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An exciting new option for last place on the ballot. Philip Pocock

By johnboy - 23 September 2012 114

phillip pocock

Rejoice Molonglo voters struggling to decide who to put last on the come October 20. The SMH has a piece on Philip Pocock who wants to outlaw homosexuality and (more alarmingly for the rest of the population) sex outside of marriage.

Best of all he has a ranty bedroom YouTube vid from 2009 to outline his thoughts at tedious length (Thankyou A. Hadley for pointing that out).

UPDATE 23/09/12 13:53: And of course Phil is on Twitter, and feeling hard done by at the hands of all the deviants:

What’s Your opinion?

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114 Responses to
An exciting new option for last place on the ballot. Philip Pocock
p1 7:16 pm 23 Sep 12

Wow. What a [Po]cock.

bundah 7:08 pm 23 Sep 12

I pulled the plug after two minutes coz i couldn’t take any more.One only needs to remove the Po from his surname and enough said!

pepmeup 6:56 pm 23 Sep 12

This guy has a poster put up illegally on gov property at red hill shops. I will be very interested in how many primary votes he gets. I hope it is sub 100

gooterz 6:51 pm 23 Sep 12

Is he for real?

DrKoresh 6:34 pm 23 Sep 12

At least I know what his ugly arse looks like now. I certainly plan to let him know what I think of his proposed policies should I ever be unfortunate enough to see him in person. I know he’s going to get Darkdfalz’s vote though, which depresses me. Unless of course they are one and the same.

Innovation 6:29 pm 23 Sep 12

That’s several minutes that I won’t ever get back. I don’t think it’s an “option” as to whether to put him last. Thanks for the heads up … and Mr Evil – is it possible that he protesteth too much?

rosscoact 6:23 pm 23 Sep 12

In the tightly run race to see who will be last on the ballot paper we have a winner.

c_c 6:21 pm 23 Sep 12

The Crimes with an update, including an assurance from Pocock that he doesn’t quite condone ‘poofter bashing’

Mental Health Worker 6:20 pm 23 Sep 12

Mr Evil said :

I wonder if he shags his patients?

Of course, it’d only be the female hetrosexual ones if he did!

Over Skype?

It may be worth a member of the public reporting him to the Psychology Board of Australia. His views are certainly pretty out-there.


mp2615 6:16 pm 23 Sep 12

Any minute now, Phil will whip out the piece of paper which certifies that he is a genius. I’ve seen it. He’s making the Libs look totally bolshy.

TAD 6:07 pm 23 Sep 12
poetix 6:03 pm 23 Sep 12

What a horrible little man. Looks like a rather forgettable Doctor Who alien with special powers of Tedium. What he is saying is obnoxious, but I fell asleep before the end of the video.

WillowJim 5:57 pm 23 Sep 12

I’ve never met a psychology graduate who wasn’t, in some ways, “damaged goods” before deciding to embark on their career.

My prejudices have just been reinforced.

Mr Evil 5:49 pm 23 Sep 12

I wonder if he shags his patients?

Of course, it’d only be the female hetrosexual ones if he did!

c_c 5:35 pm 23 Sep 12

For someone so obviously mentally defective, it’s scary to see this guy is apparently a psychologist. That said I would hope most people would have the good sense not to buy the services of a shrink who does sessions over Skype and accept payment via Paypal.

His views on his own website are ridiculous, including the ridiculous assertion that:

“[Sex] is not something that should just be left to individuals, in the privacy of their bedroom… governments do have a role in managing sexuality if they are to maintain good order and stability.”

Some choice quotes from the video:

“The notion that a woman has the right to refuse to have sex with her husband on a whim is really a development of feminism in the 21st century…”

“Sure he can assault her, but rape is the forcible taking possession of a woman… without the rational consent that underlines marriage.”

Philip Pocock, if you read this, this is what I have to say to you:

Your views are an abomination to half a century of legal development, and an even longer period of social development.

They stand in stark contrast to the morals a majority of society now hold, and are repugnant to common sense, contemporary social norms and the law.

They are the views of a bigoted, narrow minded and unintelligent individual, and are an indication of deep seeded psychological issues.

Your views are in direct conflict with your duties as a practitioner and you should not be allowed to practice.

Since you’re a fan of bible quotes, I’ll leave you with this advice:

O simple ones, learn prudence; O fools, learn sense.

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