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Best personal trainer?

By lelcat - 15 August 2011 28

Hey guys, I want to gain some muscle and tone up a little and was wondering which personal trainer you guys recommend?

Best one for price/value. Thanks.

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28 Responses to
Best personal trainer?
dpm 10:37 am 16 Aug 11

TrenboloneBandit said :

Tooks said :

Eat 4-5000 calories a day

Ah, no. Don’t.

Reasons why you wouldnt if you were trying to put on mass ??? Please enlighten me

Well, considering we don’t know their age, sex, height, weight or level of current (or planned) PA, that much energy in is very likely to put on mass – in the form of fat….

TrenboloneBandit 10:13 am 16 Aug 11

Tooks said :

Eat 4-5000 calories a day

Ah, no. Don’t.

Reasons why you wouldnt if you were trying to put on mass ??? Please enlighten me

buzz819 9:00 am 16 Aug 11

Thumper said :


Run around the block every morning or find some stairs and run up them a few times.

Quick, easy, cheap.

Umm, because that doesn’t help build muscle, or show the correct techniques when lifting weights which will lessen the likelihood of injury, it doesn’t give the right nutritional advice or help motivate when you need to be pushed.

All good in theory and will help loose weight, but that is all.

Tooks 8:39 am 16 Aug 11

Eat 4-5000 calories a day

Ah, no. Don’t.

Thumper 8:05 am 16 Aug 11


Run around the block every morning or find some stairs and run up them a few times.

Quick, easy, cheap.

Stozza 10:25 pm 15 Aug 11

I can put in a plug for Ben Ryan. His website (Ben Ryan Strength and Fitness) has the relevant contact details.

I was doing PT with him a couple of years ago and finished up when I stopped living full-time in Canberra. He knew what he was doing, put together a solid program, pushed me hard and I made some pretty impressive strength gains while I was training with him.

vg 9:35 pm 15 Aug 11

Best personal trainer?


ladywriter 8:48 pm 15 Aug 11

+1 for Gavin Stone. I’ve been going to him for a while and have never been fitter. His programs are varied and interesting and he really focuses on your goals. Plus you get to train either at the lake or in an almost private gym, depending on the weather. I think his website is

triffid 5:01 pm 15 Aug 11

To ‘tone up a little’ can I reccommend a tanning studio, or a piano tuner.

Unless, of course, your desire is actually to reduce your subcutaneous fat to the point of making a higher level of muscle definition visible. In which case, here’s my advice . . .

Run as fast and as far as you can from any PT who suggests to you that it is possible to ‘tone’ muscle. Or that says you don’t need to go to a gym and lift heavy things to increase muscle mass (with the accompanying dietary considerations factored). Or who wishes to smash you to bits / flog you senseless with endless alactic / lactic workouts that have you persistently operating at lactic acid levels well over 4 mmol/litre. Or who doesn’t know / can’t explain what lactic acid levels of around 4 mmol/litre characteristically represent. Or who can’t satisfactorily explain the cellular aspects of fatigue in the context of motor unit recruitment and the implications of that to resistance training.

Sorry I can’t help much beyond that.

dtc 4:19 pm 15 Aug 11

buzz819 said :

Wel it really depends on what you want, straight weight training, cross fit, diet nutrition etc..

This is right – if you want someone to show you how to do lifts then there are cheaper ways than hiring a PT all the time (the strength and flexibility class at the ANU is excellent). If you want someone to motivate you, then a PT might be great. If you want to tone, then just go to the gym yourself (once you know how to lift right) or do circuit classes – consistency is the key.

There are a zillion on line weight lifting programs; the same names will keep popping on on the forums and they are the ones to look at (try; ignore the macho crap stuff and there is as much info there as you will need; or they have a ‘sister’ site if you are female). The ‘big 6’ lifts (pull ups, shoulder press, bench press, row, squat and deadlift) is all you need….

If you have a very specific outcome – eg rehab, for a particular sport – then let us know.

I know I didnt answer your question; but if you just want toning and muscle there are other options.

(btw, I fully support the use of PTs if PTs are what you need/want/can afford. Some PTs do remarkable things)

RandomPoster 12:14 pm 15 Aug 11

I have been going here for a while:

Very happy and good prices too.

buzz819 11:21 am 15 Aug 11

Wel it really depends on what you want, straight weight training, cross fit, diet nutrition etc.

Jesse at Succeed is fantastic at all things to do with bodybuilding and nutrition, Andy at Charge is great at cross fit as well as weights, will give you updated biometric readings telling you your full body make up to show results that way. Jeremy Robinson from Cross Zone is by far the toughest ive been to. If he is still about he will push you harder then you could contemplate oushing yourself then some, he does cross fit and kettlebell training.

All of them are great at what they do and will work hard to ensure you achieve the goals you want to achieve.

TrenboloneBandit 11:12 am 15 Aug 11

Eat 4-5000 calories a day – this alone will guarantee the most of your gains. EAT YOUR CARBS and get your protein intake sky high. Chicken, Turkey (mince), steaks. I personally cant stand the idea of Kangaroo Mince…my dog doesnt even eat it should we. Sweet potato, brocoli, carrots, basmarti rice. eggs. full cream milk,. cottage cheese, avacado, almonds blahblahblah

Life heavy ass weight – use a PT to show you exercises for STRENGTH training – if they cant show you this then they are useless to you and find one that can.

Stay away from their ‘group sessions’ ‘boot camps’ and any other gimmicky training regimes..theyre designed to benefit the PT’s pocket not the client. When training with a PT dont let them stand around spending hours spruking their knowledge of aerobic fitness education…they should be there to educate you on your lifting technique, program progression, to spot you. After several sessions you should be able to do this on your own or with a gym buddy – PT’s over time are very expensive esp considering the ridiculous prices of gym memberships

Dont use ANY machines – lift free weights, prefereable dumbells where you can for better aesthetics

Dont neglect your legs or core muscles, deadlifts, squats, abs obliques should ALWAYS be part of your program

Minimise your cardio to warm ups and downs for you weight training, dont do it for the sake of doing it – it burns calories your body needs to otherwise repair and grow

Dont buy every suppliment out there. Most are a waste of time, especially for someone whos just starting out Stick to a post workout protein shake, fishoil/flaxseed oil, multivitamin, ZMA
Dont get into stimulant suppliments such as 1MR, Jack3d, NoXplode etc. These are not good for people just starting out. Theyre mostly caffeine and other stimulants to get you worked up before a workout.

Consistancy is crucial – only do all of this if you can dedicate yourself to the diet and the training.

NDelatovic 10:49 am 15 Aug 11

Hi lelcat, I work as a PT, I run morning group sessions in Turner ($30 a session) and 1 on 1 gym sessions in Braddon or at ACT Barbell in Fyshwick ($44). I work hard to tailor programs to the individual, but I focus heavily on technique, strength, anaerobic fitness and fitness education. You can contact me at if you want to quiz me further.

And for anyone else who might be interested, group fitness sessions run at the Haig Park Scout Hall on Monday-Wednesday-Friday. We run a 6am and a 7am session, $30 with discounted packages available. Strength and fitness for your everday life.

Bluey 10:31 am 15 Aug 11

Gavin Stone runs a good program, I havent used him personally but I watch what he puts his clients through and its pretty quality, no fluff no nonsense. From memory he’s pretty good value too.

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