9 January 2006

Alleged abduction on the mean streets of Dickson

| johnboy
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WIN have news on an alleged attempted abduction at gunpoint in Dickson last night.

Witnesses claim the pair threatened the teenager with a knife and a firearm before forcing him into a vehicle at the Dickson shops and driving away.

Police located the suspect vehicle at a house in Flynn a short time later.

Thirty-five year-old Wayne Harriott and 34 year old Jamie Lovering have been charged with forcible confinement and assault.

Sounds like fast work by the police.

UPDATED: The SMH has a lot more here.

police including the Territory Investigation Group and the Specialist Response and Security team quickly cordoned off the area.

One of the offenders was seen attempting to drive away from the area a short time later with Mr Blatchford.

The car was stopped by police and Mr Blatchford was freed.

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Research, don’t rehash trash

We don’t force you to read it.

lordjesusgod11:51 pm 30 Nov 06

Shame on you for posting this piece and on the police reporter who issued its release, as the victim in this case is a thirteen year old girl and the story should have been supressed. Why some fabricated fantasy has been printed in place of the facts is beyond comprehension (perpetuating a false reality of ‘justice’ or police competence, I think). And shame on all you ignorant people who comment about things they know nothing about. *** *** [ED – Name suppressed to avoid a defamation suit courtesy of a mad looney] is a sexual predator who preys on underage girls and who, for some unexplained reason, these ‘wonderfully hard working’ police have yet to charge or punish him for his crimes(even though both lovering and harriot faced court and wore their punishment). Research, don’t rehash trash. Disappointing stuff.

Tactical police are trained in such matters and are on call 24/7. No jurisdiction in this nation has a dedicated kidnap response team

vg, there is a team of police on call 24/7, but is there a dedicated kidnapping response team active 24/7 ?

I think he was thanking me for my comments about him and his colleagues. VG and I have been both allies and nemisis at various times, but that that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the fact he and his ilk are out on the street so I can sleep at night.

Thanking LG for being called ‘a bit of a tosser’?
Ah, ’tis the season of goodwill. And kidnappings.

“would pretty much require a dedicated team of police to be on call at the time of the incident “

They are, 24/7

And thank you LG

“would pretty much require a dedicated team of police to be on call at the time of the incident “

They are, 24/7

I don’t think kimba’s point was about ‘luck’ as such, but more a turn of phrase intending to mean that it was a lucky break ?

If this was to be a serious kidnap/extortion event (I’d speculate that these would-be kidnappers are quite unprofessional), the poor lad would have been quite securely secreted away and away from any police intervention in a very short amount of time.

To mount a kidnap rescue at short notice outside of being a lucky break, would pretty much require a dedicated team of police to be on call at the time of the incident (IMHO).

Personally, (this is hypothetical) I would have had my quarry interstate within 30 minutes, and have them at a remote site within 1-4 hours of the snatch.

A couple of days to stew, and then messages would begin to flow between the kidnapper and the victims.

I learned all that from watching Mel Gibson in ‘Ransom’ (before the shooty bit at the end).

Albeit to say, unless the police moved within the first few hours, I’d be long gone.

Obviously this incident isn’t the same as the situation in Ransom… although the kidnappers could be attributed with about the same IQ level, it could very easily have been a serious, legitimate kidnapping (if ‘legitimate’ kidnapping is legitimate that is).

I’m very impressed that the AFP have managed this so efficiently, and kudos to them for a job well done.

Listen, sometimes the police deserve to be bagged out (after my recent stint on jury duty I think that for some of them, incompetent and fraudulent are too kind!) HOWEVER, not all the time. Not even most of the time. And especially when they CAUGHT THE BAD GUYS.

Come on gang, if they hadn’t caught them, they’d be “useless”. They did catch them, and they are “lucky”? With the exception of a few (all of whom seem to be on the drug task force) the majority of the AFP are good blokes. We all know I sometimes think VG is a bit of a tosser, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he is a good cop, or that his colleagues are also not “good cops”.

Well done to the AFP who caught these guys. Good job!

Of course, just drove around the streets and tripped over them…..idiot

Fast work by the police….more likely a bit of good luck.

They were going to make him squeal like a pig

I smell drug connections in this.

Presumably Harriot and Lovering had some interest in Blatchford…if it’s fit to print, can anyone tell us what and why?

If they had abducted a nineteen year old woman they would have both have been released on strict bail conditions, including a $1500 bond.’

This is the ACT judiciary were talking about, remember ?

Absent Diane4:32 pm 10 Jan 06

I tend to agree… why would they pluck someone randomly..thats doesn’t make much sense at all

This is all a bit strange. Perhaps there is more to this than we are being told. I would suggest that if they had abducted a nineteen year old woman that they would not be out on bail, and certainly not for a measley grand. What exactly is the deal with this?

Witnesses, who followed through ! These days it seems that witnesses are often too scared to go to the police because they realise how screwed up the law system actually is (i.e “Lovering and Harriott did not enter pleas and both were released on strict bail conditions, including a $1000 bond”).

Good on the witnesses for having the guts to help someone out.

And may the kidnappers rot in hell. (unfortunately they’ll probably be let off with a punishment of pathetic proportion).

I have one word to say;


I love this bit:

‘Lovering and Harriott did not enter pleas and both were released on strict bail conditions, including a $1000 bond.’

they were probably back at home before the cops had finished writing their reports.

It wasn’t some Summernats fans trying to abduct SGS was it?

Ok, so THIS is what I saw from my parent’s driveway.

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