12 March 2008

Attempted foreign involvement in Defence decisionmaking

| Skidbladnir
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According to the ABC, not only are local militant vegans and eco-nazis claiming that euthanasing the kangaroos by lethal injection is inhumane, but the protest has now gone global.
Save our Kangaroos have called in the worldwide envirofreak cavalry, who have little concept of any local issues.

The local “Save Our Kangaroos” organisation are kangaroo defenders, who had previously disregarded the rule of law by throwing rocks at contractors involved with the previous cull at Googong, happily placing the safety of kangaroos before the safety and gainful employment of fellow human beings.

They now expect that their safety should be of paramount concern, acting as ‘human shields’ for the kangaroos by standing in the way of dart guns, and in a striking act of hypocrisy, have a newfound respect for the rule of law and hope to prevent the cull through legal action.
They also expect the kangaroos to be moved away to somewhere else, where they can eat and reproduce ike mad, and become someone else’s culling problem.

I guess now that the ACT Government has exhausted the rational options we could learn to support the idea, so long as Save Our Kangaroos’ investment arm can pay for the entire removal and guarantee the animals safety, perhaps by wrapping the kangaroos in cotton wool, providing relocation counselling, and lavishing them with kisses.

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Why does deliciousness not transcend international borders?

“Except that the kangaroos are breeding themselves to the point of starvation”

– however, the science actually doesn’t back this up. the roos aren’t starving, but they are a threat to various other species in the location, several of which are endangered. lizards and other mammals, not just moths and grasshoppers – which in any case are principle members of the food chain. fuck the roos, let’s fry them! (in a spicy wine sauce, of course, served on a bed of kumera mash and wattle seed infused bush tomato jus)

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy8:48 am 13 Mar 08

No, that’s just how he talks.

He makes that fart noise by putting his hand in his armpit and flapping ?

el ......Turbo V8 Recumbent Bicycle8:44 pm 12 Mar 08

LOL…nicely put.

McCartney has demonstrated by his statement that he could best be described as a solo artist, playing with the instrument God gave him at birth, to the amusement of nobody else.

Save teh dodo

el ......Turbo V8 Recumbent Bicycle6:44 pm 12 Mar 08

I think the moths, grasshoppers and kangaroos should all be culled to protect the vulnerable native grasses.

“The 287-acre (116-hectare) location is also home to endangered species of moth and grasshopper, which rely on the vulnerable native grasses for survival.”
Therefore, we must kill all kangaroos to save the moths and grasshoppers.

I have a feeling the moths adn grasshoppers won’t last too long when 500 townhouses go in there… but that is another matter, and I’m not going to get started on it.

McCartney. What a muppet. Maybe if his wife had eaten some meat she wouldn’t have died of cancer.

Hi Echelon.

neanderthalsis4:23 pm 12 Mar 08

Sing to the tune of US Forces…

neanderthalsis4:22 pm 12 Mar 08

The ACT Mayor gives the nod
It’s a set back for your butcher
Darts and needles all in rows
Darts that PETA asked to stop

Divided world, PETA,
Says “Who controls the issue?”
“You live us with no time to march”
“At least ADF tried to move them”

Sing me songs of ‘Roos frying
Sing me songs of Vegans crying
Wating for the next big cull

Will you know it when you see it
Dead macropods, dogs of war
Now enviro movements call the shots,
dodgy deals in former radio lots,
Waiting for the meat of tomorrow…

Sing me songs of ‘Roos frying
Sing me songs of Vegans crying
Wating for the next big cull

The protesters too stoned to give start BBQ ignition
Folks waiting for roos to be sizzlin’
Chief Minister unable to make decisions
Political party line don’t cross that floor
L. Ron Hubbard can’t save your life
PETA takes a plutonium enema
In the shadows of STOP THE CULL we live

Sing me songs of ‘Roos frying
Sing me songs of Vegans crying
Wating for the next big cull

Mr Evil,
That’s bad, because National Geographic is reporting the following;
“The 287-acre (116-hectare) location is also home to endangered species of moth and grasshopper, which rely on the vulnerable native grasses for survival.”
Therefore, we must kill all kangaroos to save the moths and grasshoppers.

Am I missing something in this argument?
Millions of years of natural selection, now we’re suddenly responsible.. WTF?

It’s “inhumane” to let the strong survive and the weak die (naturally), wow, im sure glad us humans are here to keep it all in check. How did animals ever cope without us?!

Just make sure to kill off the big strong ones cos they probably eat more anyway, and give the little sickly ones a chance. OMFG

Napalm would be a good way to cull them – so long as they don’t get any splash over onto houses nearby.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy3:19 pm 12 Mar 08

I think the acronym should be Consumption Of Culled Kangaroos (COCK). That way we can start a Canberra joke all about eating cock.

Have they tried removing the fence yet ?

Oops, sorry, I’m outside my square again. I forgot they need that fence to protect the nothing that is inside the boundary anymore.

(Do it on Easter weekend while everybody is in Batemans is another good theory)

Wouldn’t the acronym be PECK (People Eating Culled Kangaroos) ?

neanderthalsis2:37 pm 12 Mar 08

The enviro-numptys again show general ignorance and lack of concern over the animals. Like the mulesing issue all over again, you can have you cute little baa-lambs experience a moment of pain then live happy productive lives, or you can have sheep maddened with a fly-blown arse.

Same with roos, you can have a large number of starving, emanciated skippys or you can drop a few and have a smaller number of happy healthy skipps.

Well, it would be like us telling the Japanese what to do about whaling, if the whale population was a native Japanese or migratory one in Japanese waters one, eating itself out of sustainable food supply in the middle of Tokyo harbour, possibly is they were on Japanese Self-Defence Force territory.

Re: the Paul McCartney involvement, the comment is a single slap-it-on-everything sentence attributed to Sir Paul about kangaroo meat and leather, not specifically the Canberra Kangaroo cull.

As he’s a vegan, I’m sure he’d happily have something to say about cows and leather, sheep and wool, chickens and eggs, etc.
In this case its just about kangaroos and leather as its a kangaroo campaign in particular.
And the quote is from at least August 2007, last time VIVA! made a grab for international headlines.

el ......Turbo V8 Recumbent Bicycle1:55 pm 12 Mar 08

Except that the kangaroos are breeding themselves to the point of starvation (a slow, horrid death), which IIRC the whales aren’t doing.

This is kinda like us telling the Japanese what to do about whaling.

According to the CT (they put these eco-nazis on the front page!) even Paul McCartney has got in on the act and has set up an international website calling for people to sign a petition.

Ignorance goes global!

Ingeegoodbee1:46 pm 12 Mar 08

Whoa! Sorry people – I was slagging off some prick in another thread – no idea how I ended up here! Sorry.

Ingeegoodbee1:44 pm 12 Mar 08

Bring it on you pathetic little tool.

Econazis give moderate eco-friendlies like myself a bad name, and hijack the agenda towards bad publicity like this.

Even I hate the freakin econazis.

Obviously it is the minority. Maybe the ACT Government should focus its energy on culling these people who lack logic?
I hope they do cull them, Coles have a really good kangaroo steak everyone should try.

Ingeegoodbee1:38 pm 12 Mar 08

S4anta, I like the idea of turning the culled skippy’s into sausages. We could form a group and call it PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)!

I thought the ongoing dramas in Palestine and Gaza would have alerted these tits to the fact that throwing rocks at dudes with guns will mean you end up getting shot at.
As for the roos, sausages, the proceeds can go to Save Our Kangaroos for upcoming legal action, ala Save The Ridge

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