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Barr orders review of trading hours

By scumdorg - 21 January 2008 35

Today’s Canberra Times is reporting that minister for everything Andrew Barr has ordered a review of ACT shopping hours. Apparently Andrew is not impressed with shops opening on Boxing Day and wants to introduce a NSW-style scheme where shops in the city centre open while those in the suburbs remain closed. The future of late night shopping is also on the table.

Trading hours were deregulated in 1997 and shops have tailored their hours to public demand. I like the idea of being able to shop when I want and not have the doors shut in my face at 4PM or 12 noon Saturday as we used to suffer a few years back.

Why has Barr done this? It sounds very much like making work for idle hands during the silly season. The last thing anybody wants is to go back to the bad old days when Joe De Bruyin and the SDA were calling the shots and had governments bowing and scraping at their feet.

As Stan Zemanek used to say “that’s my opinion and I welcome yours”.

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
Barr orders review of trading hours
Skidbladnir 2:24 pm 21 Jan 08

I think its a shithouse idea.

Having worked Christmas, Boxing Day, NYE and NY for a few years, there’s terrific money in it (both in terms of pay and store cashflow), and the people who actually do go shopping on those days appreciate that someone is there.

hingo 2:18 pm 21 Jan 08

Who cares if the shops are open on public holidays, does it make the holiday any less relevant? On the Melbourne Cup public holiday I went to Magnet Mart and bought pot plants and other gardening supplies. It turned out to be a rather productive day that I would have otherwise probably spent at home drinking beer.

gooterz 2:14 pm 21 Jan 08

Boxing day is alright if you celebrate christmas.. but how many of the non christmas celebrating ppl are going to want to have 2 days where the shops are closed for a non event.

Also thursday night shopping.. is it fair for the kids to have to work thursday night then have school uni on friday? If ur gonna be at school all day then work all half the night it may as well be friday.

Friday gives people a chance to pay off their bills before spending it all on shopping.

Mælinar 2:11 pm 21 Jan 08

Maybe he’s just sick of jokes about barrs.

Thumper 2:06 pm 21 Jan 08

And the young shop assistants probably don’t have a lot of choice in the matter

Exactly, and same for ANZAC Day.

It’s not hard to plan for one day without shops people.

sepi 2:04 pm 21 Jan 08

I don’t see the need for Shopping on Boxing day.

And the young shop assistants probably don’t have a lot of choice in the matter.

green_frogs_go_pop 1:56 pm 21 Jan 08

i like the fact that on thursday, if canberran’s wanted late night shopping, we could pop over to qbd. and on friday they could pop over we’d get two late night shopping days =)

and pffft, i personally enjoy working on public holidays. get away from family, and get paid about 30 bucks an hour for it! =D

hingo 1:55 pm 21 Jan 08

Mr Barr obviously doesn’t like doing the groceries after work or on his days off and wants to put a stop to it. What inspires these idiots?

Kramer 1:43 pm 21 Jan 08

Totally agree Special G! What’s so special about xmas day, boxing day, easter sunday, etc? Sure they are public holidays, but many Australians have no deeply religious connection to these days (except for the start of the boxing day test). So why does the govt feel the need to dictate our lives in this area? If the consumers want it, and the businesses are willing to supply this service then why not??

Special G 1:10 pm 21 Jan 08

Why not work on boxing day or christmas or good friday or any other day for that matter. IT should be up to the shop owner.

Mr Waffle 1:02 pm 21 Jan 08

The only review I’d like to see is into bank trading hours- last time I checked, Dickson commbank opens 9:30am-4pm (except Fridays when they bless us with a closing time of 5pm)…

I’ve always been a fan of Asian trading hours- open ~10am and close ~8pm. I’d be a lot more inclined to go to the shops if I didn’t have to knock off early on a workday…

Crikey 12:57 pm 21 Jan 08

I agree that the shops should be closed on Boxing Day and I don’t have a problem with Thursday night shopping in place of Friday night. But if Barr is serious he should be looking at regulating the trading hours of our nightclubs.

NathanaelB 12:45 pm 21 Jan 08

Let shops do what they want – how can shops staying open late or on public holidays be bad for anyone, unless they’re coercing employees to work non-standard hours outside of any contractual agreement? The extra convenience to the public and customers can only be good … and if you don’t need to shop late at night, what’s it to you? Unless you’re losing sleep knowing that somewhere in Canberra a shop is still open …

Mr Evil 12:28 pm 21 Jan 08

Maybe the ACT Govt could just introduce an extra tax on shopkeepers for Boxing Day – after all, they like inventing new taxes.

howdy 12:21 pm 21 Jan 08

Take away from local shops the few days a year that they can make a decent bit of money?

Did someone at his local give him the wrong change or something?

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