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Are you with stupid?

By johnboy 5 October 2006 118

The ABC informs us that only a vote for Bill Stefaniak is a sure vote for the dragway.

Mr Stefaniak has today visited the proposed dragway site at Majura. He is promising that under a Liberal government, the project will go ahead without delays.

One assumes that the converse is also true.

Of all the stupid brain dead issues that the ACT’s politicians argue about, and they are numerous, have there ever been any more stupid and brain dead with less people actually caring?

UPDATED: Bill’s media release is now online. Can someone please explain why Government should build this thing if business doesn’t want to? Other than stupidity?

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Are you with stupid?
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equalitarian 10:58 pm 20 Nov 06

Seepi, I agree with your previous post that the dragway operators/fans/sponsors etc. should have been compensated, but they are stuck with politicians to devise the alternative.
As for taking someone elses land – it’s actually leasehold and belongs to everyone in the ACT. You included (assumption)
Putting up the current occupier as somehow a disadvantaged martyr/owner who will be booted out with his tractor sent to the tip on a tilt-tray and his food confiscated is untrue.
I came to Canberra in 1951. It has grown to become the city it is now precisely because leaseholders, cocky or urban, have been compensated in order to relinquish their interests for the progress of the city as a whole.
If the leaseholders found that the dragway proposal failed, their potential compensation denied and had to live under the increasing activity of the airport flightpath for the rest of their days….?
Missed opportunity if it was me.

cranky 7:09 pm 19 Nov 06

When on earth did Fairbairn Park come into this? It is some kilometres from the old dragway, and even further from the new one. The report also indicates that, in the nicest possible way, they considered that these complaints probably came from an extremely small group, numbering just over one.

Please stop moving the goal posts when the dragwayaway site is shown to hold information which can be shown to support the Dragway.

seepi 6:32 pm 19 Nov 06

Last I read the report it said this:
“Over the years, there have been numerous complaints about the effects of

noise from Fairbairn Park’s activities on the residential area on the

Ridgeway, as well as on Oaks Estate and, occasionally, northern parts of

Queanbeyan’s residential areas.p 13 Marshall Day govt scoping report.

cranky 1:11 pm 19 Nov 06

I have previously been directed to the Dragwayaway site to find the official figures being used by the Government to establish its final opinion on the Dragway.

From this site, the report by Marshall Day seems to conflict with the statements on this thread. The report states (P3) that the Motor Sport Noise Environmental Protection Policy decrees an event can run for a maximum of 8 hours duration. So much for 9am – 9pm.

This report also states (Section 3.4)’…there were no complaints from any of the residents in the vicinity of the dragway, due to drag racing events.'(over a 6 year period)

The report follows this up with ‘If this is the case, then there is convincing arguement that if the noise exposure due to any new dragway does not exceed that of the previous dragway, the community impact will be acceptable’

ant 12:47 pm 19 Nov 06

Dragway advocates use all kinds of emotive arguments in favour, while brushing aside the effect the Dragway will have on “hardworking Canberra workers” unlucky enough to live near it.

And they were quick to discount the scientific and environmental arguments against it, saying they were theoretical and had to application to the real world. When I piped up with real, actual experience of living near (and still several KMs from it) the Dragway, they tried to resurrect the theoretical arguments again!

An entertainment that brings misery to people in their own homes is indefensible.

And it’s a damn sight louder than a doorbell.

seepi 10:25 am 19 Nov 06

I have said earlier that I agree the previous dragway owners should have been compensated. But I don’t think you can make that right by taking someone else’s land to give to them. And if they got no compensation, what makes anyone imagine that the Brogans will be ‘compensated royally’ – which isn’t what they want anyway – they just want to stay in their house.

As for the dramatic language used by those of us against the dragway – this is actually how we feel about thie idea of constant revving noise all weekend. Noise limits for those living next to freeways in Victoria are 63 decibells – our quiet leafy suburb, which we moved into for the quiet, and the birdlife, is going to have noise of 80decibells, while the nature park up the street where we walk the dog on weekends is going to have 100decibells – a dangerous level.

The language used by dragway fans is just as emotive and filled with misleading statements – claiming the noise will be only as loud as a doorbell (who wants their doorbell rung from 9-9.00 all weekend?), or that it is as loud as a magpie – how can you compare a pleasant magpie sound with revving cars?

And the most bizarre dragway argument – that ‘if you don’t give us a dragway it might be your child we run over while dragracing illegally around the streets’. Words fail me. There is no evidence that legal dragways reduce street racing anyway.

equalitarian 9:54 pm 18 Nov 06

JB, I’m at a loss to know where I’ve offended you.
Reading many opinions on this site one could assume that polar opposite views have equal access. Many without balancing statements to even hint they recognise that contrary views even exist – except by invective (lefty, wanker, chattering classes, dole bludger etc) terms I do not use, nor agree with.
However with the dragway proposal I see a great deal of prior injustice to average, hard working Canberra citizens that this Government is trying hard to rectify.
My issue with the protest lobby is that their tactics use emotional blackmail and non existent threats of some sort of local armageddon that is at variance with the truth.
Terms such as misery, intollerable, species extinction, financial black hole and the like are not constructive, nor have a basis in reality.
If that is one sided, I apologise, as, presumably the other side should too.
I appreciate the forum and the diversity of opinion.

cranky 7:17 pm 18 Nov 06

Your concern for the Brogans is commendable, but surely the same concern could be expressed for the management of the original Dragway.
No real notice to quit and absolutely no compensation for the many hundreds of thousands of dollars invested. Just bugger off and don’t bother taking any of your infrastructure with you.

johnboy 12:49 pm 18 Nov 06

EQ, you can post a follow up story if you like.

If you can’t be bothered i really don’t see why i should.

You have some choices here:

1) you can contribute content to balance your view of the subject

2) you can go read something else

Now that’s twice as many options as you get with most media so I can’t say you’ve inclined me to give a damn about your whining.

seepi 11:25 am 18 Nov 06

The Brogans are not a publicity seeking couple. they are devastated by the possibility of losing their land and their home and having to move elsewhere later in life, which was not what they had planned. The dragway will be on the Brogan’s land, and they will have to leave. They hold a long term rural lease, and the govt had renegotiated their lease with them only 6 months before, sneaking in a clause enabling them to resume the land with minimal noitce. This is not the type of behaviour I expect from a reasonable govt, looking after its citizens and treating them fairly. The Brogans have wept many tears about losing their land – but why should they do this publically?

cranky 11:35 pm 17 Nov 06

The Brogans do not appear to be cutting up too rough about the leasehold of sect. 51. Perhaps the compensation is adequate? However, the dragway opponents seem to be using these people to advance their argument. These Nimbys totally overlook the other activities which take place over the other side of the mountain. The airport, the rifle range, the Army firing range, the Police driver training site, and the heavy transport ascending Majura Road from Pialligo to the Federal Highway. As you point out, 90% of the vehicles using the Dragway will be street cars, precisely the same vehicles found on (and a bloody sight quieter than the trucks using) Majura Road!

equalitarian 10:08 pm 17 Nov 06

JB, umm, yes, agreed there are different people with different minds and mine is small in comparison, but…is that your version of a full stop? Thread closed?
Dragwayaway spread untruths to suit their version of the apocalypse. That apocalypse enables any bothersome twit to become an heroic leader in a party of 5.
Exploitation of people’s fears is immoral.
The Brogan’s are leaseholders on the land and they have always been aware of the terms of that leaseholding. (“Family farm” is used deliberately to make the Brogans appear like poor, helpless victims) Presumably they will be compensated royally by the Feds and CAC for the constant aircraft overflights – set to increase substantially after the runway upgrade.
The dragway will be a piffle in comparison – 90% of their operation will be street cars (just like on Majura Rd now) AND, unlike the airport, will be governed by curfews, noise credits and all sorts of loops and hoops devised by the EPA.

johnboy 1:55 pm 12 Nov 06

it amazes me how divisive some people are. It’s as though there’s kudos in bagging other citizen’s enterprise and determination.
You elect political leaders, yet expect NIMBY lap-dog followers. Then criticise them for that too.

The concept seems beyond you EQ, but there are different people here with different views on different things.

We apologise for troubling your tiny mind with this.

ant 12:08 pm 12 Nov 06

The noise of the old dragway was not “occasional”. after they upgraded it, it was used very frequently (weekly) and the number of big events shot right up.

Noise is noise. It doesn’t matter who is causing it. The dragway produced more noise than any other noise-producing activity in our suburb.

Why do dragway fans feel it’s OK to cause misery to people in their own homes, so that they can have “occasional” fun?

And for all the money it brings (to whom?), it’s notable that Goulburn instantly refused to have it in their balliwick, because of… noise. They are interested in having an airport for Sydney, but not a dragway. That says it all, really.

seepi 11:59 am 12 Nov 06

summernats is only once a year.

you wouldn’t want to leave the house all weekend every second weekend from 9.00 to 9.00.

vg 10:59 am 12 Nov 06

“There are numerous records of complaints documented in the govt report on the proposed dragway. It is an urban myth that there were never any noise complaints about the previous dragway.”

I guarantee you there were thousands more regarding Summernats but that stays in place in suburbia!

Go figure

vg 10:57 am 12 Nov 06

At some point in your life their will always be something inconvenient. That’s life.

Stop rooting around and build the dragway as promised. I have plenty of facilities for my sporting endeavours, and people of that ilk should have something for them. Occasional drag racing meetings that go for a few hours. Whooppee! If it shits you that much go for a drive down to the coast, visit friends on the other side of town or whatever you feel like.

I’m no fan of motor sports or a dragway, but there are plenty who are who have been royally screwed over. Someone will always find a reason to bitch about its location. Whack in in the Majura Valley, behind Mt. Majura. They already have planes, firing ranges and the occasional explosion to worry about. They can put up with this

Nimby city

seepi 9:47 am 12 Nov 06

There are numerous records of complaints documented in the govt report on the proposed dragway. It is an urban myth that there were never any noise complaints about the previous dragway.

It does seem unfair that the previous dragway was taken away with no compensation provided.

Would you really want to do this to someone else, and take away the family farm of the Brogan family, in order to get a new dragway?


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