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An Invitiation

By Nickamc - 27 June 2005 37


This is an invitation to attend the inaugural meeting for the

Canberra Awards for Performing Arts [working title]

These awards will be targeted at small budget theatre productions and emerging artists and youth. It is proposed that the awards will include not only traditional theatre, but also dance, circus, physical theatre and music.

On Tuesday 28th June at 7pm we would like you to join us at the Belconnen Community Centre in Meeting Room One to discuss the development of these awards, and get some input about what YOU believe the awards can do to fill current gaps in providing encouragement to participants in amateur theatre.


Elena Kirschbaum & Nick McCorriston

0407 267 239

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
An Invitiation
busybee 12:13 am 29 Jun 05

Esquire get your facts straight before rushing off and causing trouble. The entry fee for the Cat Awards is NOT $150.00 it is $55.00 for one show and $77.00 for more than one show.
Where do you get your information supplied cause trouble..get it right before sprouting forth

johnboy 10:51 pm 27 Jun 05

On the subject of quality reviewing, I can safely say the reason this site doesn’t have more to say about local theatre is the price of tickets.

I understand why the prices finish where they do but for cutting edge scripts I’d say go it shakespeare style and kill off the sets and props.

If I want to watch Mamet all I care about are the actors and what they have to say.

my 2c

Esquire 5:28 pm 27 Jun 05

Not bitter, just poor. We’ve never participated because we don’t have the 150 or so bucks it takes to enter our shows in the CAT awards.

kimba 5:18 pm 27 Jun 05

Perhaps those pushing for these new awards have been unsuccessful at previous CAT awards. Just bitter!

Esquire 4:15 pm 27 Jun 05

Ok, well the reason we are putting this forward is not to be an all serious, all encompassing Awards show for local theatre. We feel there’s a gap in the local theatre community, in that alot of local, low budget theatre isn’t getting recognised because we can’t afford to enter the CAT awards (yes, you have to pay to enter), and we feel the fringe performing artists (circus performers, movement theatre etc.) are getting ingored because we don’t fit into this view of Canberra Arts.

in no way would we try and compete with the CAT awards. These awards would be more about encouraging participation and originality in Canberra amatuer theatre, rather than awarding individuals which is more of the CAT awards angle.

If you think you’ve got something to say, positive or negative, please come along. Don’t feel liek you’d be the only one disagreeing with it Azza, I have much respect for your opinion and would love to see you there.

azzamckazza 3:41 pm 27 Jun 05

I really hope you’re joking Sousaphone – I really do

and Wons – you agree with me more than you’d like to admit 🙂

Sousaphone-Guy 3:27 pm 27 Jun 05

In the same sense that there is no restriction on the number of local groups putting on shows, there should be no restriction on the number of Awards groups.

Bring them on.

LurkerGal 3:10 pm 27 Jun 05

The CATS are not very impartial though, are they? I mean, hey, lets give all the awards to titanic! It’s crap, but it’s serious, so it must be art! If it’s not serious, it’s not real theatre. If we don’t know the people in it, we aren’t going to give it a prize. I think not. I am all for a nice refreshing unspoiled new group.

LG, who does actually know the people who are running this, but are behind it anyway.

wonsworld 2:40 pm 27 Jun 05

its not often that I do this… but I must agree with Azza on this. The Cats already take in the youth theatre and emerging artists (although the circus is kinda out there by itself). And as a result of the current “youth” and “school awards” section of the CATS (for play and musical and variety) they tend to go on well into the night.

The question that you need to ask yourself is … why do you need to do it all again?

azzamckazza 12:41 pm 27 Jun 05

I may consider coming and saying my piece – but I fear I may be viewed as the grouchy negative guy in the corner. Seems you guys are keen to get the awards going whereas my view is we need no more awards full stop. I believe they’ll do nothing but create a false goal to strive for- much like the CATS.

More awards aren’t going to help youth theatre – public awareness, bums on seats and people being able to give good crisicism is what will.

Gah…see! Do you want someone saying this stuff at your meeting?

kimba 12:09 pm 27 Jun 05

Just what we need – another group awarding the performing arts. We already have the CATS awards who are doing a splendid job. Why can’t these people work with groups who have been there, done that! More drama queens!

simto 11:59 am 27 Jun 05

Well, it’s not that there shouldn’t be awards for Amateur Theatre. It’s that there’s already awards for ’em – why do we need a second lot?

Sorta like Australian Film – having the AFIs and the IF awards means there’s one awards ceremony too many.

Esquire 11:56 am 27 Jun 05

Well we’re having the meeting, azza, to discuss the need of another local awards (this one mainly for youth theatre, emerging artists and other such ignored performers such as circus), so maybe you wanna come down and express your views in person?

LurkerGal 11:29 am 27 Jun 05

If you aren’t interested, just ignore it! Same as I do with the boring sports posts.

azzamckazza 10:38 am 27 Jun 05

Another group of awards for theatre and performance in canberra?? Do we need this?

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