Another fatality from a police chase – UPDATED

johnboy 16 November 2006 451

[First filed: November 14, 2006 @ 14:56]

The ABC is reporting that an elderly woman has died near the Woden Police Station after getting caught up in a high speed pursuit.

“The pursuit ended late this morning when two cars collided in south Canberra. Police have confirmed an elderly woman died after her car was hit about 11:30am AEDT outside the Woden Police Station.”

While in principle supporting the idea that police should chase people who run away from them, how many lives are being saved compared to how many we’re losing?

UPDATED: The Canberra Times has gone into overdrive today, we get three local stories on their website, sadly it’s all the same story.

First up is Tamara Glumac’s effort to intensify the tragedy with tales of Christmas shopping interrupted by CARnage.

Then Victor Violante informs us that Amber Jane Westin, 21, of Higgins allegedly “appeared disoriented and was swerving on the road” as she tried to run from police in her crappy old car. Interestingly the description of the incident sounds more like an effort to stop a car and less like the “pursuit” described in the original reportage.

Then Tamara is back with ACT Chief Police Officer, Audrey Fagan, standing by her officers and the news that a scheduled review into the current pursuit guidelines is due next April.

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451 Responses to Another fatality from a police chase – UPDATED
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Erg0 Erg0 4:07 pm 02 Dec 10

Ah, the classics.

This one was my favourite:

peter horsefield said :

is this site funded by Government

PBO PBO 3:49 pm 02 Dec 10

I miss Haiku Jim.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 3:26 pm 02 Dec 10

Pretty serious bump here. With Crazy Chester having closed off her blog of rational thought, I needed some insanity. I came across this and got it in spades.

So many wonderful quotes from Jim, too many to post, but this one tickled me in an oh so nice way.

jim said :

john boy
you have no standards as you allow scum to insualt me but wipe my coments

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:41 pm 05 Jan 07

Hey, to be fair she did show remorse for her actions!

Time for a bloody purge of the ACT Court system, methinks.

Thumper Thumper 2:34 pm 05 Jan 07

Faaaarrrrkin hell…..

vg vg 1:58 pm 05 Jan 07

The ACT Courts may be forced to caution her a 2nd time that if she breaches her bail again, she may be spoken to sternly before she gets bail again

el el 1:44 pm 05 Jan 07

Local news bulletin came in during the cricket – am I correct in thinking she was bailed _again_ today after breaching bail conditions again?

simto simto 1:40 pm 05 Jan 07

Can we at least hope she’s had her licensce confiscated? Or is that too much to hope for?

Heavs Heavs 11:58 am 05 Jan 07

Bailed today.

gurunik gurunik 11:59 pm 13 Dec 06

well reading that took an hour from my life, made my eyes sore, and reaffirmed my mums sdvice that people will judge you by your manner of communication. but what a cracker!!! puts crazy chester in the shade!
johnboy, you really should have a lair and a white cat to stroke….you have a reputation to uphold now!!!

Maelinar Maelinar 10:55 am 12 Dec 06

Yoda, talk like you are, Yes, sense make you, No.

Thumper Thumper 10:43 am 12 Dec 06

I thought the conversation lack any logic sort of structure…

Maelinar Maelinar 10:39 am 12 Dec 06

I figured he was being nearly as quick on the Say It! button as the RA team were on the Delete key.

I would hazard to guess that he is the most deranged psycho to date.

Although he faces stiff competition from Crazy Chester who admitted breaking the law on this site, he scored a lot of psycho points with his ramblings

johnboy johnboy 10:20 am 12 Dec 06

Well he can’t say he wasn’t warned. After deleting a few hundred comments it was just easier to block his access.

I’ll unblock it in a few days.

Jey Jey 3:58 am 12 Dec 06


el el 9:13 pm 11 Dec 06

Probably one of your few valid points so far. I just don’t understand your strong anti-police stance, I guess. There’s a bucketload of bad folks out there, the bent copper being the exception, rather than the rule.

el el 9:03 pm 11 Dec 06

And he got caught, and will now be serving time.

Jey Jey 8:58 pm 11 Dec 06


el, I was going to say something to the same extent

el el 8:54 pm 11 Dec 06

Whereabouts was this rogue cop busted for drug running?

el el 8:50 pm 11 Dec 06

I find it hard to believe you ‘read’ anything, jimbo.

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