April is Paintball Month at Adventure Paintball

kieran AP 27 March 2007 9

G’day all,

April is a huge month for Adventure Paintball- Paintball on the southside!.
We are open all through Easter and on ANZAC Day.
Prices for every Sunday as well as the public holidays are $10 for the whole day and $15/100 for paint. This is the cheapest Paintball prices in town!

Also we are holding the next round of our Novice 5 man paintball series on 15 April. Come down by yourself or with a team and take part in the fastest and most exciting team sport around. All details on the [website]. Ring 6262 4242 or cheack out the web for more details.

Paintball: you know you want to do it!

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9 Responses to April is Paintball Month at Adventure Paintball
ryza ryza 2:02 pm 30 Mar 07

Whykickamoocow: Come to the tourney in April, there will be plenty of boys/girls around to have chats with. Our team will be looking at expanding soon too!

whykickamoocow_ whykickamoocow_ 5:05 pm 29 Mar 07

Yeah cheers man i would appreciate it. Can i contact you via the adven consultant email?

kieran AP kieran AP 2:59 pm 29 Mar 07

G’day RG, thanks for that, I just think it funny that the only comments I initially had on the post were from people with waayyy too much time on their hands… and JB wouldn’t be game to make any snide remarks..I think he is still bruised from his first paintball experince..he isnt the quickest mover or the smallest target 🙂

Also, whykickamoocow, if you cant find much interest, give me a yell and I can put you in touch with some people…

RandomGit RandomGit 2:36 pm 29 Mar 07

Keiran, when two of the most unwatched posters here throw their bizarre form of semantic idiocy out there, one shouldn’t be so put down.

If Thumper or JB have a go, then I’d be worried.

whykickamoocow_ whykickamoocow_ 1:32 pm 29 Mar 07

Speaking of paintbll, is anyone from the Canberra ( pref southside) interested in starting a baller team?

kieran AP kieran AP 11:22 am 29 Mar 07

Gday RG,
yep we still do Friday nights, starting at 5pm and the price is $50/400..please ring on the office number 62624242 if you intend to come down!
As for the other comments, thanks for the inciteful comments and the public airing of the under used ‘craptacular’ in a comment criticizing me for not making sense…. Fancy that, the other months are also paintball months at a paintball centre ;)..I will be more aware of the RA peer review process in the future. Cheers all, Kieran

RandomGit RandomGit 4:34 pm 28 Mar 07

Keiran, do you still do the friday evening under lights thingy? Is it standard prices for that?

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 1:46 pm 28 Mar 07

What was last month at Adventure Paintball? Tea and scones month?

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 5:45 pm 27 Mar 07

If april is paintball month, what do you do for the other 11 months.

It is like people who say an event changed the course of history, craptacular statements that make no sense.

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