The best end-of-lease cleaners in Canberra


Jason from Synergy Four Services, one of Canberra’s most recommended end-of-lease cleaners. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

If you’re about to move out of a rental property, whether personal or commercial, chances are you could benefit from hiring a professional to handle your end-of-lease cleaning. This frees you up to concentrate on the million other things you’ve got to do for moving day.

Specialist end-of-lease cleaners are experienced at all cleaning details, large and small. They can help clean your premises efficiently and effectively to save you time and money.

In this article, we’ll outline the qualities to consider when choosing an end-of-lease cleaner, and share where to find the best in Canberra.

What makes a great end-of-lease cleaning service?

As a tenant, it’s your responsibility to make sure the property you’ve occupied is left as clean and tidy as it was the day you moved in, aside from reasonable wear and tear. A professional cleaner will help you feel confident you’ll get your bond back.

It can be helpful to keep the following in mind when choosing an end-of-lease cleaner.

  • Experience. Cleaning is a skill, and the more practice a cleaner has, the better they are at it. Look for a cleaner with end-of-lease experience, as this often requires more work than regular house cleaning.
  • Attention to detail. A great end-of-lease cleaner takes pride in their work and doesn’t take shortcuts. They know property managers and landlords are good at identifying when something isn’t right. So check online to see what experience end-of-lease cleaners have.
  • Reliable. The best cleaners turn up when they say they will. They work efficiently and respond quickly to you queries. Ask your end-of-lease cleaner about call-back times and how busy they are. The last thing you need is a cleaner who is too busy to schedule in your job promptly.
  • Money-back guarantee. Check if your end-of-lease cleaner offers a money-back guarantee if the job isn’t perfect. This will help reassure you that you’ll get a quality clean.
  • High-tech equipment and methods. New technologies make cleaning faster, more thorough, and kinder to the environment. If you’re concerned about the use of harsh chemicals, ask about environmentally friendly products.

The best end-of-lease cleaning services in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.

Synergy Four Services

Synergy Four Services

Synergy Four Services has more than 12 years’ experience in professional end-of-lease cleaning. They also clean for new builds, commercial premises and construction sites.

Providing a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee, Synergy Four Services’ motto is to only leave when cleaners would be proud to call a property their own.

Synergy Four Services – family owned and operated – provides quality services at competitive prices, for both single projects and routine cleaning.

With end-of-lease cleaning, Synergy Four Services works with residential builders, property owners, strata managers and body corporates for impeccable cleaning of properties. This includes finishing cleans for new developments and end-of-lease cleans for property owners. It also includes routine cleaning for serviced apartments and exterior cleans.

Synergy Four Services is fully insured and certified, white card and asbestos inducted and has secure local jobs code certification. As an Indigenous-owned business, Synergy Four Services is Supply Nation registered. Obligation free quotes are available.

On Facebook, Jordan Male wrote, “The Synergy Four team completed an end of lease clean for us and we couldn’t be happier with their service. They were friendly, professional and had a great eye for detail.”

Mr Guru

Mr Guru

Mr Guru is a professional cleaning service specialising in end-of-lease cleaning. With over 10 years’ experience, Mr Guru’s cleaning team leaves properties in immaculate condition, so tenants get their bond back.

Mr Guru has built strong relationships with local real estate agents because of the quality of its services. Cleaning services are affordable, reliable and flexible. Mr Guru uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and chemical free cleaning if required.

Venessa Wang wrote on The RiotACT, “We went to Mr Guru cleaning services. They did an excellent job. They also fixed my fly screen and helped my husband to remove heavy furniture we left behind. Without any surcharge. Would recommend to all.”

Mint Cleaning Group

Mint Cleaning Group provides professional and thorough end-of-lease cleaning. The group’s cleaners are expert at getting properties ready for inspection, to the highest standards. Mint Cleaning Group has a bond-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied, let them know within three days. You’ll get your bond back and Mint Cleaning Group will rectify issues at no extra cost.

Vanessa Miller wrote on Google, “I got an end of lease cleaning done … Everything was left in an excellent state ready for inspection.”

Blue Cleaning Group

Blue Cleaning Group provides quality, fuss-free cleaning services to residential, commercial and industrial clients across Canberra. Its team believes cleaning should not be difficult, and offers straightforward services – including end of lease cleaning – that get the job done. Blue Cleaning Group’s end of lease cleaning service comes with a bond back guarantee and free rectifications. Pricing is transparent and next day services are available. If that isn’t convenience, we don’t know what is.

Customer Joe shared his experience with Blue Cleaning Group on Google Reviews, “Excellent end-of-lease clean. We left our last apartment in a hurry and I didn’t want to have to return for any additional cleaning. Blue Cleaning Group were on time and did a perfect clean. The owner was impressed and we passed inspection.”

Get Clean ACT

Get Clean ACT provides a total cleaning solution for all domestic and commercial needs. One area of specialty is thorough end-of-lease cleaning. Get Clean ACT’s professional cleaning team focuses on deep hygiene cleans using the best-quality products and advanced industry cleaning techniques. Service is guaranteed.

On Google, Matt McGrath wrote, “We used the service for an end-of-lease clean and the property was inspected today. The agent couldn’t believe how clean the house was. Will definitely use them again.”

Phoenix Facility Services

Phoenix Facility Services, a locally owned company, specialises in high-quality domestic, commercial and facility support management services at competitive prices. Thorough and professional end-of-lease cleaning services ensure premises sparkle. Phoenix Facility Services offers a 100 per cent client satisfaction guarantee. Expert cleaners are available 24/7 and 365 days a year if required.

On Goggle, Basma Abd Elmon’em wrote, “Abs is very professional and a friendly character. He knows exactly what he is doing. I totally recommend Phoenix Facility Services to anyone.”

If you’re looking for more information on cleaning in Canberra, you might like our articles on the best commercial and office cleaning services, best cleaning companies, best carpet cleaners and the best window cleaners Canberra has to offer.

Your experience with end-of-lease cleaners in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the end-of-lease cleaners listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional end-of-lease cleaner?
Hiring a professional service to clean your property at end of lease gives you peace of mind that the job will be done to the standards required. It will save you hours of time and ensure you get your bond back.
How much does an end-of-lease clean cost?
The cost of an end-of-lease clean depends on many factors. This includes the size and condition of your property, and whether additional services are required to get that property into tip-top shape. Check with a few end-of-lease cleaning services to determine their fee structure. Some charge a fixed price. Some charge by the hour. Others will give you a quote.
What are the benefits of hiring an end-of-lease cleaner?
Benefits include saving you time and effort. A quality end-of-lease cleaner can also save you money and remove worry and stress. Professional end-of-lease cleaners know what standard landlords and property managers expect and they’re trained to leave properties sparkling.
Do end-of-lease cleaners guarantee their work?
Some end-of-lease cleaners guarantee their work. Some offer a money-back guarantee if matters aren't up to scratch. They even offer to return to fix problems. It’s best to check around to see what guarantees end-of-lease cleaners provide before selecting the best one for your property.
How do I choose the best-end-of-lease cleaner?
Do some research. Check websites for years of experience and costs. Check for guarantees. Ask for referrals. Look online for previous customer reviews.

What's Your Opinion?

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46 Responses to The best end-of-lease cleaners in Canberra
mmanamb mmanamb 4:19 pm 22 Dec 21

I recently moved into a small flat supposedly cleaned by Mint Cleaners at a cost of $799 but I still ended up removing three dustpan trays full of used kitty-litter from under the bathroom sink and spending two hours cleaning ‘gunk, i.e. what looked to be human and cat hairs inside the rubber seal of the front loading washing machine. Worst of all, I cleaned a large amount of black mould off the inside of blinds in one bedroom and the second bedroom still smelt strongly of cat urine although according to the itemised invoice both bedroom carpets had been steam-cleaned. Photos were taken and the real estate agent has been advised.

Renee Monterey Renee Monterey 8:41 pm 26 Apr 21

Home Services team are the best they do everything including painting and are amazing with end of lease and styling for selling your home. They have cleaned our homes and have done an amazing job. Family owned and are such a lovely business. there contactable via email highly recommend them.

Sierra Ryan Sierra Ryan 8:11 pm 26 Apr 21

Home services Team they have helped many people get there home ready for the market. They have helped the disadvantage. They have helped when a person selling there home wasn't an option, but had to. They go out of there way for everyone. They do an amazing job and are very unique with what they offer and do. End of lease, general cleans and property styling.

Curly Dee Curly Dee 2:30 pm 26 Apr 21

I would honestly be embarrassed if I had to pay someone to clean up my house for me. Irrespective of whether I was a tenant or an owner.

Cleary though I am the odd one out as there is evidently demand for this type of service ? 🤔

    Ali Reid Ali Reid 4:57 pm 26 Apr 21

    Curly Dee it’s in most rental agreements now that the house must be cleaned professionally upon the end of tenancy. Also the same service is used by people preparing to sell their properties. It’s a massive demand.

    Curly Dee Curly Dee 5:43 pm 26 Apr 21

    Ali Reid I know. I’d still be embarrassed.

Bryn Cameron Bryn Cameron 1:28 am 24 Apr 21

Clean Me ASAP

You won't find a better clean. Attention to detail is immeasurable.

Natalie Murnane Natalie Murnane 11:24 am 23 Apr 21

Dream City cleaners are great :)

Act House & Landscaping Maintenance Act House & Landscaping Maintenance 8:33 am 23 Apr 21

phoneix facility services

Sharon Locker-Lloyd Sharon Locker-Lloyd 7:36 am 23 Apr 21

Googong Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

Alison Brittliff Alison Brittliff 7:16 am 23 Apr 21

Sharleen Horton-Crouch this might help

Michael Langridge Michael Langridge 5:29 am 23 Apr 21

Jason Dean dude looks familiar!

Aarti Singh Aarti Singh 11:08 pm 22 Apr 21

Mr Guru for absolute professionalism and outstanding quality of clean. Even the real estate agent took their contact details from me.

Emily Lester Emily Lester 10:48 pm 22 Apr 21

Master Touch Cleaning Services are amazing. We moved on the worst weekend, all it did was rain. They managed to clean the house and removed all the mud and managed to do it all last minute and to a high standard.

Daniel Oyston Daniel Oyston 10:47 pm 22 Apr 21

Pro-Tech Carpet Cleaning! Their carpet cleaning videos are so satisfying!!!

    Tanya Squires Tanya Squires 11:15 pm 22 Apr 21

    Daniel Oyston I has my tiles done by them... soooo good

manishjainin manishjainin 12:37 pm 08 Mar 21

Great information. However, this would be incomplete without these 2 local businesses Canberra Bond Cleaning and MInistry Of Cleaning
I have seen a couple of rave reviews about their services on Facebook in Canberra Notice Board.

Cherelle Kelley Cherelle Kelley 3:46 pm 15 Mar 20

I have tried end of lease cleaning service of Daniel and Huong 3 times for last 7 months (two rental properties). They made the properties pass inspection right the first time, with very reasonable prices. I would avoid big cleaning companies as I found small businesses can offer cheaper quotes and it is easier to contact them if anything goes wrong. If anyone is after an end of lease cleaner, you can try their service. Their number is 0410189138.

Keeto Muscat Keeto Muscat 5:38 pm 27 Jan 18

I personally would avoid the big cleaners who send anyone into your home to clean it. Avoiding cleaners who are just starting out is a common mistake. Cleaners just starting out have something to prove. I would go for them over the bigger names.

James102030 James102030 12:13 pm 03 Mar 16

Excellent service, great people. Worth recommending Blue Cleaning Team – – 0403 6867 01

They made my moving out experience so easy. They have done my cleaning, carpets and even my lawns!

Excellent price for the work they have done (good value).

I will use them again. I totally recommend to everyone!

safeforever safeforever 11:32 am 19 Feb 16

another +1 for Frank, used him for my place in Turner and did a great job, cleaner even stuck around during the estate agents inspection to spot clean anything they pointed out. Super accommodating with short warning and the cheapest quote I got.

venessawang venessawang 7:15 am 16 Feb 16

BTW, their website is
strong recommend to all.

venessawang venessawang 7:13 am 16 Feb 16

We went to Mr Guru cleaning services.
They did not only an excellent job. They also fixed my fly screen and help my husband to remove heavy furniture we left behind. Without any surcharge.
Would recommend to all.

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