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Are you with stupid?

By johnboy - 5 October 2006 118

The ABC informs us that only a vote for Bill Stefaniak is a sure vote for the dragway.

Mr Stefaniak has today visited the proposed dragway site at Majura. He is promising that under a Liberal government, the project will go ahead without delays.

One assumes that the converse is also true.

Of all the stupid brain dead issues that the ACT’s politicians argue about, and they are numerous, have there ever been any more stupid and brain dead with less people actually caring?

UPDATED: Bill’s media release is now online. Can someone please explain why Government should build this thing if business doesn’t want to? Other than stupidity?

What’s Your opinion?

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118 Responses to
Are you with stupid?
FC 2:04 pm 05 Oct 06

Jazz – things like keeping some more schools open, getting more police in canberra, more funding in services (disability, health etc)
I don’t really care whether they have a arboretum or a time travelling bus way, I’d still vote for them over a dragway (you can probably tell I am a real car enthusiast)

seepi 1:56 pm 05 Oct 06

a business wouldn’t be able to rewrite the Environmental Protection Agency’s noise policy to allow greater noise near the dragway than is premissable throughout Canberra. Although we haven’t heard much more about what is happening with that. I believe only 3% of submissions were in favour of changing the existing noise policy.
Actually Bill S was the first supporter of the dragway. Jon S then panicked and made it a labor election promise as well. I bet he regrets that one. It has cost them 212,000 in land assessments etc so far, and still no progress.

Jazz 1:50 pm 05 Oct 06

FC, you mean more important projects like the time travelling busway or the arboretum?

meeJoko 1:50 pm 05 Oct 06

just rename the Tuggeranong Parkway the Tuggeranong Dragway every second Sunday, and divert normal traffic. One side for driving, one side for watching. Someone can run a shuttle up & down the watching side selling hot dogs, Booner&cokes, and ferrying enthusiasts (see Im positive, i didnt even refer to them as Fkwits) perhaps Miss Nats can guest drive the van every so often (subject to riot police availability)
There. that was easy.
No Tuggeranong Dragway 2006 = No meeJoko 2007

barking toad 1:45 pm 05 Oct 06

It doesn’t matter who wins the next election, the government of the day won’t to be able to afford to build it thanks to our brave mayor laying the cupboard bare.

It will be a while before there is an actual surplus (in lieu of the current pretend one) so should Bill get control he can resort to the usual claim that the previous mob didn’t tell us there was no dough and renege on any promises.

bonfire 1:03 pm 05 Oct 06

since the liberals closed the old one (paid for by punters, not pollies) its fair they should open a replacement.

motorsport is a significant revenue generater for business.

its a legitimate hobby.

it has broad community support.

it was an election promise by both major parties at the last assembly election.

build the damn thing.

James-T-Kirk 1:02 pm 05 Oct 06

Oh – Goody, Goody…

A politicial is talking, and I can be assured that they fully intend on doing what they say they do.

Wow, I would have never thought it possible.

I live in Tuggeranong, so I am all for a dragway in North Canberra!

I’ll have to look carefully for the Sun Ripened Warm Tomato representative next ballot.
Or, I could simply elect to pay the $50 ‘Choose to not vote fee” – That way, I can hold my head up high, and say that it wasn’t my fault!

johnboy 12:58 pm 05 Oct 06

So will Bill match all of Stanhope’s other stupid promises??

publius 12:55 pm 05 Oct 06

Both sides of the political fence supported a dragway. Whether the chattering classes in Canberra like it or not, it was an election promise made by Stanhope (I think originally in 2001). BTW over 8,000 signed a petition in support of it. One suspects the Stanhope Government is deliberately dawdling on this promise. They should come clean and either reject their commitment to a dragway (thereby breaking an election promise) or just get on with it!

johnboy 12:50 pm 05 Oct 06

I’ve heard tell that it’s possible to make a fair offer for land and buy it.

seepi 12:43 pm 05 Oct 06

Business wouldn’t be allowed to resume someone’s farm to build it, so it can only be a givernment project.

Absent Diane 12:25 pm 05 Oct 06

I still like the idea of building a multiple use dragway at cube night club. One for cars and queens.

FC 12:22 pm 05 Oct 06

You’d think the government had better things to do with our money than build a drag way…

seepi 12:02 pm 05 Oct 06

Bizarre. Bill was on WIN news recently criticising the Stanhope govt for the sneaky way they renewed the landholder’s lease, in order to take their land away from them for the dragway.
Sounds like he’s trying to be all things to all people.

Woody Mann-Caruso 12:00 pm 05 Oct 06

*shrug* Guess that settles it – you have my vote, Mr Stanhope.

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