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Who has the best gardening services in Canberra? Photo: File.

Well-kept gardens provide so much pleasure. They’re beautiful to look at, great places to entertain in and spaces to relax and watch the kids and pets play. Left unchecked, however, gardens can become overgrown and an eyesore.

Taking care of gardens takes time and effort. It can be challenging, especially in Canberra’s hot summers and cold winters. For many, landscaping, weeding, mulching and mowing are best left to professional gardeners. The best gardeners take the stress away and leave you to enjoy your garden all year round.

In this article, we’ll outline the qualities to consider when choosing a gardening services, and share where to find the best in Canberra.

What makes a great gardening service?

Choosing the right gardening service gives you confidence your home will look it’s best all the time.

It can be helpful to keep the following in mind when choosing a gardening service.

  • Reliable, friendly and professional. As with any service, you’ll want a reliable company that shows up on time—no last-minute cancellations that interfere with your schedule. You’ll also want a gardener you enjoy dealing with, who treats you and your home with respect.
  • Experience. The more experience a gardener has, the better their services will be. The best gardeners have the skills and equipment to overcome any challenge. They also work efficiently.
  • Knowledge. If you need a gardener to resurrect your outdoor space with new plants and landscaping services, opt for someone with extensive knowledge. They’ll reassure you that you’re buying the right plants for Canberra’s climate.
  • Price and insurance. Gardening and other outdoor services are hard work and take time, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. The best gardeners charge a fair price for services. They’re also fully insured in case anything happens while they’re on site.
  • Range of services. You might want a gardener who provides more than one service. If this is the case, check online to see if the gardener offers comprehensive services, not just mowing and weeding.

The best gardening services in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

Escape Gardens

If your garden needs a complete redesign, Escape Gardens could be the choice for you. After working in garden centres in the Canberra region, owner Chris realised there was a serious need for expert horticultural and design services.

Escape Gardens can help you discover the most suitable plants and plant placement for your garden, ensuring your outdoor space looks fantastic, and is easy-to-maintain.

Commenter YoungAndVocal has heard good things about Escape Gardens. “Coming onto the bandwagon a little late, but I heard about escape gardens a little while ago,” they wrote. “From what I have heard they can offer advice and source suitable plants.”

The Canberra Garden Company

The Canberra Garden Company strives to exceed your expectations by delivering exceptional garden services at competitive prices. Offering a full suite of gardening and landscaping services, company owner and solo-act Sam can do everything from mowing, hedging and mulching to tree removal, full garden clean-ups and high-pressure cleaning. Whether you’re looking for a one-off mow or regular garden maintenance The Canberra Garden Company can help!

As happy customer Rebekah Simmons writes in their Facebook review, Professional and prompt service and a great price. The lawn looks better than ever! Thanks Sam.”

Westside Handyman & Gardening

Westside Handyman & Gardening provides exceptional service no matter the job. With their diverse and dependable team boasting many years of experience and free consultations, Westside can offer you a wide range of gardening services, such as lawn mowing, mulching, high pressure cleaning and tree lopping.

Amrit Singh wrote the following Facebook review for Westside, saying, “A good reliable service with the best quote for the work. Love the work done completely satisfied with the service. Highly recommended.”

Jake's Complete Garden Care

Jake’s Complete Garden Care is a family business that creates and maintains wonderful looking gardens. Locally owned and operated, Jake’s Complete Garden Care works with all styles of gardens, including simple, low-maintenance ones. Jake and his team are expert at pruning all types of plants, fruit trees and other trees. Other services include landscaping, lawn care, weeding, weed spraying, mulching, lawn mowing and edging. The team also installs irrigation systems and cares for veggie gardens.

Trendy Landscaping Canberra

Trendy Landscaping is one your one stop shop for all your gardening and landscaping services, from full makeovers to general maintenance. Trendy Landscaping offers services such as paving, concreting, retaining wall repair and installation, excavation work, mowing and pruning – the list goes on! If you’re looking to give your garden some intense TLC (if you’ll forgive the pun!) and transform it from a boring lawn into a real oasis, Trendy Landscaping Canberra has you covered.

One of our readers Mary Kingsford recommended Trendy Landscaping, saying “Trendy Landscaping does good work and is reliable.”

If you’re looking for more information on gardening-related services in Canberra, you might like our articles on the best nurseries, best landscaping suppliers, the best landscapers and the best turf and artificial grass suppliers Canberra has to offer.

Your experience with gardening services in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the gardening services listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gardeners just mow lawns and pull weeds?
Some gardeners just mow lawns and weeds and others offer a more comprehensive range of services. Check online to see what the gardener offers.
How much does it cost to have a gardener?
The cost depends on what you need done. It also depends on how large your garden is and how complex the gardening work is. Cost can also be influenced by level of service. If your garden is in great shape it might not cost as much for a gardener to tend to it as it would if it’s overgrown and loaded with weeds.
Does a gardener require insurance?
It’s best to use a gardener who is professional, runs a reputable business and has the right insurances in place in case anything happens while they’re on site.
How often do I need a gardener?
Frequency depends on many factors. This includes the size of your garden. It also includes the type of garden you have and the services you want. It’s a great idea to chat to your gardener about how often they’re needed to keep your garden in tip-top shape.
How do I choose the best gardener for my needs?
First decide what you’re looking for. Just mowing and weeding lawns? Trimming trees, bushes and plants? Designing a garden area? This is important because not all gardeners provide all types of gardening services. Next, hop online and check websites for the gardener’s professionalism and experience. Also check reviews, references and images of gardens they’ve worked on.

What's Your Opinion?

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52 Responses to The best gardening services in Canberra
Cathy Reid Cathy Reid 1:08 pm 28 Jan 21

The Garden Guys Canberra

Trace N Jase Boyé Trace N Jase Boyé 3:39 pm 27 Jan 21

Whip It Lawns & Gardens

Reliable, professional, hard working & friendly guys

Bryden Campbell Bryden Campbell 10:02 am 27 Jan 21

Jasmine Alasady thought youd fine this useful?

    Jasmine Alasady Jasmine Alasady 10:33 am 27 Jan 21

    Bryden Campbell that’s great 😃 thank you!

Charlotte Batley Charlotte Batley 8:45 pm 26 Jan 21

The Garden Barbers are fantastic! Hard working, professional and really nice guys.

Sophie Milne Sophie Milne 8:23 pm 26 Jan 21

The Canberra Garden Company - A++

Liz Popple Liz Popple 7:03 pm 26 Jan 21

Greg from GP’s Garden Maintenance is reliable, professional & friendly.

Elizabeth Quinn Elizabeth Quinn 3:56 pm 26 Jan 21

Daniel Julian at Elysian Landscapes

Mary Kingsford Mary Kingsford 2:44 pm 26 Jan 21

Trendy landscaping good work and reliable.

Minnie Black Minnie Black 12:44 pm 26 Jan 21

I can second the comments made by Rebecca McGrath re Gang Gang Gardening. Alby has done a great job of transforming my garden with (mostly) native plants. I'm always getting complements from passers-by on how great my garden looks.

Rebecca McGrath Rebecca McGrath 9:54 am 26 Jan 21

Gang Gang Gardening. Fantastic service and garden work. Alby is friendly and reliable he gets in and does the work without standing around and wasting your time or money.

Sharon Kelley Sharon Kelley 4:18 pm 11 Nov 20

I heartily recommend Anthony Gall from AG Gardening and Lawn Services. He does everything from garden clean ups to gutter cleaning, and he’s a hardworking, decent and honest man with EXTREMELY reasonable prices. I was delighted with his work, and he quoted me on removing a huge clump of convovulus for a more than reasonable price. He’s quick to respond to enquiries and very polite, and extremely reliable. I couldn’t be happier with him, and his family run business. Local Canberra bloke, bringing up a family in Weston Creek, and operating as a sole trader, training up his son to help. Lovely, lovely man.

asirthegreat asirthegreat 6:45 pm 30 Aug 20

Budget Garden Care ACT services are very good.

abhay91107 abhay91107 5:45 pm 08 Jun 20

I finally received a text from Matt on 4 June 2020, stating that he was unwell and was not able to make it and was very apologetic. He said that he will contact me as soon as he feels better. That gave me some reassurance. Thank you for getting back to me Matt and I hope you feel better soon. I am happy and I look forward to touching base with him as soon as he feels better.

abhay91107 abhay91107 8:30 pm 03 Jun 20

I asked Matt from Branch out Canberra for jobs in our garden. He said that he would come to our place on Saturday. He didn’t turn up and has not communicated back to us for over 5 days if he is coming to our place or not. I found this lack of communication and commitment to get the jobs very disappointing. He has not even communicated to us if he is unable to do the task. This has left us in the dark and we need our garden fixed urgently.

    abhay91107 abhay91107 9:05 pm 03 Jun 20

    I hope that Matt is Okay and that he communicates back when he intends to return back to complete the garden jobs. He did an amazing job in the front garden. I hope he will be available to finish the jobs in the back garden. I am hoping to hear back from him very soon. We have been very flexible and very accommodating to meet his needs and schedules.

RHW RHW 11:08 am 29 Mar 18

Without hesitation I am happy to recommend
Matthew of Branch Out on 0405 031 390 for any minor or heavy work pruning, trimming trees and shrubs.

Shortly after my last comment appeared in The RiotAct, Matthew of Branch Out was recommended as possibly able to help me out. I phoned, left a message, Matthew returned my call an hour or so later and arranged to come and give me a quote the same afternoon.
He arrived promptly and we spent at least 30 minutes walking around the garden and discussing all that needed to be done.
To put this job into perspective, I had a large overgrown back garden and there were 43 shrubs between 1 ½ and 3 metres high, plus 6 mature trees. They have been neglected for a few years and it was a jungle of foliage and misshapen plants. Matthew noted everything, gave me a very fair quote and we arranged for the work to be done over a couple of days the following week.
Matthew and his assistant arrived promptly and early to start work. He re-checked with me and apart from an occasional discussion to be sure I was happy with height of trim etc I left them to get on with it, because it was perfectly clear he knew exactly what he was doing. At one point we decided a very old tree needed to come out, as it was suckering all over the place. Matthew dug out and removed below ground level so the roots can be poisoned.
By the end of the day the job was finished, the garden looked amazing, with space and light restored and gave me hope again. The whole mountain of trim and big branches were loaded and taken away.

RHW RHW 10:08 am 22 Mar 18

I need a thorough prune and tidy up of a large garden I cannot manage on my own.
Am happy to pay a fair price because it is a big job. Have always found good tradespeople etc through RiotAct in the past.
I have phoned first Brian’s Home & Garden and then Foralis on your list above, twice each over a couple of weeks, requesting a call back to arrange a quote. Neither has bothered to return my call.
I can accept that they may be overloaded with work and do not want to take on another job, and would accept that as an answer, but to just ignore a call is rude. It has delayed me making any other arrangement. This happens w other tradesman and it does their reputation no good.

Maria G Maria G 7:28 am 27 Dec 17

I can highly recommend Rowan from Foralis. I needed some work done leading up to Christmas. I called a few places and organised for a couple of people to come around. Neither turned up. Rowan was very prompt, turned up when he said he would, and did a great job.

CuriousCat CuriousCat 7:46 pm 14 Sep 15

Thanks for all the replies. I’ve looked up the plants mentioned and I actually have Viburnum tinus and Photinia ‘Robusta’ growing as giant shrubs (decades old garden – previous owner did random planting all over the pace) in other areas of the garden – I just didn’t know their names. So yes, I agree actually, as hedges they would be good – but yes, Photinia stinks – I think it smells like mosquito repellent! Perhaps Viburnum is the way to go. As for the side of the house, there is no neighbour directly on the other side to worry about, as such. Along this fence is a large grassy area and footpath, and then on the other side, the houses there are further up the street, and look down into our garden and on to our deck, as does the footpath – just want a bit of privacy from that when we are on the deck. We could put up a screen of some sort, but was hoping for some greenery. I love tea tree, so maybe that could be a good way to go. There used to be a giant cotoneaster there, but it was removed to make way for the new fence… (awesome to attract beautiful birds to the garden, but giant weed and in the way)

Thanks again for all the suggestions!

rubaiyat rubaiyat 3:54 pm 14 Sep 15

…and 1.8m high and only 1.5m from the house and they need to keep at least a metre wide walkway.

Apple trees, particularly young trees, are not mushrooms and even when espaliered they have some width.

On the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice of December 21st, the sun will still be 12° north and the roots of the Apple tree will be permanently in shade and the sun almost but not quite vertical, so very little of an espaliered structure will be receiving sun.

I can’t see the sun reaching anything that close to the south side of a fence for six months of the year and when it does it won’t do it much good.

I don’t know if you noticed the mature date palms that were planted for some insane reason on the south side of the Belconnen Aquatic Centre. Despite their height, most of the bottom of the palms were in perpetual shade even in summer.

They died. Expensive and predictable.

Southmouth Southmouth 12:15 pm 14 Sep 15

rubaiyat said :

Southmouth said :

Espalier apples or plums on your colourbond fence

The fence is facing south.

Yep. I can read. I’ve done it myself. works great on a wire trellis 300mm from the fence. You realise that fruit trees are dormant in winter and thus need no sun? They get plenty of sun for the 6 months that matter.

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