling.! The Nations Capital truly has the worst public transport system I've ever seen. Uber seems to have been the savior for transport around Canberra. Who would have thought ey? :-)

    Dan Moon Dan Moon 7:00 am 30 Sep 19

    Ruth Foley its not up to the gov to support a private business like uber. It would be contributing to their monopoly

    Ruth Foley Ruth Foley 9:45 am 30 Sep 19

    Yes true Dan very true. However, the Government didn't come up with that simple idea themselves, instead they preferred to back taxi's with their bad service. They could have come up with an opposition for taxi's?! After all, competition is healthy. It challenges companies or departments to up the anti on their services, so the end user (passenger / rider) is offered the best service. Instead, regardless of ALL the bad reviews of taxi's and their service year after year, it was ignored, and they still expected people to utilize them.....with the Taxi's NOT accepting riders with short jobs;; wanting cash up front before they've even gone anywhere; dropping women off in darkness middle of nowhere, because they don't drive any further; Telling their riders their EFPTOS doesn't work, and you have to pay cash; sexual harassment; despicable driving skills; Rudeness and the state of their taxi's, which they expected everyone to hop into!! So why didn't the Government come up with that idea? I'll tell you why....they're too busy acting like kindergarten children, instead of looking after the very people they expected to vote for them. How do I know these stats above? I am an Uber driver, and this is only HALF of what I'm being told from Riders of their experiences in Taxi's. Very sad indeed :-( And I don't instigate the conversation, Riders like to express their feelings, and I just have good listening skills.....pity our Government didn't!!

Ray Ez Ray Ez 9:40 pm 27 Sep 19

But isn’t the government planing to make driving a car more expensive?

Conrad Farrell Conrad Farrell 4:45 pm 27 Sep 19

If they need a flyer to know the road rules, how did they get thier licence?

Ferro Fabbri Ferro Fabbri 4:43 pm 27 Sep 19

Maybe they can have parking meters that don’t make you pay until 1030 at night if you won’t be in town or parking meters that don’t have odd amounts so that you don’t give the govt all your spare change

Allison Jay Allison Jay 4:06 pm 27 Sep 19

They will need to raise their quota to pay for the extra staff

k452 k452 3:37 pm 27 Sep 19

Jeffrey Brown, do people like you ever stop whingeing? If people park illegally and dangerously I would expect the them to be fined. ACTION runs a perfectly good bus service during sporting events from all major shopping centres but still people complain. No matter what the government does the whingers and haters will keep whingeing and hating. This seems to have become a pastime in Canberra.

gooterz gooterz 3:27 pm 27 Sep 19

“Access Canberra staff will be advising people” – Good use of staff time.
Hopefully they’ve covered off their risk assessment for being there. I’m sure comcare would love the smog claims in years to come.

“distribute flyers” – Printer toner and paper, great use of limited resources that will end up as litter!

“Access Canberra says this remains one of the lowest prices in Australia for stadium parking at major sporting events.”

Wait till they move it to the city! It’ll be the most expensive.. and have like 10 parks.

Anna Kay Anna Kay 3:24 pm 27 Sep 19

How hard is it to follow the limits?

Paul VanGageldonk Paul VanGageldonk 3:10 pm 27 Sep 19

They’ve been to the same carpark in Woden twice today.

Jodie SB Jodie SB 2:28 pm 27 Sep 19

They’ll still park illegally and still complain bitterly...

Nick Churchill Nick Churchill 2:21 pm 27 Sep 19

Awesome. A leaflet.

Arthur Arthur 2:05 pm 27 Sep 19

If ACT Parking Operations did their job and enforced the laws driver behaviour would have been changed years ago. Footpaths and nature strips wouldn’t be car yards and death traps for pedestrians.

ACT Parking Operations is like ACT Worksafe and the equally lazy Environment Playgroup Authority – nothing more than a waste of our money with the only return being pamphlets and Yes Minister whiteboard-style platitudes from seat warmers who do zip.

Jeffrey Brown Jeffrey Brown 12:49 pm 27 Sep 19

The Government.... helping?? What about the revenues they will be missing out on??

Avril Pounds Avril Pounds 12:38 pm 27 Sep 19

If people can't read parking signs, they won't be able to read flyers.

    Chris Cross Chris Cross 1:01 pm 27 Sep 19

    ^This! If you want to really help them, give them a ticket and a referral to the ACT Government shopfront to check their eyesight for their licence. It's not bloody hard to read the signs... football game or not. BOOK THEM DON'T GO SOFTER ON THEM!!!

    Jorge Gatica Jorge Gatica 4:29 pm 27 Sep 19

    Chris Cross you must be fun at parties

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