The best ducted gas heating installers in Canberra

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Canberra’s best ducted gas heating services. Photo: File.

From its early origins in Korea some 7,000 years ago, evidence of central heating systems can be found littered all over the world. With raised floors, heat channelling pipes, and all manner of furnaces, these ducted systems were feats of engineering. The Greeks, the Romans, and later the British, have gradually evolved and improved each iteration over the course of time.

Indeed, many civilisations both ancient and new, have sought the means to create comfort through improved standards of living. And why shouldn’t they! With sub-zero temperatures living in cooler climates poses a real challenge to a basic human need – warmth.

Here in Canberra this need is no different. Our in-land location and close-proximity to snowy regions positions our capital as one of the coldest cities in Australia. And while our winter days are relatively mild in global terms, or evenings sure do pack a chilly punch.

To solve this dilemma there are a myriad of heating solutions available on the market. While space heating does the trick for our northern neighbours, most Canberran’s will agree that central heating is an absolute must.

When it comes to central heating, ducted gas is one of the more popular choices for the region. As the name implies, these systems offer a heating solution that uses natural gas to warm the air. Whether you are building a new residence, looking to replace, or retrofit into an existing home, there are many things to consider.

As the old-adage suggests; fail to prepare and prepare to fail! When it comes to designing a ducted gas heating system this most certainly holds true. Home size, number of zones, height of ceilings, open spaces, and windows all impact a system’s ability to heat. That is why professional system design is so important. Moreover, installing a ducted gas heating system is a task that requires the skilled finesse of licensed trades.

So where does one find these heating heavy lifters? Well, we have rounded up the best ducted gas heating services that Canberra has to offer, so do read on below.

What makes a great ducted gas heating installer?

The best ducted gas heating services are wizards of winter, warming our homes and our hearts. These highly skilled, professionally licensed trades, work with all the leading manufacturers and know their products inside out. To assess your next supplier we consider you keep an eye out for the following:

  • Qualified, licensed, insured. Installing ducted gas can require trades with specialised sets and credentials, namely gas fitters and plumbers. When assessing each service their credentials should be at the top of your list. At a minimum, your gas fitter should be equipped with a certificate IV in gas supply industry operations. Moreover, your plumber should hold at least a certificate III in plumbing. Each trade should also hold an industry white card, and relevant ACT licensing for gas fitting and/or plumbing. To check for valid licensing visit Access Canberra. Finally, ensure your trades hold public liability, workers compensation, and contracts cover insurance. Be sure to cite a copy of the insurance certificate; and remember to call the insurance provider to confirm validity.
  • Industry accreditation. Another useful way to assess your shortlisted ducted gas heating service is to check on their industry accreditation. For gas fitters, the Australian Gas Association is the peak industry body. They accredit under a scheme that denotes AGA listed gas fitters who uphold safe practises and quality standards to a tee. As for plumbers in Canberra, the Master Plumbers Association ACT is the core industry body. Membership indicates that your contractor is one of the best in the region. Importantly, it supports adherence to ethical guidelines and industry standards.
  • Experienced. While natural gas is classified as a non-hazardous substance, it poses risks to people and property. These can include health risks like carbon monoxide poisoning, and safety risks like explosion. Proper installation and maintenance are key to mitigating these risks. That is why seeking anyone without the proper experience is ill advised. Consider how long your service have been in business, the nature of projects they typically carry, and the experience levels of all staff. This experience goes a long way to ensuring a quality installation and is particularly useful for any troubleshooting.
  • Professional & transparent. The best ducted gas heating installers are top notch professionals delivering quality each, and every time. They are wonderful communicators and are clear about services and charges. Therefore, look for trades who are transparent with their quotes and timelines. Ensure the quote includes the full scope of work, materials, timeframes, and guarantees. Retrofitting projects may carry unforeseen expenses, so look for a service that is willing to guide you through the possibilities. To assess for quality, look for glowing customer reviews and personal recommendations. Finally, once done, ensure your gasfitter provides you with a compliance certificate, confirming that work adheres to industry specifications and standards.
  • Dependable service. As with all specialised services you should expect nothing less than one that is reliable and dependable. They should arrive as indicated, work in a tidy fashion, and complete the project as scheduled. Regardless of whether your ducted gas needs are planned or a result of an emergency, seek a service known for punctuality, and prompt execution.

The best ducted gas heating installers in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

Landmark Air

With over twenty years in business, locally owned Landmark Air have been servicing Canberra and surrounds with all their heating and cooling needs. Offering both installation, maintenance and repair services for air conditioning, evaporative cooling, they also cater to ducted and space gas heating.

To stay on top of wear and tear Landmark Air offers a comprehensive repairs and maintenance service to maximise system efficiency. Their team of licensed and highly skilled trades pride themselves on the quality of their output and dependability. For a ducted gas heating system in tip top shape look to Landmark Air.

Carrie Bren shared this great review on Google, Excellent service, friendly and professional.”

Brindabella Gas

As a family-run local business, Brindabella Gas specialise in the maintenance and installation of household gas appliances. From ducted gas heating to barbeque conversions, cooktops, and hot water systems, their experienced and skilled technicians know gas products inside and out.

When it comes to ducted gas heating, Brindabella Gas offers an annual maintenance programme that features a comprehensive general service and inspection. They are also available to attend any urgent repairs as needed. For highly specialised trades consider Brindabella Gas.

Clinton Smith shared his experience with the team on Google, I could not recommend Brindabella Gas highly enough, they are fantastic!! After another company left us out in the cold for four weeks while waited for them to fix our ducted gas system, we were rescued by Brindabella.”

Perfect Plumbing & Gasfitting

With over 10 years of service to Canberra’s community, this locally owned company focus on delivering responsive same-day work to rectify plumbing and gas issues.

Perfect Plumbing & Gasfitting’s team of licensed, insured, and experienced trades specialise in the repair of all manner of ducted gas heating systems. From Braemer, Brivis, Rinnai and more, they offer both scheduled maintenance and emergency servicing. With an impeccable reputation Perfect Plumbing & Gasfitting make for an excellent choice.

Anton Veld shared this wonderful review on Google, Matt and his team came out same day and got our ducted gas heater fixed quickly, definitely recommended.”

Proactive Air Conditioning & Heating

With over three decades experience in Canberra’s heating and cooling industry, this family operated business built a stellar reputation as one of the regions most respected companies in the region. Offering a range of heating and cooling services, Proactive Air also caters the full spectrum of ducted gas heating needs.

From designing a system to suit client needs, to product sourcing, and meticulous installation this team manages it all. Should your ducted gas system require a little care, their annual maintenance and repairs service are there to assist.

Hans Roser shared this great feedback on Google, I have used Proactive for over 20 years to install, service, and repair our heating and cooling. Their service is absolutely first class. They have always responded quickly and efficiently and are personally very considerate and responsive.”

AirConditioning Canberra

For over twenty years, AirConditioning Canberra have been supplying, installing, and repairing ducted heating systems across the Canberra region. Specialising in ducted gas, split system, and reverse cycle heating, their team of licensed, qualified, and experienced technicians are at hand to assist with any need.

When it comes to ducted gas heating systems AirConditioning Canberra recommends an annual maintenance schedule to ensure the efficient and safe system operation. Moreover, they are available to attend to any system shortcomings and repair as needed.

MaryAnne Cronin shared her experience on Google, Very efficient company. Excellent and respectful team. We knew where we stood from day one. Started job and finished on time. Cleaned up and took away rubbish and old system…. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting their services.”

To help refine your search you may be interested in our articles on the best gas fitters, the best plumbers, and the best electricians in Canberra. For more heating and cooling options check out our articles on the best air-conditioning services, and the best solar panel installers in the region. To link your ducted gas to your smart home set up visit our article on the best home automation system installers in Canberra.

Your experience with ducted gas heating installers in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the ducted gas heating services listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ducted gas heating?
Ducted gas heating is a central heating system that burns natural gas to warm the air. The system is comprised of a central heating element which distributes heat through a network of ducts into vents on floors, ceilings, or walls. Ducted gas systems come with the option of heating an entire home, or specific zones within as needed. The systems are usually controlled by a programmable panel containing a thermostat, which allows for temperature, time, and zone settings.
How much does ducted gas installation cost?
There are a few factors that will determine the end installation cost of a new ducted gas heating system. Things like the systems size, number of zones and points, the brand selected, and ease of installation all impact the final cost. As a ball-park indicator, expect to pay a minimum of $8,000 for a 6-point installation to upwards of $15,000 for larger spaces and more zones. Note that gas installation is a prerequisite to running a gas heating system. Should you need installation additional costs will apply. Your ducted gas heating specialist will be able to provide advice on what is best suited to meet your needs and home size.
Can I retrofit a ducted gas heating system?
Yes, in most instances this is completely doable. Do bear in mind that the existing layout and finishes of your walls, floors, and ceilings may impact where points and zones can be installed. Concrete floors or brick walls may require workaround solutions via the ceiling for example. A qualified and experienced ducted gas heating installer will be able to provide options and costs for any retrofitting scenario.
How often should I service my ducted gas heating system?
A good rule of thumb is to have your ducted gas heating system professionally serviced at least every two years. In addition to this, you should conduct general cleaning inspection of components each year, including filters and vents.
How long does a ducted gas heating system last?
Generally, a well-maintained ducted heating system can last between 10 to 20 years, with an average lifespan of about 15 years. Do keep in mind that many factors determine the systems lifespan; and that over time some elements or components may need to be repaired or replaced.

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16 Responses to The best ducted gas heating installers in Canberra
Angela Thomas-Holgate Angela Thomas-Holgate 7:57 pm 23 Jun 21

Luxaire Airconditioning - local Canberra business for over 16 years. Great service, great prices.

Caroline Milhouse Caroline Milhouse 1:59 pm 23 Jun 21

Brindabella Gas and Plumbing are very good.

Kate Hayne Kate Hayne 9:04 pm 22 Jun 21

Luxaire Belconnen

Tarsem Singh Tarsem Singh 2:28 pm 22 Jun 21


Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:29 am 22 Jun 21

I have a column heater in the lounge room and a fan heater in the bathroom. No other hearing required no matter how cold it is. A hot water bottle or a bunch of small dogs warms the bed nicely too.

Janet Ilchef Janet Ilchef 7:16 am 22 Jun 21

Master Gasfitters

Guin Hunt Guin Hunt 8:43 pm 21 Jun 21

Duncan's Plumbing and Gasfitting :)

Carleen Jones Carleen Jones 8:02 pm 21 Jun 21

22 Degrees. Awesome. (Another company told me I needed to get my roof trusses modified to fit a heater in! I didn’t .)

George Nattey George Nattey 10:06 am 20 Jul 19

Well we’ve had a great run in recent weeks… Carbon Monoxide detected so needed to replace the main unit… installed two weeks later (last Thursday) but… string smell of gas last night.

No emergency gas call out in Canberra- really!!!!!

Karen Hogan Karen Hogan 3:52 pm 01 Mar 19

Never, ever use Master gasfitters in Fyshwick! Absolutely hopeless service. In our case, we have been trying for four months for them to service our evaporative cooling system. They promise to arrive, we stay home, they fail to arrive time and time and time again, no phone call and no Explanation and no apology. We ring again. Have finally given up!

zllauh zllauh 2:53 pm 26 Jun 15

Hi poptart,

Please ensure that you get a professional supplier and installer to do the job and hopefully they have all their insurance etc in place .

We have had addtion of vents for gas heating done by

It was good work and the mob did not leave any mess behind. Would certainly recomend them.

My 2 cents.

Alderney Alderney 9:43 am 05 Apr 12

As an ex-employee of a wholesaler to the industry I can give some inside knowledge without having or having had any affiliations. Most company’s use subbies. When you get a quote ask them if the people who will be doing the work are employees or sub-contractors.

Climate Master and ActewAGL Energy Shop are basically owned by the same people from memory. I think they are #’s 1 & 2 in town.

Graham at Scandia and Lyndsay at MasterGasfitters are nice blokes and do good work.

John at Heating & Cooling Services is a good down to earth, no-nonesense bloke and does good work too.

Joe at Proactive also does good work and is a really nice chap. I think they are close to Thermal Active. Can’t remember the bloke’s name but also a nice guy.

Really depends on whether you want to give your money to a big company or a family run business.

smacg smacg 8:45 pm 04 Apr 12

We used Master Gasfitters in Fyshwick for both our ducted heating and evaporative cooling and they were great.

miss molly miss molly 9:45 pm 03 Apr 12

We used actew’s energy shop. Very friendly, efficient and have good deals. Last year they offered $500 off your electricity or gas bill. This year it was $400 off the retail price of your system. They also had a payback plan, so you could pay in installments over 2 years. Very happy with everything.

thatsnotme thatsnotme 8:05 pm 03 Apr 12

We used Scandia back in 2008 to install ducted gas, and were very happy with them – good price, showed up on time, and no problems with anything since.

Golden-Alpine Golden-Alpine 6:08 pm 03 Apr 12

We had Climate Master install an evaporative cooling system and they serviced this and the central heating every year. Happy with their service and pricing.

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