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Bec Cuzzillo 10 June 2015 23

street food

Canberra’s street food scene has seen a bit of a revival of late. From food vans to shipping containers, there are a whole bunch of new food vendors that have hit Canberra’s streets in the last year or so. They join a few well-established institutions to make Canberra’s street food scene alive and very well.

This week I’m looking for Canberra’s best street food. Whether your favourite comes from a hole-in-the-wall or off the back of a truck, I want to know what you eat when you’re out for a quick feed on the street. Pies or burgers, hot dogs or curry – no matter what food it is, it qualifies as street food if you’re outside, it’s takeaway and you get fed in a hurry.

So tell me Canberra, who serves up the best street food in town?

To vote, let me know who makes Canberra’s best street food in the comments below. I’ll try the two most popular places and let you know the verdict in next Monday’s Taste Off article.

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23 Responses to Best of Canberra – Street food
batmantrilogy batmantrilogy 2:07 am 10 Nov 15

Mandalay Bus , the best in canberra ! Street food oscar goes to them :p

zllauh zllauh 3:34 pm 29 Jul 15

it has been a while since i have been on a strict diet schedule. now it is time to break it :p
thanks for the nomination guys 🙂 i will try mr papas first :p

pink little birdie pink little birdie 12:25 pm 12 Jun 15

Dame Canberra said :

A million votes for Spit Shack. So good.

I agree.

karmatraveller karmatraveller 11:23 pm 11 Jun 15

Mandalay for top food and nice people, but they’re opening hours are more suited to the night dwellers. Totally agree with Mr Papa at the Hamelt, thumbs up to Miss Van’s at West Side for Asian street food.

Kerryhemsley Kerryhemsley 6:08 pm 11 Jun 15

Agree with the Mr Papa nomination. Chanchito is good. Also heard the Vietnamese at the westside pop up is good but haven’t been yet.i

Bam Bam 3:29 pm 11 Jun 15


Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:21 pm 10 Jun 15

+1 for the Mr Papa chanchito.

Make sure you load up on all the sauces too!

Mess Mess 1:18 pm 10 Jun 15

Mr Papa for the Chanchito (Pork Belly burger). So good!

pajs pajs 11:12 am 10 Jun 15

Hmm, so many first-time posters with similar writing styles all plugging the Mandalay Bus. Endorsement enough for me to get along and try the food there.

TheWolfofWattleSt TheWolfofWattleSt 7:52 am 10 Jun 15

The Mandalay Bus. Not only the absolute best food (the chicken satay on roti is hands down the best single dish in Canberra, full stop) but also the best people, the best atmosphere and the best story of any place in Canberra.

The Mandalay Bus is more than food it is an essential piece of what makes modern Canberra so great.

jakejakejake jakejakejake 11:11 pm 09 Jun 15

Mandalay Bus #1 forever. Cannot believe I just went through the gauntlet that is RIOTACT user registration just to say that. Mandalay is the best. Stu and the CREW!

Isaac Isaac 11:00 pm 09 Jun 15

The Mandalay Bus for sure!! Its always awesome to know that after I finish working at midnight I can eat some delicious, cheap, hot food. Friendliest crew of anywhere I’ve been in Canberra. Never boring because they have killer specials every week, saw that jellyfish salad was on last time I was there.

astrojax astrojax 9:27 pm 09 Jun 15

i still miss dolly’s chips and gravy. ah, nostalgia.

Carram Carram 9:09 pm 09 Jun 15

Mr.Papa @ The Hamlet has been our favourite for the last year.
Used to chase them at all local events. Gratefully now they have a permanent spot.
“Chanchito” Peruvian pork belly sandwich is simply to die for.
Also the fresh home-made chillies they serve complimentary make them unique in comparison to any other street food vendor.
It was about time to have South American street food in Canberra . Keep it up Mr.Papa boys !

blueskymum blueskymum 8:38 pm 09 Jun 15

Love the Mandalay Bus for the Burmese coconut curry noodle soup, its so good I have it every time. My family all have their favourite dishes and its so easy to drive up and get a good cheap meal. Super friendly service too, just wish it was open every evening!

Heidihi Heidihi 8:11 pm 09 Jun 15

Mr Papas in The Hamlet! Their Chanchitos (pork belly burgers) and Lomitos (steak and chips on a burger) are amazing, and the guys are always super friendly. Finding somewhere to park can be a pain, but it’s always worth the trouble!

sealark sealark 6:37 pm 09 Jun 15

Mandalay – fresh, deliciousness and always good tunes

bernardocaribeiro bernardocaribeiro 4:55 pm 09 Jun 15

For sure The Mandalay Bus is the best in Canberra with the best people, the best food, the best service and environment !!

peachykeen peachykeen 4:51 pm 09 Jun 15

Mandalay Bus in Braddon has GOOD FOOD, variety of options and a friendly vibe. Can’t get any better than that.

Tymefor Tymefor 3:02 pm 09 Jun 15

+1 Mandalay Bus. Cant beat variety, especially if you are rocking up with 3-4 people that may want different things. Definitely the most creative menu and spins on a dish, Sometimes what you get is different that what’s expected. This is good and occasionally bad. Also there is an almost daily specials.
With a pregnant wife, and work currently finished 730-8pm every night. I’m been eating “street food” min twice a week for 3 months, and the man bus, is always my go to when I’m to zoncked to care what I eat. As the menu itself often perks me up.

I would suggest that if you are reviewing street food that you include time to prepare and accessibility. Still not sure how having to park a streets away then walking into the hamlet is “street food”. more like outdoor foodcourt. But I like it still anyway.

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