Bad business and refunds

factor 14 August 2008 45

In June shopping in woden plaza my sister and i came across a handbag and shoe come boots store .

At the time it was called La Belle same as WOMANS WORLD , it was a buy one pair get the other half price.

Well! We had purchased 3 pairs of short boots the price being around $150 or $170 for the three when we went to put the boots on the heels of the three just collapsed. You could see the glue holding everything together, one of the boots heels just flung off.

On contacting the owner Mr Ali Amin stated “I have a NO REFUND SIGN. READ THE SIGN take a photo NO REFUNDS”

I advised Mr Amin that I would give Trade practices a call, he said “good luck with that and hung up”.

I contacted Consumer Voice The Canberra Times who advised Mr Amin that goods have to be reasonably fit for their intended purpose…

OK so we have one pair of boots that have one heel only, we have two pairs that the glue is just about to give up and we still can’t put on our feet in unless we tip toe and don’t put pressure on the back of the boots. But the owner stated that his bootmaker will be in the shop that afternoon and he will fix them, um ok.

The end result:

Mr Amin replied to Comsumer Voice, he said:

— He had been telephoned by staff, that I was abusive and they had felt threatend… Not true

— When i contacted him I was screaming on the phone… Not true he didn’t give me a chance to talk

— When he looked at the boots he could see nothing wrong with them… not true I never took the boots to him.

End of the story is:

As consumers do we have rights, or do we just toss goods out when we take them home and find out that the goods are defective?

Mr Amin has moved to 54 Hosking St Mitchell

Shop at your own risk.

[ED – I think the moral here is to never shop at a place with a “No Refunds” sign]

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45 Responses to Bad business and refunds
bigred bigred 10:11 pm 24 Aug 08

“Damn lies and statistics” Please spare us!

vg vg 10:10 pm 24 Aug 08

You might wanna check your stats about response times before you post such piffle.

bigred bigred 10:06 pm 24 Aug 08

Nah Simon is still too depressed to talk to about his portfolio. BTW VG, 8 minutes to respond to an internet post – that is better than you blokes do in your day job. Or are you on the station ‘puter?

vg vg 9:43 pm 24 Aug 08

Bob Debus, Federal Minister for Home Affairs, or perhaps locally Simon Corbell.

Tell them exactly what your issues are, I’m sure they’d love to hear it as it would be something no-one has ever said to them before.

Or, even better, have a few beers and approach a copper you see walking the beat. Tell them how crappy they are and how they never do anything. Be sure to slur your words. Again this will probably be a new and novel experience for the Police.

Good luck, keep us all posted

bigred bigred 9:35 pm 24 Aug 08

So lemme get this right here. People should object to poor service/shoddy product/blatant rip offs. OK, I want to object to AFP purporting to supply a police function to the ACT and want my share of my tax dollars refunded. Who should I talk to?

vg vg 8:44 pm 24 Aug 08

Dear KC

Welcome to the site and here’s a tip for young players. READ MY POSTS before you comment. I made the derogatory remarks when I had been treated in kind by the shopkeeper. I had tried to resolve the matter civilly and the time had come to approach it otherwise.

“I stand up for every shopkeeper in the ACT and anywhere in the world when i say that it is not our job to be yelled at, screamed at and called any manner of names.”

It is not your job but it is the inalienable right of the customer to do what they like when approached in kind. Read through this board, work out what I do for a living (instead of being a half assed one post wonder), and then re-think the yelling and screaming thing. I can guarantee I’ve copped more of it than you (and the regulars here will understand the underlying pun in that sentence).
Cry me a river about how maligned you all are. You are providing a service. There is no such thing as a customer behaviour charter, but I bet there is one that applies to customer service in whatever industry you’re in.

“I would imagine you are also one of those people who think it is ok to talk on your moibile phone at the movies and click your fingers at waitstaff at a cafe to get thier attention.”

Aaaaaaahhhh, no and no.

Generally when asking for a refund civilly I have been treated well. On the odd occasion when I have been treated like an idiot or called a liar I have replied with some venom which generally sees a backdown, an apology, and what I deserved when I went the civil route.

Matching Kappa tracksuits, bogan, rude…….oh please. I am so far from that it’s not funny. I abuse when I get abused.

kc.86 kc.86 8:35 pm 24 Aug 08

Vg, I have managed many a retail store in and around the ACT. I do not beleive it is part of my job to be called a c**t or numerous other words that may happen to come out of your bogan mouth. I would imagine you are also one of those people who think it is ok to talk on your moibile phone at the movies and click your fingers at waitstaff at a cafe to get thier attention. In other words you are just plain RUDE or it may be a power trip that you get out of screaming at some school or university student trying to make some money.

I stand up for every shopkeeper in the ACT and anywhere in the world when i say that it is not our job to be yelled at, screamed at and called any manner of names. For one it will get you nowhere and secondly its just childish. It will also make you look like a dumbass.

Many shopkeepers out there are just doing thier jobs, merely adhering to policies written down by thier bosses or a central head office. Give us guys a break, we are just making a living to pay the bills as much as you. We still deserve to be treated as humans and spoken to politley.

Have you ever thought that being nice about wanting a refund on something may get you more than just that? By abusing the storeperson you will only get a refund whereas if you are nice about it they are more likley to offer you something in return for the hassle caused such as a gift voucher or store credit. vg, Im sure that would be much more useful in buying your children matching ‘kappa’ branded tracksuits.

ant ant 10:52 am 16 Aug 08

The roundabouts and other roadworks are, to my knowledge, the taxpayer facilitating Mr Snow making more money.

And yeah, I agree, roundabouts don’t work well when there’s one dominant flow of traffic.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 10:45 am 16 Aug 08

But meanwhile ant, the damn little roundabouts affect Majura Rd traffic flows 24/7.
Who the hell in Roads ACT approved them?
Roundabouts are for balanced traffic flows.
Lights are for intersections where the bulk of flow is along one path.

ant ant 10:09 am 16 Aug 08

Brand Depot can be quite useful. Got a doona cover there for $40 which is still $129 at Spotlight! It’s handy, and fills a niche. And there’s no traffic problems getting to/from it (unless you try in rush hours that is), while Epicentre is going to affect traffic on Canberra Avenue quite profoundly.

vg vg 8:22 am 16 Aug 08

More than happy with every item I’ve bought from Brand Depot, and the prices I have paid for them.

If you don’t like it don’t go, and leave the stuff for the rest of us

luke79 luke79 8:03 am 16 Aug 08

ive been in a customer based job for about 10 years and ive learnt you cant keep everyone happy.. id say about 95% of my clients/customers have been fine and walk away with a smile. the other 5% can really try your patience at times, ive had people refuse to pay, record convo’s, get abusive and violent etc. ive got all the time in the world for nice customers and bend over backwards for them. ive got no time for bad customers and make it very clear if someone is over stepping the mark.
im lucky enough to be able to pick my customers and i can suss people out pretty quickly and dont waste my time with the sort of people who are likely to cause problems. i dont work in canberra anymore, but i have found canberrans to be the worst customers ive come across.
being a c*nt (to anyone) is not something to be proud of, i see it is a good invitation for a punch in the face.
i dont think ive ever had any really bad experiences being a customer, im realistic about what i expect from products i buy. if i buy something cheap i dont expect it to last or be reliable. i generally buy good quality stuff and shop in stores that i know are respectable. if i feel a bitt suss about a shop ill just wonder off elsewhere. same applies for any trades or services i buy.
ive never had to take anyone to small claims court, but ive heard its very easy and effective. i generally write off any bad debt unless it’s over grand or so, otherwise it ends up costing me more to recover the money.

minime2 minime2 2:40 am 16 Aug 08

And to think, it is alleged that thousands of Canberra shoppers are just busting to get to the new giant junk (cheap boots and bags?)outlet about to open at Fyswick! The Depot Dump crap stores at the airport even admit the stuff is seconds, overruns, last seasons styles and just stuff no one wants at full price. Fyswick will continue to do more more of the same! Someone above said: you get what you pay for. The other old adage is “if its too good to be true, it probably is: …. buy one and get the other cheap? … (I was gonna say “who falls for that crap” but obviously a LOT of people do, so I wont). Shopping for price over what one WANTS is sillier than reruns of Bewitched. There is no magic folks!

vg vg 11:18 pm 15 Aug 08

Trust me, I don’t need any sort of uniform to make my point. In any case it would be weak as p1ss to do that sort of thing in a uniform hoping to gain some sort of advantage. That’s not my caper

ant ant 11:14 pm 15 Aug 08

DJ said :

ant said :

vg, it’s cheating to go back and frighten bad shopkeepers in your policeman outfit.

Go hire one yourself…

I would, but this vg guy always has it out on extended rental.

DJ DJ 11:07 pm 15 Aug 08

ant said :

vg, it’s cheating to go back and frighten bad shopkeepers in your policeman outfit.

Go hire one yourself…

ant ant 9:49 pm 15 Aug 08

vg, it’s cheating to go back and frighten bad shopkeepers in your policeman outfit.

Overheard Overheard 7:59 pm 15 Aug 08

What Bob said.

vg vg 7:51 pm 15 Aug 08

And they guy I referred by the c word was acting like the c word. He abused me and called me a liar in front of my wife. Unfortunately he bit off more than he could chew and ended up fulfilling his lawful obligations, providing me with the recompense I was allowed and apologising to me. The man is question had a reputation for this kind of carry on and it gave me great pleasure to not only get what I was entitled to but to humiliate him and bring him down a peg.

On the other hand I have written to and rung many businesses when I get good service.

If he had’ve referred to me as a c word what I said back to him would have been the least of his problems. It is the right of the customer to raise grievances with shopkeeper, not the other way around

vg vg 7:43 pm 15 Aug 08

There is nothing wrong with me. The problem lies with the shopkeeper in question. He is behaving like a c**t, there is nothing wrong with the customer replying in kind. There is also noting legally or ethically wrong with recording the conversation. The only people who would encounter issues in this regard are those who get caught out telling porkies.

If getting called the c word by a customer offends you then perhaps shopkeeping isn’t the right line of business for you

As for the drive by reference, grow up a bit

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