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Mark and Kristy Edlund at Clarity Home Loans.

Mark and Kristy Edlund from Clarity Home Loans, one of Canberra’s most recommended mortgage brokers. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

For most of us, buying a property is one of the largest purchase decisions made in a lifetime. Whether you are entering, climbing, or scaling down the property ladder, everyone is likely to have one thing in common; the need to finance a portion of this transaction with a loan.

With a deposit, assets, employment, and favourable credit rating, you can own the property of your dreams today. But home loans are complex. With an almost infinite number of options out there, researching the mortgage market is more complicated now than ever.

With everyone from multinationals to credit unions offering mortgage products, finding – let alone securing – the right mortgage can be overwhelming. As banks continue to diminish their in-person service offering, many borrowers are seeking alternate pathways to a mortgage solution, and they are doing so in droves. Recent data from the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia suggest that over 70% of new residential home loans were facilitated by a mortgage broker. This staggering volume is indicative of two things; firstly, lending market complexity; and secondly, the value of the brokerage offering.

In the thousands of borrower reviews accessible online, the basis of their value becomes evident. From personable servicing, understanding unique circumstances, and tying in the entire purchase journey, there are many upsides to engaging a broker, whether a lending broker, finance broker, mortgage loan broker or home loan mortgage broker.

Most significantly, unlike their counterparts, mortgage brokers work for their clients. In doing so they make mortgage recommendations based on client needs, rather than bank or shareholder interest. Importantly, mortgage brokers are there for clients in the long run. From loan health checks to expanding a property portfolio they are a key component of their client’s professional’s services suite. And, in many instances using a mortgage broker or lending broker or finance broker is a fee-free service. So, to help you finding a great broker, we’ve provided some helpful hints below.

What makes a great mortgage broker?

Great mortgage brokers are loan sourcing experts, masterminding competitive options on your terms as well as having insights into the subtle differences across lender credit policies. They make the whole process easier and smoother; and can make it more affordable in the long run. Here are some aspects to consider while evaluating your finance broker:

  • Highly qualified. The best home mortgage brokers are equipped with the right credentials. At the very minimum your mortgage broker should hold a certificate IV or diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking. Most importantly, consider a brokerage’s reputation and past client experiences or reviews. Look for satisfied clients, servicing consistency, along with referrals and recommendation from family, colleagues, or friends who have gone through the process of using a home loan mortgage broker.
  • Transparent. Mortgage brokers earn their income via commissions paid by the bank or lender, not the borrower. These commissions include lump sum payments on settlement, plus monthly trail payments for the loan’s lifetime but it is important to understand that the commissions paid, vary across lenders. This differential in payment amount can result in some brokers favouring a lender that pays them a little more than the others, which may not be in the borrower’s best interest. An unbiased lender and loan recommendation is important, as it ensures the best rates and terms for you. The best brokers offer full transparency, enquire about how the broker themselves are paid as some earn a salary versus a commission so are more inclined to recommend options that are in your best interest.
  • Large footprint. In such a complex industry, the depth and breadth of experience within a mortgage broking firm matters. This advantage comes from strength in numbers; a greater employee headcount often yields greater talent diversity, boarder market exposure and intel on lenders interest rate discount policies. Importantly, by transacting high volumes with a diverse panel of lenders, larger firms may unlock additional opportunities for borrowers through lender priority service channels. Moreover, should complex lending circumstances require workshopping, these firms leverage varied levels of team experience and expertise.
  • Independent & local. While professional connections are important, some run deeper than mere affiliation. It may come as a surprise to know that some firms are wholly or partially owned by real estate agencies. While this has its benefits, the risks tend to outweigh the benefits. Brokers that are closely aligned with or working with real estate agencies can present potential conflicts of interest and may jeopardise confidentiality, skew recommendations, and limit borrowing options. There is no real way to ensure that these mortgage brokers are operating independently of outside influence and the question that is then raised is who best interest are they then working in? The borrower? Or the real estate agent sat at the desk across from the mortgage broker who they rely on for future sourcing of business? Another factor worth considering is a broker from your local area, with such a complex process ahead, the ability to meet and discuss face-to-face can be the difference.
  • Industry links. The most reputable mortgage brokers are affiliated with Australia’s leading industry bodies. Membership indicates support of ethical practices and adherence to strict codes of conduct and ethical practices, which benefits end consumers. Check for memberships with the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) or the Finance Broker Association of Australia (FBAA).

The best mortgage brokers in Canberra

Riotact’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on Riotact and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

Clarity Home Loans

Located in Allara Street in Canberra City, with over 100 years of collective mortgage broking experience, Clarity Home Loans is Canberra's largest mortgage broker and the clear choice for you, as they have:

  • Helped over 20,000 Canberrans with their home loan needs
  • Made the list of the top 15 brokerages nationally for over a decade
  • More 5-star Google reviews than any other broking firm in Australia
  • Expert brokers that delivered life-changing savings for countless clients via interest rate discounts with their bank

As a Clarity client you will also benefit from their continuous support, which means that for the life of your loan Clarity will work had to ensure you are receiving the best possible deal from your lender. This ongoing level of service is the reason that more than 80% of their clients return for their next home loan, and that's something that Clarity are very proud of!

They’re locally and privately owned by the founder and staff, but, most importantly, unlike many others in the industry, their brokers do not earn commissions. Clarity pays their brokers a base salary and any bonuses they earn are largely based on compliance and customer satisfaction, meaning there is no financial incentive for them to recommend one product over another. With access to a panel of more than 30 lenders, including all the major banks, non-banks and emerging digital lenders, they offer their clients a diverse range of choice.

Clarity Home Loans places a strong emphasis on service. With company standards that ensure their home loan brokers fully explain not only the home loan process, but the entire property transaction from start to finish, this gives buyers the knowledge to understand what is involved from each party at each stage. Clarity has an excellent relationship with all Canberra conveyancers and can guide their clients through everything from applying for any grants or concessions, all the way through to preparing for settlement.

While Clarity's finance brokers are experienced in all facets of property finance, they are particularly skilled in assisting clients with managing the transition between selling existing properties and buying the next (arguably one of the most confusing property transactions to navigate). Clarity are also well equipped to assist with investment loans, breaking down everything from loan products, interest rates, repayment options and potential tax benefits clearly for their clients. Other specialties include refinancing, debt consolidation and first home buying.

Clarity Home Loans are the perfect choice for clients navigating the home loan market.

They’ve also received loads of positive online reviews, like this Google review from Adz HB: “…dealing with clarity has been amazing from the start, their attention to detail, communication, high level of industry knowledge and experience stood out at all times.”

Trilogy Funding

Trilogy Funding is a leading mortgage broker that has helped over 3,500 people start, fix, or grow exciting, life-changing property portfolios. With over 18 years’ experience in the finance industry, Trilogy Funding has settled more than $3 billion worth of residential and commercial property loans, building excellent relationships and providing well-researched advice.

The experienced, highly knowledgeable team is 100 per cent committed to helping clients achieve their property ownership goals. This includes clients who want to borrow more than banks are willing to approve. Trilogy Funding works with diverse clients, including accountants, legal professionals, medical professionals, small-to-medium and other business owners, and high-net-worth individuals.

Book a free 30-minute finance strategy session online or listen to Trilogy Funding’s podcast and read its informative blogs.

Trilogy Funding doesn’t just stop at helping clients. The firm is deeply committed to giving back to the Canberra community.

Dann Rank wrote on Google, “Every touch point that we experienced through Trilogy was seamless. Every aspect was clear and concise and we received the right product at the best interest rate.”

CASA Mortgage Services

Based in Forrest (in Canberra Avenue), they’re not limited to home and investment loans—they can also help with vehicle, equipment and personal loans. With access to hundreds of different loans, they can manage the whole process for you, including handling all the negotiations with your chosen lender.

They can show you loans for almost any type of property purchase whether you’re looking to buy, invest, renovate or review your current loan. They’ll do all the paperwork, manage the application process and take it through to approvals and settlement, allowing you to be relatively hands-off. If you’re strapped for time, their brokers can also arrange to meet you at a time and place that suits you to make the process easier.

They’re a great option for first home buyers, happy to explain everything from your borrowing capacity and repayment options, to eligibility and conditions for the first home buyer grant. They’re also able to offer plenty of tips and advice if you’re thinking of building a new house of building a new house or apartment.

Their brokers can explain the various benefits and drawbacks of every type of loan in depth and they take the time to discuss the other fees and costs of buying a property like stamp duty, legal/conveyancing fees, building and pest inspections, lender costs and mortgage insurance.

Rioter Mark_74 also gave them a good rap, commenting "I highly recommend Joel Defazio from Casa mortgage services. He got me a good rate on my home loan in a timely manner and kept me updated at all times".

For helpful financial services related to your property purchase check out our articles on the best the best financial planners, the best tax accountants, and the best conveyancing lawyers in Canberra. If you are considering a commercial purchase be sure to read our article on the best commercial mortgage brokers in the region. And, if you are ready to kick off the property search check out our article on the best real estate agents that Canberra has to offer.

Your experience with mortgage loan brokers in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the mortgage brokers listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a mortgage broker differ from a lender?

As intermediaries between borrowers and lenders, mortgage brokers possess the market knowledge and expertise that allows them to find optimum loan solutions from a variety of lenders. Unlike dealing with a single lender, brokers have access to not only multiple products from multiple lenders, but also insights around the different lending policies across the broad range of lenders, effectively increasing the chances of an approval as well as finding a suitable product for clients. Moreover, mortgage brokers are typically more hands on, navigating the end-to-end process from application to settlement and beyond.

What are the benefits of using a mortgage broker?

Engaging a mortgage broker offers many benefits to borrowers. Access to hefty lending panels opens the door to a broader product range than would otherwise be available via a single lender. They also have access to the differing credit policies across the lending landscape as not every borrower has circumstances that fit with every lender. As lending market specialists, they can also assist borrowers with their unique circumstances through delivering better product options that are personally tailored to client needs. Finally, they offer convenience – whether this be through swift servicing, added support, or flexibility on your terms.

Is using a mortgage broker right for me?

Generally, anyone seeking a new or refinanced home loan can benefit from engaging mortgage broker. They are particularly beneficial for those with limited time or market knowledge, market newcomers, and upgraders seeking avenues for the next purchase. Mortgage brokers can also be useful for buyers with complex applications or financial situations, such as contractors or the self-employed. Importantly, their extensive knowledge of the loans market can deliver competitive loans optimised to individual client needs.

What does it cost to use a home loan mortgage broker?

In many instances using a mortgage broker is a fee-free service. This is because they are often remunerated by the lenders themselves in the form of payments and/or commissions. While this is a highly attractive borrower proposition, always explore how a broker acquires their income. Consider whether they are remunerated by a salary or commission only, and if so, ask how.

What questions should I ask a mortgage broker?

A mortgage is a long-term debt where the smallest of differences can accumulate into a big sum over time. That is why gaining an understanding of loan structure and cost is so important. A meeting with a mortgage broker will help in this understanding, though it does require preparation. Asking questions to find out about the size of their team and collective experience. Enquire about the number of lenders on their panel, and how many they have worked with in recent months. Importantly ask about the remuneration structure with these lenders, and whether brokers operate on a salary or commission. Also get an understanding of how satisfied existing clients are with each lender, and the nature of this relationship long-term. Before choosing a broker, have a read through independent reviews to check on their credibility and previous client satisfaction.

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I worked with Guy Curtis from Clarity for the purchase of my apartment, and I couldn’t have asked for better assistance throughout the process.

Guy walked me through the different types of finance available, listened carefully to my goals and my questions, and never made me feel pressured to go with any particular product or institution.

Clarity had access to products that my former broker did not, including with my preferred Bank. We were able to secure finance quickly, which helped with securing my dream property.

Guy took extra time to answer my (many, many) questions and had me feeling really supported throughout the process.

Thank you Guy and Clarity!

As first home buyers based in VIC, we were nervous about the process and were recommended Guy at Clarity from a friend. He (and Fiona) were exceptionally patient with us, explained the process clearly and were on call whenever we had our heart broken at auction. Finally we’re in our first little home and it’s all thanks to Guy. Would highly recommend for a friendly, easy mortgage broking experience.

Very happy to say that my wife and I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with Clarity, and especially, Arman and his team. Always patient, and always willing to take the time to explain the finer details and offer sound advice. Thank you guys – we’re in a beautiful home, we’re settled, and very happy.

Cannot recommend Guy from Clarity more highly. He has been a pleasure to deal with, giving us all the information we needed to buy some land and now onto building the house. He took the time to answer our quetions, was freindly and responsive when we needed more information.

Amazing service from Rob and the Clarity team. They delivered exactly what was needed and made sure things were expedited. Highly recommend and would use Clarity again.

Josephine Moore6:57 pm 08 Dec 23

Had a great experience with clarity Home loan. Shanice was supportive and helpful. Taking the time to explain each part of the process and answer all my questions and was very kind when I was worrying about settlement process. As a first time home buyer I was very nervous about this process but Shanice was great. 100% would recommend to all my friends and family.

I’ve been a client of Clarity since 2015 and it’s been a pleasure working with them. My broker Arman, has been great with my first and second home. He’s proactive, prompt, provides options and best outcomes. Signing up for a mortgage can be overwhelming and stressful but he’s been very great at explaining the process, making it simple and keeping me updated throughout the process. I highly recommend working with Arman.

My husband and I are new clients with Clarity. Having used other brokers in the passed, we are so pleased we found Arman to help us refinance our mortgage. Arman was professional, proactive and explained all our options clearly and made sure we got the best deal available. The whole process from start to finish was stress free. Arman was there to assist us with every step, keeping us updated and answering our calls! I highly recommend Arman and the team at Clarifying for all your mortgage needs.

Embarking on the ambitious journey of securing a construction loan for our first home in Australia as immigrants was a formidable task. It stretched over two years, filled with uncertainties. However, Cesar from Clarity Home Loans was our unwavering guiding light.

From the outset, Cesar set realistic expectations for this intricate process. Their patience in explaining every detail and their commitment to our unique situation, as immigrant first-time home buyers, was commendable.

This two-year journey was marked by ups and downs, but Cesar never wavered in their dedication. His personalized approach and responsiveness were unparalleled.

Finally, with Cesar’s expertise and perseverance, we achieved our dream of building our first home in Australia. For immigrant first-time home buyers facing lengthy construction loan processes, Cesar is a true partner who sets the right expectations and delivers exceptional results.

Michelle Mann9:25 am 22 Jul 23

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of working with Cesar Martinez from Clarity Home Loans for our first home purchase, and we couldn’t be happier with the experience. Cesar’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication made the entire process seamless and stress-free.

Right from the beginning, Cesar went above and beyond to ensure that we felt informed and confident as first-time home buyers. He even collaborated with our accountant, streamlining the processes, and minimising back and forth, which was a tremendous help. We truly appreciated his commitment to making things easier for us.

Throughout the journey, Cesar provided regular updates, promptly returned our calls, and always kept us in the loop. We never felt uncertain or left guessing about what the next steps were. His proactive communication style gave us peace of mind and allowed us to make informed decisions.

What sets Cesar apart is his dedication to providing options and ensuring that we felt in control. We never felt locked into 1 or 2 options, and he guided us in exploring different avenues genuinely discussing pros and cons of each and provided clear timeframes. This approach gave us the freedom and clarity to find houses we loved and make offers on them with confidence on loan approval.

Incredibly, the entire process took only four weeks, from start to settlement. This efficiency exceeded our expectations and spoke volumes about Cesar’s expertise and commitment to his clients. We were able to bid on and secure our dream home without any delays or unnecessary hurdles.

We cannot express our gratitude enough for Cesar’s outstanding service. His professionalism, knowledge, and exceptional customer care truly stood out. If you’re looking for a mortgage broker who will go the extra mile, we highly recommend Cesar Martinez at Clarity Home Loans.

Thank you, Cesar, for your support and for making our home buying journey a positive and memorable one!

Arman at Clarity has helped me with a few loans over the years and has been great every time. He’s great at explaining what exactly is going on and what we need to do, is extremely proactive with making sure things happen when they need to, and makes the whole thing very easy. Thoroughly recommend him for any loans.

I have dealt with Clarity twice and Arman has both times been my broker. Arman is efficient, knowledgeable, always keeps you up to date on progress and is completely on the ball to ensure everything goes to plan. Arman makes the whole process so easy. I cannot recommend Arman enough.

Shanice from Clarity handled our recent property purchase, and we couldn’t be happier – she’s excellent. Our situation was a bit more complex as we were looking to purchase a property using a combination of a loan against an existing property and a new loan, but she made it all very easy. She went out of her way to help, fitting in to our schedule and keeping us updated. She was especially valuable when the lender we were going with was having some issues getting things sorted on time. This could easily have been a very stressful situation but we had utter faith she had it under control, with backup plans ready to go if needs be. She was also really proactive in working with our solicitors and the selling parties to stay on top of things and make sure settlement went off without a hitch. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, and would encourage anyone else in the market to get in touch.

Nguyen Family11:17 am 10 Mar 23

We have been with Guy Curtis from Clarity twice. The service is exceptional. Everything is very efficient and the team knows clearly what we are really looking for. Cannot ask anything for more.

Francesco Di Luzio3:56 pm 25 Jan 23

We have been dealing with Guy at Clarity for a few years now, and he has always made things easily understandable for us, and been efficient, diligent and going above and beyond.

With our recent home purchase, Guy and Fiona have both been amazing — always keeping us updated on the entire process and pushing things through when, and as needed. They have been an absolute delight to deal with, and have handled every step of our finance, and settlement with efficiency and care to us, as the clients. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a broker.

Michael Ison5:30 pm 01 Nov 22

Buying our first home we couldn’t have asked for a better broker than Jared. Going in we had next to no understanding of how the home loan process worked, what we were and weren’t entitled to, or how to even start the process let alone knowing what the role of a broker really was beyond scoping out home loans. No question was a stupid question (and we had a lot of questions) and Jared helped us immensely through every step of the process far beyond the scope of just picking the right bank. Moving into our new home this week and very happy to recommend Jared and Clarity for helping us get there.

As absolute novices at mortgages we were very apprehensive. Guy was clear and helpful, completely transparent about how it would all work, and communicated with us through each stage of the process. He made a daunting process easy and as low stress as possible. We will always use clarity in the future and would recommend Guy and Clarity to anyone looking to buy or refinance.

Charini Nanayakkara1:54 pm 22 Aug 22

Melinda Yeh from Clarity home loans was extremely helpful to us with providing information about the process of our first property purchase. She helped us identify and secure the most suitable home loan product. We are much appreciative of her efforts especially because the financial arrangements of me and my husband were atypical, which complicated the process of finding a good lender.

Thevoiceofchoice2:10 pm 05 Jul 22

Guy Curtis from Clarity is the best broker we have encountered. We have used him on two separate occasions and he has been helpful, informative, and professional in all of them. Guy went out of his way to understand our position, find products to suit our requirements, explain the pros and cons in simple terms, then guide us through the process. He is highly responsive to questions and accessible in and out of office hours. Will be definitely using him again.

Guy Curtis from Clarity is one of the best brokers we have encountered. We have used him on two separate occasions and he has been helpful, informative, and professional in all of them. He made a point of understanding our position, found the best products to suit our requirements, provided an easy-to-understand overview on each, then guided us through the process. Guy is highly responsive to questions and will get back to you quickly. He was accessible in and out of normal office hours despite being very busy and we never felt unwelcome. We will be definitely using him again soon.

My husband and I recently refinanced our loan and organised a construction loan through Arman at Clarity. The whole process was so easy. Arman was amazingly organised, communicated efficiently throughout the whole process and had all our finances sorted really quickly. I highly recommend Arman at Clarity.

Carolina Correa Ospina6:28 pm 03 May 22

I actually found clarity home loans through this article. My experience was fantastic as Melinda walked through the whole process and made everything much more simpler. After my experiences, I highly recommend Clarity loans and RiotACT

Jordan James8:45 pm 06 Apr 22

Highly recommend our Broker Guy. His work ethic, patience and professionalism are outstanding. Guy has always gone above and beyond to ensure our needs were met.

Guy Curtis from Clarity, thank you so much for the help you gave us. Buying a property involves so many steps and it is overwhelming. Guy explained every step clearly, answered all of our questions, and he was there for us in the entire process of buying our home.
Thank you, Guy and the Clarity team. 100% recommended.

Emily and Tom Walter11:59 am 19 Mar 22

Rob Garth and the team at Clarity have been instrumental in helping us achieve our dream of a new home! It wasn’t straight forward at the start but Rob explained the contributing factors in easy to understand language putting us in the box seat to make the changes we needed to to push forward. Rob then organised and explained the loans we needed, keeping us up to date and taking care of all the paperwork behind the scenes. Can’t recommend Rob and the team highly enough and feel very grateful to have found them! Will definitely be return customers when the need arises.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Melinda at Clarity for helping me answer all my questions and for organising my first home loan without any troubles!

We’d like to give a big shout out to Lisa at Clarity Home Loans – she helped us refinance our home loan recently. We received friendly and professional service, she explained the process to us and all the options were presented – she really knows her stuff. We were kept up to date with progress, and there was no pressure to make snap decisions. Highly recommend Lisa and Clarity Home Loans.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Melinda at Clarity Home Loans for helping us secure our investment home property!

Melinda has always been consistently generous with her time and would happily assist us with any questions we had with the application process. We love how she would always provide us with an update even without being prompted to do so. She also has excellent technical knowledge regarding the entire loan process and products.

Within a week, we had our pre-approval all sorted and within 60 days our home loan had been settled! We are so happy with the outcome and we wouldn’t have gotten there if it wasn’t for Melinda and her hard work at getting everything sorted. She has gone above and beyond and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to purchase their property!

Sandra Refuerzo10:31 pm 01 Mar 22

We secured our first investment property all thanks to the help of Melinda from Clarity Home Loans.

Melinda has been absolutely wonderful and a massive help during our loan application process. She has always been very thorough with explaining the process and with the documents we needed to provide.

She is always readily available to answer any queries we had and was very transparent about the process. We could not fault her service and are very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a property!

Mohammad Tapal5:17 pm 09 Feb 22

I have recently finalised my first home via Guy Curtis of Clarity Home Loans. From the first time I met him about a year or two ago, Guy has been extremely helpful throughout this whole process and it would not have been possible without him. He is patient, friendly and available for you when you need him with any questions/queries/explanations. I would recommend Guy and Clarity Home Loans to anyone looking to purchase their next home.

Thank you Cesar Martinez for the hardwork! There may be a few bumps along our way, but we managed to pull through. Will definitely recommend.

Kylie Monsma12:49 pm 18 Jan 22

Shanice at Clarity is fantastic! After starting the process with a different broker that was unavailable and unwilling to help us, I can easily say that her service, knowledge, expertise and genuine attitude is first class. She was punctual with communication and able to answer all of our questions and provide guidance to best products and solutions available. There was no issue too hard that with her experience and knowledge she was not able to overcome and made us feel at ease using Clarity. We highly recommend her and will use her again in the future.

Cijo Anthony1:45 pm 15 Dec 21

Prabh and his team at Advisorcorp helped us with the refinance and helped secure us our dream home. The process was easy. Cannot recommend Prabh and his team enough.

Janice Dang Ni Lee4:38 pm 25 Nov 21

Guy Curtis from Clarity helped me with my loan application. Very grateful to have him assisting as my settlement (off the plan) came earlier than expected. Without Guy, I may not meet the settlement dateline. Thank you!

Jessie Chen at Clarity Home Loans has been excellent (professional and responsive). I would recommend her services.

Goodwin Homes has just helped us refinance our mortgage. Can’t fault their service and the rate they found for us was very competitive! Highly recommend!

Christopher Maan7:13 pm 02 Nov 21

The team at Goodwin Home Loans are great, they made the process of getting my refinance home loan so easy.

Goodwin Home Loans is missing from this list! By far the premier mortgage broker in Canberra – exceptional customer service from the get go, phenomenal knowledge of products and literally saved us thousands of $$. Matt and the team are incredible and would highly recommend for anyone looking for a stellar broker.

We used Clarity for a refinance and had a great experience. Guy provided us with comprehensive information about our options, provided clear explanations to our queries and guided us through the whole process – to settlement and beyond. It was a great experience and we would definitely recommend Clarity to friends.

Clarity and my broker Shanice Briones made the experience of buying a first home a very pleasant one. Shanice took the time to explain everything very clearly and kept me informed throughout the process. Super fast, efficient, responsive and professional. This all happened at a very challenging time with Canberra going into lockdown and operations having to move to working from home – the quality of the service did not suffer at all and it is clear that there is a true commitment to professionalism at Clarity financial. I settled on my new place day before yesterday, without any hitches or delays despite the challenges of the ACT lockdown. Highly recommend this A-team !!!

The best mortgage broker is Jessie Chen from Clarity Home Loans. She is the very professional, passion, attention to detail and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate. My partner and I as first home owner feel overwhelming and exhausted to all the things about home loan applications, Jessie nicely explained absolutely everything from start to finish in great detail, answered all questions and made me feel at ease. We sincerely recommend Jessie Chen if you are buying your home, she is absolutely the star.

Look no further. This is the second time I use Clarity to finance a mortgage. Their expertise and professionalism is second to none.

My partner and I used Clarity Home Loans for assistance with both refinancing our investment property and arranging approval for a home loan for the purchase of a new property. We were assigned Cesar Martinez, for which we’re extremely grateful. Cesar was brilliant – his knowledge and expertise in this field, and his ability to communicate and guide us through the process from application through to approval was outstanding. We’d recommend Clarity and, in particular, Cesar Martinez, for anyone seeking brokering services. On a scale of 1-10, we’d give Cesar 11.

Shane and Sally.

Matthew Boorman6:17 pm 29 Aug 21

Had a great experience with Clarity who guided us through our first home mortgage process (despite the challenges COVID presented)!

Guy in particular smashed it and was super responsive to all our our questions and issues!

Jessica McDonald12:44 pm 28 Aug 21

We chose Clarity Home Loans to assist with our property purchase after seeing the great reviews on the riot act – and we couldn’t have been more impressed by the service we received from Cesar. He was professional and fully engaged with us through every step of the process. Cesar took the time to understand our needs, answer our many questions and work with us to find the best loan product that suited us. We most valued his regular communication and checking in at each stage of the purchase journey.

I have been working with Arman Yazarloo from Clarity Home Loans for an extended period of time and he has provided me with excellence customer service in relation to a range of mortgage related matters; property purchase, refinance and more recently, a family law settlement.
Arman worked hard to ensure that I was provided with the best financial offer available for my personal situation. He worked over weekends to ensure I could capitalise on end of financial year deals and to meet settlement timeframes.
He made himself available to speak with me at times that were more conducive to my work arrangements and made the time to explain all the mortgage terms and conditions, so I really understood what I was committing myself to financially.
Best of all, I was treated with respect and compassion as a person and for my personal circumstances and not treated as a box to be ticked before moving onto the next client.
I would highly recommend Arman Yazarloo from Clarity Home Loans for first rate mortgage brokerage services.

Rob Garth at Clarity is amazing. Helped us deal with multiple properties and is always available. No question is too difficult. Couldn’t rate any higher!

The Canberra Mortgage Brokers helped me and did a fantastic job!

I had Berra finance in Canberra look after me, I can highly recommend Alex he goes all out to help his customer’s he is the best mortgage broker Canberra

I highly recommend Radka Paulovicova from Clarity. Our original lender (the bank we had been banking with and who had approved our original loan) were proving to be a nightmare. With only three weeks to settlement (with even less business days because Easter and ANZAC day holidays were in the middle) I called Clarity and explained our situation to Radka. She arranged for us to come in that evening to discuss our situation. From that first meeting, Radka took control of the process, she identified a new lender with a loan approval processes that would work for us. Her communication skills are excellent and she went above and beyond to make sure every t was crossed and every i dotted so nothing could slow the process down. She delivered and we settled on the designated day and we are very grateful that the service she offers existed. Our only regret is that we didn’t contact her sooner.

Arshia Amirghasemi1:31 pm 04 Jan 19

These days, whatever you wanted to do, buy or seek a service, it’s Dr. Google who holds the answer for you. However, how do you decide which of the options to go with?
I am good with research and numbers. As an Engineer, I can pull apart components of a system or design one. As a certified accountant, I learnt how the banking industry works, what I need to demonstrate, how the finance industry works and how to calculate these magical repayment figures. As a management consultant, I know the client’s expectations of me. The cornerstone is to take my client on a journey!
If I were to highlight one lesson that I learned during the last 17 years of my professional work it is going to be: find the experts in what you want to get done and let them score you the best outcome. We all know how stressful is our daily life is! Add to that building your dream home! The result is, lots of hard decisions to be made.
Here is where “Clarity” comes to play! The way they listened to me; understanding what I wanted to achieve; developing number of options with their pros and cons; taking me on that journey to land on the best option for me, and most importantly, making that plans come to life and secure the funds!
If you are in the market for a loan, Clarity is the way to clarity!

Nitish Kumar from Clarity Home Loans = THE BEST!! This is the third time I have used Clarity and they just keep getting better every time! Their processes are impeccable, they are prompt with updates and are always up to date with the market. I can not recommend Nitish, Melissa and the entire team highly enough! Use them and you will be set for life! Until the next one team 🙂

Joanna Shapley12:41 pm 10 Dec 18

Very highly recommend Nitish from Clarity Financial – very helpful, clear, open and quick. Kept in touch the whole way through the process as well as of follow up after I settled! Easy and transparent

I’m really happy to have seen this story about Mortgage Brokers in the ACT. It’s a daunting business lending money no matter how much it is…..and when you are looking at borrowing money for a big purchase like a house….. it’s scary….. it’s a commitment….. it effects your life. I first had the good fortune to come across Micheal Searle who is now at Clarity some 15 years ago. 3 houses later, and numerous loans later for family and friends I can wholeheartedly recommend Michael. What’s good about Michael? 1. His experience. 2. His knowledge. 3. His ability to tailor loans to suits individual needs. 4. His ability to understand where you are in life and what’s important to you. 5. His ability to explain everything to you in layman’s terms. 6. He makes it easy. 7. He knows his banks and they know him, and 8. His demeanor. He’s just so damn likable. Does this sound like an ad? Maybe. However it’s well deserved. He’s honest, he’s about what you want, and what you can afford. I trust him, my family trust him, and my friends trust him. He looks after YOU. One doesn’t need anymore than that when looking for a loan.

Lisa Finlayson8:03 pm 30 Nov 18

As a first time home owner, I was very nervous as I didn’t even have a credit card and didn’t know what to do. Michael Searle soon put my mind at ease and walked me through which made it very easy. Four years later he continues to keep me informed and always makes sure I am aware of all options. I would highly recommend Michael and am very grateful for his extensive knowledge and support he has provided.

I would recommend Michael Searle and his team at Clarity Home Loans to anyone. He’s great at working with his clients to make sure they understand their options and offers recommendations that take your circumstances into consideration. He has been very patient with me and my typical onslaught of questions 🙂

Codie Murray12:49 pm 30 Nov 18

I think it’s pretty clear the Michael Searle is the best in the industry. I completely agree with all the reviews below, he is so good at what he does and knows the bank’s inside and out. Michael is extremely helpful, intelligent and wise, we have saved thousands of dollars by following his advice and wisdom.

I absolutely would second Michael Searle from Clarity Home Loans. He’s a helpful and personable Mortgage Broker and makes it easy for the every man to understand the home loan process making it an exciting and stress free experience!

By far the best mortgage broker is Michael Searle from Clarity Home Loans. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate.

As you can imagine becoming a first home owner is very overwhelming, Michael explained absolutely everything from start to finish in great detail, answered all questions and made me feel at ease.

I have now been in my unit for nearly 3 years and will be using Clarity/Michael Searle in the new year when my partner and I buy our family home.

I cant thank you enough for everything Michael, you are the best.

Best mortgage broker is Michael Searle from Clarity Home Loans. I could not recommend him enough.
He explained everything with great detail to myself and my parents (guarantors) predicted possible problems that could arise and provided a solution as well as liasing with my real estate agent and solicitors to make it easier for me as a first home buyer as I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing until I met Michael. Always able to answer any of my questions and easy to trust and so reliable.
He was recommended to me by 2 other people and I hope he gets many more reccomendations as he is by far the best.
In around 2 weeks I will officially be home owner thanks to Michael!

Sandeep Nandula6:36 pm 26 Nov 18

I have used Guy Curtis from Clarity Home Loans to refinance and purchase a new property. I am extremely happy with the service I received. Guy has been excellent, fast and responsive. He is very patient at explaining, and structured my residential + investment loans very well.

I would strongly recommend Guy Curtis from Clarity Home Loans if you are looking for a reliable mortgage broker.

Mitch Butler9:46 pm 02 Nov 18

I used Michael Searle from Clarity Financial for the purchase of my property. Michael is a broker that can be trusted to negotiate the right deal for you. He explained everything and made the process easy to understand. Highly recommended to all.

Contact Vijay Gakhar, Senior Mortgage Broker at Aussie on 0412248859 or email him at if you want honest advise for your home or commercial loan needs. His professional service is free with no obligations. He has 17 years of experience in Canberra and is able to help you with a purchase, refinance or construction from 100s of loans to choose from. He helped us navigate through a very difficult situation and dealt with all stake holders on our behalf.

I do not recommend Home Loans Canberra. We did not trust them to sort out what was required for our application and as such, our settlement date was significantly delayed. We had to contact the banks directly to sort out the issues. Just do your research online and drop into the banks to figure out the best options for you.

I highly recommend Joel Defazio from Casa mortgage services. He got me a good rate on my home loan in a timely manner and kept me updated at all times. His number is 0411 801 949

I recommend Estelle Whitby from Bendigo Bank. Estelle was able to come to me when it suited me. I have a great product and a great rate and its also nice to know Bendigo Bank is helping my Canberrra Community. Call Estelle 0401 520 397

I used Shannon from Clarity Home Loans to refinance and restructure my loan and was very happy with the service I received.

I definitely recommend Erich Gruener of Mortgage Choice. As a first home buyer, he patiently answers our questions and explain things in simple english. He goes the extra mile and gave us advice even if it is outside normal office hours. We finally moved in to our first home this month 🙂 thanks to Erich

Richard from was amazing. For someone who doesn’t know much about this, he was very patient and explained everything I needed to know. Really gave me some useful information that I could benefit from.
Defs go to MortgageHub!

I second Jamie from Pass Go. I used Jamie for the purchase of my first home and then again for advice on refinancing for a vehicle loan. He’s very responsive and actively investigates the most competitive market options. Ten out of ten.

Robert Issell11:39 am 17 Oct 16

As a Property Investment Adviser working in Canberra for the past 9 years with I have found that Sumer Singh of LoanMarket provides exception service and advice. He helps his clients in so many ways other than just a loan.
You can read about him at

canberra_INK7:12 am 16 Oct 16

See Mary at Abbey Financial. She is a great lady and great at her job and is a one stop shop with insurance and solicitors and everything else needed.

Jamie Moore from Pass Go Home Loans was excellent. I was referred to him by a happy customer as well.

This was covered not so long ago:

Gerard Tiffen at Tiffen & Co

If you want honest advise from an experienced broker, without a fee and no obligation, I would go to Vijay Gakhar from Aussie Home Loans. With a sound knowledge base and the support of a large organisation you could not do better. Vijay is available 24/7 on 0412248859.

Jun at Smartline has been excellent, fast and responsive. Very patient at explaining, and structured my residential + investment loan very well.

Steve Wakeling at Aussie


We’ve bought three houses and used Ken at Trilogy. We followed him from his last broker. .. best guy ever.

Nooooooooooo. Go with Trilogy or at least pay them a visit.. I just used them for my first investment property and they are a fantastic team. Tiffen and Co just aren’t as polished when I spoke to them and weren’t as switched on as Trilogy.

If you are first home buyer, I don’t think it matters as much. But if you are investing, Trilogy is the place.

Ask for David Thomas, he is the MD and takes new client. Very bright.

Thanks everyone for your help, I’ve decided to go with tiffen&co so have an appointment next week!

+1 for Tiffen and Co – outstanding service and product knowledge from David Gawthrop 6260 7880

Sam Ayliffe, Director, Astute Finance. Well established business in Sydney and are now operating in Canberra. They are Brokers/Financial Planners and now have Real Estate and Property Mgmt in their portfolio. Sam is on 0414 976 865

I’ve had good service from Steve Wakeling at Aussie. It was a complex case – bridging finance, one property on the market, another about to commence renovations, and all in pushing the 80% LVR. Steve came back with a few options, organised valuations relatively quickly, etc.
By comparison, two other mortgage brokers I spoke to at the same time didn’t call back after hearing the details – presumable because it was too complex to deal with.

mmillercfp said :

…knows his mortgages and his always reliable.

Whoops, should read “is always reliable” not “his.”

DeadlySchnauzer11:58 am 29 May 14

Avoid any mortgage broker that doesn’t charge an upfront fee. It means they work on commission with their providers and have an inherent conflict of interest between the best result for you versus the best commission for them.

Also the whole system is much more transparent these days, so you can just shop around online and find the best deal yourself. Mortgage brokers no longer hold any special sway with providers, and are unlikely to be able to get anything better than what you can find online.

The only reason I would use a mortgage broker is
a) You aren’t confident about what your borrowing limit is
b) Your are worried about finance being knocked back

Pete Williams at Tiffen & Co has done my own personal mortgages and I also recommend him to look after clients. He’s a great guy, knows his mortgages and his always reliable.

Give him a call on his mobile 0412 332 736.

I’ve used Eric Gruener from Mortgage Choice a couple of times and he was very good. Eric does also contact me regularly which I like.

My sister used Michael O’Reilly – can’t recall where he is from.

I can recommend David Gawthrop absolutely 100% from Tiffen & Co in Kingston. Really knowledgeable and great service. I am going to see him tomorrow to talk about fixing part of my mortgage.

0438 553 756

I have been a Westpac customer for a very long time and went to the Petrie Plaza branch (the closest) to be told that they “certainly could not match the deal we were offered at Commonwealth”. They seemed to have the view that it was not worth our while changing banks but we were about to change because the idea of being shafted by our own bank was just too much for us. I then read this forum and noticed that Lisa Brown from Westpac had a big wrap so I rang her and it was suddenly a different world where you were treated like customers rather than scum. Just goes to show that it may be the people rather than the bank that make the difference. If you bank at Petrie Plaza – good luck with that!

brilliant riotact ! thanks for the answers to “mortgage brokers in canberra” although dated back in 2010. i have learnt heaps. my first time buying a home…yikes.

digging up an old thread.

we are looking to refinance, mostly to get rid of a large credit card bill which in my mind is going to be virtually impossible to get on top of.

we are doing ok with our other personal loans and mortgage.

does anyone know if any banks or credit unions will refinance when the credit card is over its limit and there is no way of getting it under the limit in a short period of time?

should I contact a mortgage broker? if so, who is recommended?

georgesgenitals5:53 am 04 Dec 10

2604 said :

…like being a youth worker.

Being a mortgage broker isn’t exactly difficult, you just need to know your market. As for Racheal being a youth worker previously, I think that would be desirable, as it indicates the person is more likely to have decent moral standards (I’ve dealt with one mortgage broker who really, really didn’t).

At the end of the day, most mortgage brokers use a software package to assist them, fill out forms, and chase other parties up for you. Which is exactly what I want them to do.

– 1 for John Osborne from Mortgage Choice.

“He is a top bloke who knows the industry inside out.”

There is a lot of bluster and BS in his attempts to foster an “It’s us against them, without me you’ll be screwed” sort of vibe. If you have a relatively simple case (say, if you’re an academic, pube, or anyone else with a long-term contract), you’ll be fine without a broker. If you have a complicated case, because you’re self-employed, have a short credit history, or whatever, the amount of paperwork will be basically the same whether you do it through “him” or do it directly.

He understandably relies on support staff for a lot of what he does, but he’s very quick to blame them (“Sorry mate, but…”) when something goes wrong. Sorry dude, but you chose your staff, you take the responsibility.

Similarly, he’s quick to blame the lender’s staff for delays. Sorry dude, but you recommended this lender…

If I ever return to Australia and decide to get back into the Canberra market (say, if prices start to look more reasonable versus the south of France, Vancouver, SF, or pretty much anywhere else), then I’d try my luck going direct to the lender, and only rely on a broker if it became absolutely necessary. Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Second for Dave Bryant & JV Financial Group!

He has looked after my parents mortgages over the years and just helped me buy my first home!

He is friendly AND professional, something that seems to be lacking in the industry..


um, hmmm… yes, point taken, 2604!


astrojax said :

and while i don’t disagree, 2604, that a couple of hours is not too much to dedicate to the cause of home ownership, we also feel that the broker’s years of experience can also impart corollary knowledge a few hours on the ‘net won’t [hard to believe, i know…]

Years of experience doing what exactly? Ringing banks to get a quote? Working out whether a $400 loan application fee is better than a $500 loan application fee? I can’t think of anything a mortgage broker does that you need to practise in order to do well. We’re talking about shopping around for a pretty basic financial product, not performing brain surgery.

Besides, how many mortgage brokers actually have “years of experience”? Many have only been in the job for a year or two and prior to that worked in fields that had nothing to do with property or finance.

I used Alex at Beta Finance in Hobart Place. In fact I’d done my research and was going with my current mortgage provider (for the new property), and was referred to Alex by them – really they’d outsourced their paperwork to him I guess.

Anyway, on the basis of his work on our behalf, I’d assume he’d be just as good when starting from scratch.

I highly recomend Julianne Brewer (provimcial Home Loans – ). She is completely independant and was a great source of information during our purchase.

Being from another state, she helped us negotiate the seemingly strange way (to us) to purchase a house in the ACT.

thanks hivemind, these are great. do keep ’em coming…

and while i don’t disagree, 2604, that a couple of hours is not too much to dedicate to the cause of home ownership, we also feel that the broker’s years of experience can also impart corollary knowledge a few hours on the ‘net won’t [hard to believe, i know…]


Craig Butt from Loan Market is fantastic! Very professional, from home loans to personal loans to general financial advice, he really knows his stuff. My husband and I wouldn’t deal with anyone other than Craig. He is located in Townsend St in Phillip or he comes to you. His phone number is 0419 982 061. Best of all – he’s FREE!!

I also found John Osborne from Mortgage Choice to be great. As a first homebuyer with no idea where to start, I appreciated that he explained everything to me clearly and gave me lots of tips. He hassled the lender for me when they delayed horribly due to a backlog in applications and I feel sure I would have missed out getting the house I love without him and his staff. Nearly a year after the sale I had to ask him for some copies of documents and he was his usual helpful self. And he sent me a lovely gourmet gift basket after settlement. 🙂

Amanda Hugankis11:24 pm 30 Nov 10

Gary Rock @ LJ Hooker Kaleen. Generous with his time and knowledge, referred by a friend, who was referred by another friend, etc. No pressure, organized the paperwork. Any issues post or during mortgage, he is happy to discuss matter and support you, following up with his contacts inside the particular bank. Helped me tear strips off Bank West 15months in.

2604 said :

I recommend doing your own internet-based research and then dealing directly with lenders.

+1 on that.

I went through an “independent” mortgage broker (naming no names because a lawsuit would undoubtedly ensue) when I bought a house 5 years ago.

She recommended a package from A Big Bank with glowing enthusiasm, and we signed up to it. She then immediately disappeared off to Melbourne to attend a training course in mid-deal, and turned off her phone! No contact could be made with her. The whole deal would’ve fallen through, except for me being able to call on the help of a friend with contacts at the bank. She arrived back on the scene after the deal had been closed without her assistance, and started asking for payment! We told her to bugger off, and never heard from her again.

A couple of months later I walk past the bank in Belconnen Mall, and see a big poster with her smiling mug on it advertising her services as the banks new mortgage expert.

In summary, I would drink a schooner of ice cold vomit before I’d go to a mortgage broker again.

I recommend doing your own internet-based research and then dealing directly with lenders.

Ultimately, there is no guarantee that the offer a mortgage broker brings you from a certain lender is the best offer available from that lender. In fact, given that mortgage brokers are a highly expensive distribution channel for lenders – levying a commission equivalent to 0.3%-0.5% of the borrowed amount – I suspect that lenders would do as much as possible to encourage people to apply directly to them, including by offering better rates and lowering fees. If you absolutely have to get a quote through a mortgage broker, you should at least ring the lender in question before you sign the broker’s documents, confirming that they will not offer you a better deal for dealing directly with them.

Also, DIY only takes a couple of hours. Anyone who can’t be bothered dedicating a couple of hours to something as important as a $3-400,000 loan isn’t ready for the responsibility of property ownership.

phil smith from Clarity Home Loans

Call Westpac Mortgage Centre. The best service I got in any loan was by a guy called Byron Allen somewhere in WA. He called back when he said he would, and busted a gut trying to make sure I could make the payments, and be happy with the product. I love to bash banks with the best of them, Westpac included, but this guy was great. Ask for him especially.

Ph. 131 900

– 1 for John Osborne from Mortgage Choice. I have used him for both of my house purchases. While I can’t fault the product I received in both instances, it came with a lot of stress involved!

He seems to be extremely risk averse and asked for information above and beyond what I think is reasonable. This included statutory declarations from my parents saying they would give me money towards stamp duty when I had the $$$ saved up, far more financial details from my husband than was necessary which caused delays in the process and to top it off the last time I used him to purchase our current property, before the old property was sold, he said it would be better if we used the old property as security over the new one which required 2 mortgages. We sold the other property quickly and paid out the old mortgage which resulted in a heap of early exit fees which he did not explain to us. When we spoke to our lender, they couldn’t understand why it had been done this way – they said they would’ve loaned us the entire amount in one go. The only reason we could think of for doing the 2 mortgages is it would mean 2 commissions to John.

At times he was extremely abusive to me, calling me at work and reducing me to tears. He was also abusive to my husband.

Can’t fault Mortgage Choice head office though. Or the lender we went through. In the end all of our fees etc were refunded.

In terms of all of the extra financial details, in the first instance, I had been in secure employment with the same employer for 4 years, had a 5% deposit and was eligible for the first home owners grant. Second time round, same employer for 10 years, other property with a great deal of equity in it that was up for sale anyway and significant savings. Husband had been with same employer for 5 years. pm 30 Nov 10

I recommend David Bryant from JV Financial Group. (02) 6257 6800. Located in Canberra CBD. He has no ties to any banks so he can search for the best product.

Lighthouse Finance. They are a small Sydney based firm run by a couple. they travel to Canberra regally for clients and other reasons, such as seeing their family. So there is plenty of opportunity to see them face to face.

Know their stuff inside out, and are very passionate about it all. They are really friendly and patient/understanding if you don’t really know what you’re doing. We brought our first home with them and they held our hand the whole way through.

They include property evaluation, negotiations, represent you at auctions etc. as a part of their standard service.

We used Scott Patterson at Aussie Home Loans in Civic; nice guy, knew his stuff, didn’t make any blunders. For mine, that’s about the best you can hope for. Also cost us zip.

I highly recommend Paul Johnson Financial Services enough 🙂 6299 3765

Lisa Brown from Westpac Cowra is a mobile lender and I can’t recommend her highly enough. We were completely arsed about by Westpac Goulburn and then a friend recommended Lisa who had us approved in under 24 hours. Her number is 63801158.


ainsliebraddon2:40 pm 30 Nov 10

David Shaw from LJ Hooker Financial Services was great. He works out of LJ Hooker in Civic. You don’t need to be buying or selling with LJ Hooker.

Clown Killer2:37 pm 30 Nov 10

+1 for John Osborne from Mortgage Choice. Financed a couple of purchases with Johns help.

So far have bought two houses through John Osbourne of Mortgage Choice. He is a top bloke who knows the industry inside out. Also, I got a couple of indepedant people to assess the mortgages he found for me and they turned out to be the best possible ones on both occasions.

It should be noted that it’s kind of a free service as the lender ends up paying the broker.

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