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Avani Terraces - Greenway
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Belconnen on the World Map

By Mess - 13 March 2008 42

Belconnen has made international news thanks to the proposed Kangaroo cull. UK based group Viva (Vegetarians International voice for animals) has started an online petition to stop the cull and has attracted signatures from people in over 25 countrys. Even Sir Paul Mcartney has spoken out saying that the “needless slaughter of kangaroos has to stop”. You can read the story here.

Seems to me another case of misinformed people butting in where they are not wanted. Any thoughts rioters?

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42 Responses to
Belconnen on the World Map
stonedwookie 10:33 am 13 Mar 08

the suffering isnt happen its just some lame BS made up by the government.
the only time this paddock has ever got shorter then knee length high grass is when the government mowed it lastyear

Skidbladnir 10:13 am 13 Mar 08

So we shouldn’t bother managing overpopulation problems before theyhappens, but instead remain purely reactionary and put them out of their misery when the suffering gets too bad?

stonedwookie 9:49 am 13 Mar 08

if you think these animals are starving go look at the paddock theres heaps of grass.
get your eyes and brains checked

Mælinar 9:44 am 13 Mar 08

misinformed people butting in where they are not wanted – brought to you by the RiotACT.

Ingeegoodbee 9:36 am 13 Mar 08

I’m with Thumper on this. The proposed roo management has really flipped over a rock and all the cockroaches scurrying for relevance don’t have time to get their story straight before squealling for all the usual bleeding hearts to come out in support.

Thumper 9:32 am 13 Mar 08

Mr McCartney has been taken out of context here as his quote is an overall all encompassing quote from about 2007.

Which, given that he is a vegan, is fair enough.

If you want anyone to blame, blame the idiots in Canberra who have not mentioned the full story before telling the world.

Crikey 9:17 am 13 Mar 08

Paul McCartney—->fool on the hill.

sepi 9:15 am 13 Mar 08

The local ABC coverage of this issue has been an embarrassment. Their line has been ‘it’s our animals and our country stay out of it’.

Yet we don’t agree when other countries want to mistreat their animals (the asian sun-bears etc.)

Tempestas 9:09 am 13 Mar 08

What’s amusing is that if it wasn’t a defence ex facility with tall fences all those kangaroos would be all over Belconnen and the number of car accidents would be a lot higher.

The shame is they are not converting them to steak/kanga-bangas or metwurst.

grundy 8:51 am 13 Mar 08

I saw McCartney’s comment in the news yesterday and thought the same thing.

Do these fools not realise what we are actually doing and why?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:50 am 13 Mar 08

I was speaking to someone overseas a couple of years ago, and they asked about this! They were under the impression that kangaroos were an ‘endangered species’. The only thing that has endangered kangaroos is the front of my car.

swissbignose 8:50 am 13 Mar 08

McCartney wasn’t actually commenting on the Kangaroo cull in Canberra. He was stating that people shouldn’t slaughter kangaroos for meat and leather. I don’t believe that’s the reason the kangaroos are being culled in the A.C.T.

This is a tabloid (and yes, I’m talking about Ross Solly on ABC666 as well) beat-up.

Crikey 8:44 am 13 Mar 08

Wish we could cull members of VIVA.

Special G 8:04 am 13 Mar 08

I’m with you on that one – save the animals from a bullet and let them starve instead.

BerraBoy68 7:41 am 13 Mar 08

I can’t understand how any informed person wouldn’t understand the need to cull roo numbers to prevent many more roo’s dying a terrible death through hunger. Whilo McCartney et. al’s. hearts seem to be in the right place both him and his followers need to do more research.

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